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  1. Yep Also, Miley Cyrus is awesome. Don't know anything about her before her last album, but what she just released and her performances are amazing. Way more interesting than following this band.
  2. Looks right and respectful to me, after 4 years of imagery with skulls of these 3 dudes ignoring the rest of the band like they are not people
  3. He did a great job, but the guitars sound nothing like the guitars from the leaked audio from the after party. That guitar in the original leaked audio is just fucking epic
  4. It's him on Reddit, he has already been using that account for a while, not only on Gn'R communities, he has even posted personal pictures in other communities. And yes, it was him, that was Fernando, it was his voice, I talked with him.
  5. Fernando said last night that the label has never turned down anything to Axl. I asked "does that mean the reason there hasn't been music for 12 years is because Axl was just not interested on releasing anything" and he said he couldn't answer to that
  6. w h a t t h e f u c k i s w r o n g w i t h t h i s b a n d ?
  7. "I am the only one that doesn't bullshit you people about it, and I say, you know, we haven't been in the studio together, no, we haven't started writting together as a band" Fortus said a bunch of times back then that they recorded and wrote new stuff, so I gotta disagree with you, guys
  8. 5:58 (june 2012. He's not even asked about GN'R but he says he is focus on GN'R and that it is where his head is now and that same year they will go back to studio to record music) 9:16 (june 2015. The interviewer asks about Chinese Democracy sessions leftovers, Fortus has the balls to say that they are not going to release anything that same year, but next one, and they will be touring these new songs... the interviewer is in silence and Fortus insists "I hope so, yeah, yeah")
  9. 50% of the times he has said that kind of stuff without even being asked
  10. Totally agree man https://voca.ro/fgCo0RbtO3V https://voca.ro/iqLgmWhvsXB
  11. It's him, he has posted personal pictures of his family in other reddit communities
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