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  1. That HS was better. Don't really sure what happened at the end though. like, he was out of tempo but really consistent with it 😅 Almost like a latency thing
  2. I know Axl has bad days and everything. I get it. But, Myles won't ever get close to this: So GNR every day for me. Myles in his best day is an acquired taste (for GNR songs at least, I like some of AB and his solo stuff). Axl in his best day kills it
  3. Sorry, I misunderstood. I though you said that they're not selling Hard Skool as a 7" vinyl, but you were saying that they're not only selling it in that format. My bad 😅
  4. I think when they just uploaded the items (when the cost was $30) it said EP. But I may be wrong
  5. I think at some point the marketing site treated said something like Hard Skool EP, right? (same tracks and everything, just different description). It only says 7" Vinyl and CD now. I guess that was a mistake. But yeah I saw some people bashing the band on Discord saying stuff like "This is your new EP". LOL
  6. https://www.facebook.com/Margott1/videos/1043720686439800/ That sounded way better than the original YT video
  7. Thank you! 😊 Back on topic, this was very well received by all the casuals fans that I shared the song with.
  8. How do you ignore/block a user? I want to ignore o' rei (Pele). I don't really want to read his same shit on every topic.
  9. Why would you change a vocal take that's perfectly fine? It doesn't make sense. This is a great song, that's all I care
  10. Slash shared this one on his Instagram. He didn't do that with Absurd 👀
  11. Out of reactions but I literally LOL' d at this
  12. Can we ban this guy? It really gets old. I knows he is "o melhor jogador do mundo" and everything but enough is enough
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