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  1. our radio stations here in europe have millions of daily listeners, but reading that post I thought it is just us europeans being retarded 😅
  2. It‘s an OK Song, could be a good filler in an album, but as a single?!?! And I get the humour behind it and all that. but it‘s again quite underwhelming, given Slash and Duff are playing on this. Just shows that they are the new hired guns and are „allowed“ to play on Axls chinese leftovers 🙄 God, I hate this band, still I payed 1,29€ to them.
  3. Agree, definite punk vibe, but not in a good way, at least for GNR standards. Not a good achievement; they had plenty of time and could have released sth that‘s worthy of GNR, IMO
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