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  1. How did he blackmail GNR? Do you know info we don't? Please share if so.

    How did he blackmail Guns N' Roses? Are you kidding me? Download this: http://www.4shared.com/video/ReEvsiRq/mister_saint_laurent_guns_n_ro.html

    It was on my YouTube account but I took it down after he begged me.

    Seen it. That was from 2011. I doubt he is like that anymore... especially after the "agreement" or "contract" or whatever it was. He doesn't talk about that stuff anymore, and I can understand why. He's not like that at all anymore, very anti leak. I'm not sure why anyone would think he leaked it...

    You doubt he's like that anymore :lol:

    Sorry Josh, but that's just cute.

    And after the agreement, he shared Better Gone and Going Down with very few specific individuals. I have plenty documented evidence to literally prove this. Do you think he can control himself? He even agreed to delete the material, but months later he was doing podcasts about it.

    Sorry guys, there's no way out here.

    Well, I guess you know things I don't. More power to you.

    I wash my hands of this silly shit, it's confusing and pointless.

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