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  1. He's probably socially distancing from his computer so he doesn't catch a computer virus.
  2. It was still pretty badass IMO that he even tried. But yeah, you don't do something for 20 years you're probably not as good lol.
  3. Another awesome one was Rose Bar 2010, Axl did the classic whistle scream thing.. the one and only time since the 90s.
  4. I think his point is that he should be treated as "nobody", his opinion on the administration is no more or less valid than any other US citizen and should be treated as such.
  5. It can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, whatever... but not being able to follow a schedule just seems so unprofessional. Amateur Youtubers figured out long ago that a schedule keeps viewers interested and can help to grow the viewership. Instead, GNR just drops a video once in a blue moon, usually with little notice.
  6. I share mine with Duff lol Regarding the band I honestly think there was a plan back in 2016, probably 2-year world tour followed by record.. but Axl happened. His demons and fears seem to hold him back, he regresses into laziness, loses his fitness, stops working on his voice, stops doing anything of meaningful progress. I reckon Sluff are just along for the ride at this point.
  7. Why... I really enjoy AIB. I will be really devasted if they've given this away never to be finished.
  8. Fernando please, Houston '16... do not release Rio.
  9. Supposed to see them in the summer Guess a virtual one will have to do. At least I have something to watch...
  10. Sort of, that first note he hit before he began playing NR is what you hear in Perhaps
  11. I wouldn't go that far... A definite improvement on the previous show though.
  12. That SCOM performance is just so weak. There's no power in Axl's vocals, he sounds out of breath the whole time. Go back to 2016-2017 he's singing it in the same clean style but with power and good breath control. He either needs to pack it in or suck it up and go see his vocal coach. Can't fathom why Axl's so cool with being unprepared and sounding like shit and why Slash/Duff just let it happen. No way am I spending £130/ticket to see that mess.
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