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  1. TWAT sounded great. Axl actually used the dynamics of his voice properly - it sounds controlled rather than weak. Not the worst Slash solo but it's just not right, he either needs to full Slash it or learn the Buckethead solo... the half and half just sounds strange.
  2. For a minute I thought that was a reference to Fallout New Vegas
  3. I wonder who mixed this one because it's far, far better than any of the previous selects. Really enjoyed this one.
  4. I can only wonder if they're trying to manage expectations. As for the sound most of it is really poorly mixed and extremely unprofessional.
  5. He's probably socially distancing from his computer so he doesn't catch a computer virus.
  6. It was still pretty badass IMO that he even tried. But yeah, you don't do something for 20 years you're probably not as good lol.
  7. Another awesome one was Rose Bar 2010, Axl did the classic whistle scream thing.. the one and only time since the 90s.
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