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  1. If I would hazard a guess I think we'll be getting the Estranged from Philly because I saw a bunch of requests for that and probably Dead Horse although hopefully not the first time they played it where half the band fucked up. Other than I'm not sure although I would love to get the Catcher in the Rye from Boston. I think that's the best they played it. As far as the theories that they're purposely putting out low quality stuff, I would say yes and no. Yes they are not putting this audio/video through that expensive final production layer to get that DVD release sheen. But no they are n
  2. Just to put my money where my my mouth is. Here's my mix. Mods delete this if it's against the rules. https://we.tl/t-ddTHJ4UUYE?src=dnl
  3. Ugghh I hate to be negative all the time, and I applaud the band for playing the song and management for putting it out... But I would be fired if I submitted this mix to even my lowliest clients. I mean Jesus what kind of rank amateurs are involved with this and what kind of narcissism is at play where they think that the bare minimum they do is always good enough?
  4. Fine don't discuss it then. Just saying it would have been nice to hear a post or two about how much better Matt sounds than Frank, some speculation about if Slash had heard about Matt's book. Maybe a post or two speculating if Gilby might have been a better fit than Fortus. Some posts about how Lizzy Hale sings with more balls than Axl... You know the drill. But fine we won't discuss it. Have it your way.
  5. Why is there no thread discussing the Come Together that Slash did with Matt and Gilby recently?
  6. I respect Axl's opinion. Right or wrong he's always had well thought out reasons for his various stances. Also it's obvious that he's matured a lot throughout his life and has moved past some of his more childish views.
  7. Great job releasing this TB. Credit where credit is due, except that they had to rely on the Download people because their own recordings are obviously sub par. That was most likely the real reason for the delay. Axl sounds awful on YCBM. This dude needs to either get his act together or retire. This is not the sound we fell in love with as fans. It sounds bad dude. Stop doing that voice.
  8. Fernando acts just like his mom. I still remember getting into arguments with Beta over her terrible attitude over on the other forum years ago. Such abrasive entitled people. Good times.
  9. If that's the case that's almost as sad and unprofessional an approach as the quality of the last video was.
  10. Lol at no video this week. Laziest band ever.
  11. I agree that this NITL SELECTS is too little too late, although I hope it continues and turns into something cool. But I don't understand people saying that the mix is bad. This is exactly how NITL GNR sounds in person and has always sounded. Frank's drums are eq'ed terribly always and Slash's tone and playing has always been weirdly shreddy and dry/digital sounding. NITL GNR has always sounded like a completely different band from '88 or ' 92 Era guns. Whether it's in person, on YouTube or even raw tracks from IEM.
  12. I disagree. The stadium shows I went to at least half the fans didn't know who Slash was and were just excited to see a Team Brazil production. Many of them were clamoring for information about the daughters of the management team saying that's why they got into Gnr in the first place.
  13. I'm not going to make a big dramatic post about being done with this band, but I'm kinda done with this band. I've been a hardcore fan since 1988 and yeah I think it's pretty obvious this band only cares about money at this point. I don't think of it as they've given up on the fans as we all have been told numerous times that they don't owe us anything. I just think they've given up on themselves. So as a result why should anyone else care about them. The YouTube nonsense was the first straw and first time I started to think wow this band does not give a shit about fans. Then came
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