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  1. Why? Why are they so bad? And they are objectively bad. I feel like this was a missed layup by everyone involved. They systematically destroyed any footage of the NITL tour on YouTube and replaced it with this. Ok fine, no matter how ignorant of a move that may have been, that was their strategy. But to replace it with this? These mixes are not even close to broadcast quality. What is going on here?
  2. The Slash solo before Godfather is a jammy slowed down You Could Be Mine.
  3. Great post! You're absolutely right. My complaints were more specifically about how they sound as a band. Specifically playing everything too fast, having timing issues, tuning issues, and generally sounding chugging without any of that gnr swing. That's not to mention the obvious of Axl sounding like a caricature at times. And the mixes are doing them no favors. I was always a fan of Caram's work but Jesus dude these Selects are mixed embarrassingly. But you're absolutely right. They were still riding the momentum even after a noticeable drop in quality in 2017 and that would have been
  4. If I would hazard a guess I think we'll be getting the Estranged from Philly because I saw a bunch of requests for that and probably Dead Horse although hopefully not the first time they played it where half the band fucked up. Other than I'm not sure although I would love to get the Catcher in the Rye from Boston. I think that's the best they played it. As far as the theories that they're purposely putting out low quality stuff, I would say yes and no. Yes they are not putting this audio/video through that expensive final production layer to get that DVD release sheen. But no they are n
  5. Just to put my money where my my mouth is. Here's my mix. Mods delete this if it's against the rules. https://we.tl/t-ddTHJ4UUYE?src=dnl
  6. Ugghh I hate to be negative all the time, and I applaud the band for playing the song and management for putting it out... But I would be fired if I submitted this mix to even my lowliest clients. I mean Jesus what kind of rank amateurs are involved with this and what kind of narcissism is at play where they think that the bare minimum they do is always good enough?
  7. Fine don't discuss it then. Just saying it would have been nice to hear a post or two about how much better Matt sounds than Frank, some speculation about if Slash had heard about Matt's book. Maybe a post or two speculating if Gilby might have been a better fit than Fortus. Some posts about how Lizzy Hale sings with more balls than Axl... You know the drill. But fine we won't discuss it. Have it your way.
  8. Why is there no thread discussing the Come Together that Slash did with Matt and Gilby recently?
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