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  1. Thanks! Yes I did the guitars, synths and vox and my brother did bass and I hired someone from fiverr to do drums.
  2. Here's a cover of Comfortably Numb that I put together.
  3. Mix is terrible. Duffs intro is great though. Very velvet revolver. Gotta hand it to Slash for taking the parts that Finck wrote as "Slash like parts" and actually making them Slash parts. At least Axl still wants to sound like Axl on the studio shit even though he's given up on that live. It's funny because instead of sounding like Gn'R it sounds like VR + CHIDEM. I can't wait for Atlas Shrugged. Love that song.
  4. I was hoping that they would have rehearsed the following songs even as alts to round out the setlist: The Blues Shacklers If The World Oh My God Breakdown Move to The city Mama Kin Pretty Tied Up Think About You Perfect Crime Right Next Door To Hell Shotgun Blues Don't Cry (Alt.) Bad Obsession The Garden
  5. Why? Why are they so bad? And they are objectively bad. I feel like this was a missed layup by everyone involved. They systematically destroyed any footage of the NITL tour on YouTube and replaced it with this. Ok fine, no matter how ignorant of a move that may have been, that was their strategy. But to replace it with this? These mixes are not even close to broadcast quality. What is going on here?
  6. The Slash solo before Godfather is a jammy slowed down You Could Be Mine.
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