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  1. Integrity doesn't pay the bills. Most of them have done cringe worthy commercial crap over the years. I'm sure part of the issue is that at the height of their fame they were reckless with the money coming in and possibly taken advantage of. It's an old story and famous rockstars who manage the money well when young are a rarity. Axl at least realised this (he sought advice from Jagger) but I think lacked the ability for whatever reason to execute it perfectly. Since the reunion they could afford to be really picky but probably think fuck it. In the age of social media influencers and all sorts of other commodified crap the concept of 'selling out' barely exists anymore, it's just a relic from a time when music subcultures ruled the world.
  2. I've created a subforum in D&N for all past AfD podcast episode threads. I've been meaning to do it for a while because it doesn't make sense to have them scattered through the many back pages of D&N. @Gambit83will continue to post the latest ep in D&N then later move to the archive section as a new one comes out. Fans are in for a bit of GNR downtime for now so hopefully rediscovering episodes you missed or just having a re-listen will help pass the time. Alfie. https://www.mygnrforum.com/forum/382-appetite-for-distortion-podcast-archive/
  3. I completely missed this even happened. Lol
  4. Honestly I think Axl is semi retired at this point and as he heads through his 60s this is something as a fanbase we need to get to grips with. It could be argued he's been semi retired for a long time because the down time has always vastly outweighed being on tour or releasing music. It's unlikely to get better as he gets older because that's not really how it works for anyone. Slash clearly is not which is why he fills his time in between GNR tours with other stuff. So immediately you have a mismatch between the priorities of the main two. There's still hope for a full album at some point but it's unlikely to be rushed because Axl doesn't work that way and I expect when not on tour he does things as and when he feels like it. Looking forward realistically I think we might see one solid album (maybe two if we're really lucky and there's as much material as has been rumoured) within the next decade or so to close out the final chapter on this complicated band. Then some touring every couple of years for as long as Axl feels up to it and is having fun. They'll probably be a few surprises along the way, old footage being released, box sets and special editions which will please some and not others. There's no question that we are somewhere in the end game now. That's life and nothing lasts forever so I guess go see a show for the fun of it if they come around your way and everything else is a bonus if it happens. I'm feeling a bit more zen about it all than I was pre pandemic.
  5. With a bit of luck you'll have forgotten about it by then so when it arrives it will be like a visit from Vunter Slaush.
  6. That's interesting. I can see why that becomes an issue. Which one has the more 'usual' way of working? Is there a more usual way? With the disclaimer that I have never written a song nor played an instrument beyond the recorder in school, Axl's method seems the most logical to me. It strikes me as harder to write a song around guitar riffs than to overlay them onto something that already has structure and lyrics.
  7. Hard Skool, but I have to admit I enjoyed the release of Absurd more because we weren't expecting it and the days following on here were pretty absurd fun.
  8. I think maybe it was the wrong weekend to release this. The radio seems to be full of 30 years of Nevermind and other music from 1991. That's what my husband is currently dancing to in the kitchen.
  9. I did wonder that. I didn't think you could make out the whole number though.
  10. I'm fairly useless at breaking down the component parts of a track. I read some of these posts and think what am I missing here? I don't disbelieve them, I just don't possess those skills. I just either like it or don't.
  11. It's the test backlog that's causing some of the problem. My cousin has been training and would probably have passed by now if the tests weren't such an issue.
  12. I think it's just us. Not going to lie I have given more than half a seconds thought to becoming a HGV driver.
  13. So it didn't get played after all? Glad I didn't rearrange my day so I could stay up then.
  14. I'm open to suggestions. Do we even understand what it means yet? Lol
  15. I wish the HS release and this show could be moved forward 24hrs. I have to be up at about 6am tomorrow so can't under any circumstances stay up for the show.
  16. I'm not sure. In the UK we have a phrase 'the school of hard knocks' which basically means you've had a tough life. This probably isn't what Axl means but it's what I always think of.
  17. Really glad they've finally released this. Only had the chance for one listen but I like it (thank god because I felt left out when Absurd was released ) Should have a lot more mainstream appeal. I hope it does well.
  18. Weirdly detailed explanation. I had a sickness bug would have sufficed. Glad he feels better now though. Must be horrible to soldier on whilst feeling sick.
  19. This has made it into The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2021/sep/13/look-away-review-horrifying-stories-of-abuse-at-the-hands-of-male-rock-stars
  20. Some quality education on this thread. My theory is that he's sent them as an emergency aid package to the good people of Portland where flannel shirts still look fly.
  21. If it's cheap and not inconvenient then yes. Pre pandemic I'd have probably said no but we've been able to do very little for near on 2 years now so go and celebrate the return of big events and still being alive. By most accounts the band are sounding decent and having fun with the shows which is a bonus. AND you might be one of the first to hear HS live* *this is not a promise, don't hold me to it.
  22. It is sweet. I suppose it's like having grandkids for him in a way. All the fun and none of the responsibility!
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