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  1. There's music that's crazy popular with young people today that I barely have an awareness of. I'm thinking specifically of K Pop here, some of those bands have a huge following amongst teen girls to the degree that 'kpopstan' is a meme all of it's own.

    It's not quite the same as it was in the late 20th Century when huge rock acts could transcend generations to a degree, as @jamillossaid technology has changed the world so much and we have so many forms of entertainment at our disposal. I do think that younger generations though still have their own music fads to some extent.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, sofine11 said:

    You know what's the most depressing thing about the months leading up to GNR gigs after a period of inactivity?  We all fucking KNOW in our hearts that they ain't going to do anything new.  That sort of thing hasn't happened since 2006, as in debuting new music in some form live.  Literally.  That's fucking bonkers.  

    But since we're legitimate fans of these guys, it still hurts when you see that first safe, lazy, setlist.  Not looking forward to that.

    We'll still be here though looking for live updates... just in case. :lol::facepalm:

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  3. 1 hour ago, Tadsy said:

    some great insight into how much this forum has going for it outside of just what is happening (or not happening) with the band. 
    I bought tickets to the November Sydney show (spent a small fortune) as I truly think without a full AFD reunion or new music, that it could possibly be the last time they come to Oz. And it just got me thinking that without any news on a new album and my constant checking in here to see if I’ve missed anything what it would be like for the forum and I think I got it answer! 
    for me personally, the new music issue becomes less relevant every day.

    im more stuck in the illusions line up era anyway and I can honestly say that if I had a choice between the vault being opened from their halcyon days and a record with this line up, I’d go for option A. One thing I really would like to see just as much as that is axl to tell his story. An autobiography is probably the holy grail for me, just so for the record we had axls side of the story on the record. I doubt we will ever get it but hey, these hopes are what drive my check ins here every week (along with reading posts from the usual posters who I have never met but I consider I know them in a strange kinda way anyway) 🤣

    one thing I’ve always enjoyed about this forum is it’s not run to a narrative like other forums, freedom of speech on a topic can be debated but there’s no one narrative in play all the time from the mods. It’s what will keep me coming back if it’s over!!! 
    cheers guys & girls 👌


    I'd like an Axl autobiography too but he missed the boat on that one by not releasing it in a similar timeframe to Slash and Duff. Releasing it at any point since the reunion will just stoke up old resentments unless he's very censorious with himself and that's hardly Axl's style!

    Maybe if this current incarnation ends and they go their separate ways again he will as a retirement project but he's not much for talking publicly these days so I just feel he won't bother and money isn't likely a motivating factor any longer.

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