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  1. I hate it when you make an impulse purchase then google ads follow you around for the next week rubbing in the guilt. :-D

  2. It's my birthday. Only another two to go before I start working backwards and knocking years off ;-)

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    2. bran


      happy birthday

    3. evader


      Happy Belated Birthday, Alfie! I don't know about working backwards, but I stopped counting at 29.

    4. alfierose


      Thanks everyone. I had a great day. Going away for the weekend tonight. Can't wait :-)

  3. Chilling in a Premier Inn. Everyone else gone for a long walk. Quiet bliss.

    1. Lio


      So you're in Paris then ? Enjoy it, I absolutely LOVE Paris :-)

    2. alfierose


      Not yet. Going across in the morning. Too much driving to do in one day with the kids in tow. They are all so excitable, it's sweet yet irritating. :-)

  4. Trying to holiday pack for 5 people. Bloody nightmare and the kids are so hyper I can't get sweet FA done. It's going to be a long night.

  5. Annnnnd...it's over. Great while it lasted guys :-D

    1. jman2000


      It was hilarious!

    2. alfierose


      Yes. I just wish I knew something about PJ so I could have contributed. Although I know now a little more than before!

    3. Street Of The Blues

      Street Of The Blues

      Thought the forum moderators had gone mad yesterday. Welcome back mygnr.

  6. Russ, you're on form tonight. At this rate you will definitely make mod of the month. #working9to5

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    2. alfierose


      Ha ha. Only on one thread. All my other deep and meaningful brain farts were dashed before my very eyes. Who left poor Russ to moderate this crap on his own? It must be like cleaning up after a bachelor party.

    3. Axl_morris


      I love it how we can still rip NGOG. Poor guy

    4. RussTCB


      Alfie- that's a great analogy lol

  7. My son has a friend over for dinner. They are playing LOTR with wooden swords. Carnarge!

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    2. alfierose


      Lol. I made them listen to Chinese Democracy three times to earn their dessert. They loved it.

    3. Scumcat Esq.

      Scumcat Esq.

      I'd say I love it after the first listen. :D

    4. jman2000


      alfie you are genius.

  8. New car. Yay. No more random breakdowns hopefully.

    1. jman2000


      What kinda car?

    2. alfierose


      Renault Grand Scenic. Boring people carrier but it has built in sat nav, bluetooth and parking sensors. I realise now these are all things I have been missing in my life. :-)

    3. magisme


      Definitely General Thoughts thread worthy.

  9. Going out tonight. Babysitters, food, wine. Romance isn't dead yet! ;-)

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    2. alfierose


      Actually Mr Dude is right. He totally fucked up the evening. I'm so pissed off. There will probably be no sex ever again! :-(

    3. Gia


      He's fucked :(

    4. Mr. Dude

      Mr. Dude

      but not really

  10. Happy New Year to each and everyone of you. I hope the coming year brings good things for you all.

  11. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas xxx

  12. This week officially sucks. :-(

    1. Gia


      Sorry about that :( ... what happened?

    2. alfierose


      I got a police fine, a big car bill then I just pranged the fucker again and bust my wing mirror.

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