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  1. June 21, 2021 Glasgow, GB Bellahouston Park
  2. June 22, 2021 Dublin, IE Marlay Park
  3. June 19, 2021 London, GB Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
  4. June 18, 2021 London, GB Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
  5. June 12, 2021 Solvesborg, SE Sweden Rock Festival
  6. June 05, 2021 Seville, ES Estadio Benito Villamarin
  7. June 02, 2021 Lisbon, PT Passeio Martimo De Alges
  8. Another vote for Rock am Ring. I also like the whistley/screechy intro as seen on the 1986 Sound City Sessions WTTJ
  9. This is what gets tiptoed around in any band member interviews (not the older interviews, Slash and Duff used to be honest about it back in the day). Axl is who and what mostly makes or breaks the band - whether a particular line up has chemistry, decisions made about line ups, decisions whether to attend rehearsals or not, how he feels about and treats individual members. It's obvious there's some resentment towards Bumble, I can get why but in no way is it really Ron's fault, it's on Axl. Sometimes his 'vision' that he forced on everyone else really paid off. The whole grandeur of UYI e
  10. I appreciate you're new OP so this was probably a genuine question but we don't encourage complaining about other GNR forums on here. It generally doesn't lead to anything good.
  11. To me this is the biggest issue, not the concern that young boys will be turned gay or whatever - they're either gay or not and meeting a drag queen won't change that. I have a big issue though with drag being presented to young girls as a sexy parody of womanhood. It's an inherently sexist culture if you take notice of how women are portrayed and called out using terms like fishy. Everyone rightly gets very upset with derogatory portrayals of black people by white people for entertainment but somehow drag queens are super progressive. The one mentioned above called FlowJob was in trouble
  12. Aliens remains one of the best depictions of a central female character who isn't overly sexualised or just a sidekick for a man. It would be a shame if younger girls and women were put off watching it because it's deemed outdated now.
  13. alfierose

    the 80s

    Don't go slagging off Bananarama! How very dare you?
  14. What's a hypebeast? Is it a teen thing? My son has clothes that say Hype on them.
  15. I'm pretty sure most women aren't stronger than you. I see this said a lot these days and I think it's because most men have never tested it out (which is probably a good thing all told) but apart from maybe the outliers like top sportswomen we really aren't much of a match, even for men who consider themselves 'weaklings' against other men. My 16 year old son is an inch shorter than me and built like a rake but he's still stronger. I know this because he has autism and I've had to try restrain him sometimes so he doesn't harm himself or others. I stopped being able to do this effectively
  16. I haven't followed it closely either. I checked out when it appeared that it was just a shitshow from all angles. I don't think we can discount substance abusers as being really difficult to live with - they mostly are but I don't think that's the main problem here. She could have just left - I don't often say that because usually there are a lot of barriers to women just leaving bad relationships but in Heard's case I honestly can't see any and along with the other stuff like the severed finger it damages her credibility as an innocent party.
  17. That's what I think too. They both seem a bit insane in their own way, sure if Depp had got really violent she wouldn't have been any match for him physically but doesn't seem to be how it was and he somehow ended up with a severed finger! I know bad marriages and abuse dynamics can be complicated but in this situation they both had the financial means to get the hell away from each other and there are no dependant children involved. Maybe they loved each other on some level but on another were addicted to the toxicity. Neither of them come out of the situation looking great, Heard maybe
  18. I can totally see that he wouldn't be fond of Kamala Harris given her background. I don't think it's out of character at all. He has a long history of not voting (discussed it on Kimmel) so I don't think he's probably fond of politicians period. The reason he's been more vocal than usual in recent years I assume is because he hates the current administration with a lot more zeal than he could muster before. What I've gathered from reading various places is that some of the left aren't thrilled with Harris because of her AG record and because they think she disadvantages Biden. Seems like
  19. I listened to a podcast the other day that touched on the areas of social media, social justice and cancel culture. One of the points made, a good one that I hadn't really considered is that whilst social justice in itself isn't an inherently bad thing - who doesn't want a fairer society, the way it gets enacted is akin to a religious like fervour. Of course actual religious based societies have behaved similarly in the past but for the most part religion, or culture that springs from religious teaching has allowed for the concept of redemption - a person has an opportunity to repent, make ame
  20. Slash looks like he's been working out during lockdown. He's looking good.
  21. Owen Jones might just be one of the most insufferable people in this country and it's a fairly high bar.
  22. I'd forgotten about that. Maybe it kind of fits then.
  23. Reagan ignored the AIDs crisis for a long time. Not sure he belongs on that list.
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