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  1. I know their readers are more familiar/interested in their fathers but they could've, at the very least, added some pictures of the young lads. Despite the perks being the kid of someone famous and talented must suck a bit when it comes to carving out your own identity.
  2. Go to Account settings then Signature on the left hand side list.
  3. I'm not sure what the problem is. I've had some errors myself in the last couple of days. I'll tag @downzy so he's aware of it.
  4. So that's what he's been composing instead of a new album! He's right though, everyone should vote (regardless of favoured candidate). The ballot box is the only place ordinary people get to wield a bit of power. It's not always much individually but collectively it can be massive. Whether it's massive in the way Axl hopes is another matter. Best of luck today to all our US forum members however you vote. I really hope it doesn't all turn into the violent shit show that many predict.
  5. And both groups probably just want a frickin album
  6. I was thinking about 2 grand not the price of a family car.
  7. Do people buy these for their homes or do they end up in arcades, bars etc... I guess it must be a mostly US thing because I don't think I've ever met anyone who owned a pinball machine. Might be because most of us have tiny houses over here. I presume they're very expensive?
  8. Not sure if this thread is the beginning of the end for Mygnrforum 2020 but what the hell we might as well just go with it! Slash is a bit patchy too on the beard front. I'm never sure whether he's ever purposely tried to grow one because all Slash beard pics just look like the result of being on a bender for a few days too long and forgetting to go home. Axl remains the King of GNR beards. I always got the impression he could grow one to rival Grizzly Adams in the space of a week back in the day. Could be less of the case as he's got older -maybe that's why he doesn't bother as much
  9. Who else do you think it could be OP?
  10. Are you sure about that? I checked your profile and the first ever post you made was March 22 2017. Maybe you were reading the forum for a while before actually making an account?
  11. Sorry Ratam, I somehow missed the post you tagged me in. Has Jan's suggestion worked? I'm not sure what the issue is because your setting or still correct in your account here.
  12. I've had a look at your profile and all your settings are still set as receiving email notifications. I can't see a reason from our side why you aren't getting them.
  13. Tagging this for @downzy and @highvoltage If anyone else has this issue please let us know.
  14. Just to be clear for anyone reading the old threads. Frey was never a 'gentleman' poster. It was a female alt account which was banned a long while back. That doesn't take away from good fandom posts they made but everyone should bear that in mind when reading.
  15. I think I've enjoyed more stuff on Prime recently than Netflix. I hate their menu set up though, makes it hard browse properly.
  16. Yes. I loved the first season. Not impressed with the weekly thing - I like to binge! The first three episodes were great though. I'm liking the addition of Stormfront. I didn't grasp the obvious from the name at first, then in ep 3 it was like - of course durr. I like the side arc with The Deep too, the actor does a brilliant mix of arrogant and pathetic.
  17. Thanks for the answers. Made more sense than the video I tried to watch.
  18. I see an Xbox series S is being released as well as the X. I watched a video about it but am not much the wiser. I was going to preorder the X (not for me) but I see the S is much cheaper. It's to replace a fairly old Xbox One as a xmas present. Is the main difference that the S has no disc drive so online purchased games only? Obviously cheaper price point is appealing but is it one of those false economy things?
  19. August 19, 2021 Los Angeles, CA Banc of California Stadium
  20. August 16, 2021 Denver, CO Dick's Sporting Good Park
  21. August 13, 2021 Missoula,MT Grizzly Stadium
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