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  1. I know this is kind of funny but at the risk of sounding like a po-face if he really spent weeks plotting this out then someone has too much time on their hands. Like, is this why we get toy trucks and laundry bags instead of albums? I know practical jokes can be funny but at the same time it's also a bit weird.
  2. This is an old thread now. As for links and youtube accounts you will find answers here. The forum no longer allows links to any copyrighted music unless by the license holder.
  3. That's a good point. There's a chance that unlike the rest he has diaries and other notes because he's always been that way. That doesn't mean there wouldn't be bias in what he wrote but there's likely to be more accuracy in timelines and events. Reading about Matt's biography and some of the stuff that is contradictory to other members or is off in terms of when it happened made me have a think about how much I remember from 20/30 years ago. It's really hard without any kind of record (photos, videos, documents) to actually place some memories in context. I was prepping for a job in
  4. Can we draw a line under this back and forth now and take it to the politics thread if need be. Thanks
  5. Time to merge with Women's thread confirmed.
  6. I think perhaps some people (like Matt?) find this harder to deal with. Maybe it's where the whole 'Slash is two faced' perception came from? I suppose at least with Axl's scorched earth approach they know where they stand!
  7. Not much. I'm sure if anyone is still around there's mileage to be had from Sorum's book. Highlights include Stephanie Seymour rubbing his balls, Axl has evil eyes and a demented aura, Slash is a deceptively cunning business man and screwed him over at every turn plus stuff about Duff being a big meanie.
  8. If I recall correctly Matt also featured heavily in that Iranian girl's book. His own book does sound to be only a few rungs above that one in terms of tackiness.
  9. Thank you Gibbo. We've had a lot of laughs and you will be missed as part of the team.
  10. Me! Welcome to your new Overlord (Lady???)
  11. I actually bought one of those a few weeks ago. It cost about 12 quid inc postage. I had low expectations but it's actually really nice.
  12. I've merged the newest thread into the original video thread above. My apologies to the OP of the other thread but it's difficult having discussion in 2 places. Edit: Apologies to those who lost part written posts in the merge.
  13. Well it's not perfect but it's better than another t-shirt...or a yo-yo!
  14. Nobody has had a change of heart about anything but sometimes a little encouragement goes a long way. If we ever want a chance of the prized unseen footage to come out of the vault we need to encourage them with this new streaming venture.
  15. The stream wasn't great at times. As I understand it though YT have lowered the quality across the board due to everyone being at home for months.
  16. This is true. It was good whilst it lasted and I don't want to put them off doing more.
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