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  1. I’m sure he’s capable of writing lyrics, even if he didn’t have much inspiration he could even collaborate with another writer or band member. As for not being happy with vocal recordings I’d assume if he really wasn’t happy with his voice then endless touring would be a no go also, hundreds of thousands of people around the world hearing his voice in its rawest form live would be contradictory if his isn’t happy with his studio voice. So to take a guess on why he is this way in terms of no ‘new’ material, maybe he just truly isn’t bothered, has no interest in it, or maybe tours and cleaning up old demos are the easiest route in his career to keep the money flowing and fans somewhat happy. The sad thing is we as fans know full well he has it in him to create something new, especially with Slash back on board. We don’t expect Appetite 2 or Illusion 3 but maybe he has too much self doubt to even take the first steps.
  2. Sadly I think overall Michael was defeated. I truly believe the media and parasites destroyed him (mentally which led to physically) but in terms of what you said as a brand or media star not at all, never. He will sell for generations. And rightfully so, he was brilliant. As for a Prince biopic… damn… that’s a good trigger for debate. I truly don’t think anyone could do it. Not 100% at least. That level of charisma and perfect balance of charm and power and (slight) ego.. he was one of a kind, not just musically but as a personality. Tough one man, you got my brain boggled with that one 😅
  3. Never heard that version before, wasn’t even aware of the lyric! What a weird choice to remove it though, I wouldn’t have even thought anything of it had you not mentioned a line being removed. Case in point, some people want to find malicious meaning regardless of the original intent. Nice to see a lot of the comments on that video favouring MJ though and not swirling a hate pool.
  4. Extremely weird they have left off certain tracks that could have easily been added and enjoyed as they seem pretty popular among the big fans. As for Schoolyard (man, I love that one) I guess some people could listen and nitpick the “she was only 14” and sexual talk about her but he’s singing as his 16 year old self was viewing her at that point in time so it’s a tough one. Had Michael have written that it would be world news and “bombshell” adding to all those sick allegations. Like you said though, music can be a story and with certain tracks you need to view it as one or else things get misconstrued. Maybe (hopefully) they have other plans down the line to release stand alone albums of all those unreleased gems. (That’s the dream anyway!)
  5. “Well he didn’t F’n make it… so here’s what ya get!” They do rare chase variants for a lot of their stuff, pops, golds, etc 🙂
  6. If you buy one you have a 1 in 6 chance of receiving the chase, it’s just a rare variant 👍🏼
  7. Wasn’t aware of that set! Just searched and it looks like I’ll be forking out for that too. Steven looks hilarious with that mouth though 😂
  8. Two versions, one common and one “chase” variant. Not just on Amazon. Pretty cool imo. Will be getting multiple for the chance of the chase https://funkoeurope.com/products/axl-rose-1980s-guns-n-roses?variant=44359989723289&awaid=30617&referrer=awin&gclid=Cj0KCQjwmMayBhDuARIsAM9HM8cUhDCzVcFWD9dHK7qWXVDhi93slJkj6IcphnWQo0j0jmYxNiJ0zNoaAliTEALw_wcB&utm_source=awin&utm_medium=affiliate&gad_source=1&gbraid=0AAAAADcddnYFU2cgbuYhbE3HNsrZEDBLU
  9. I’ve seen a number of clips on YouTube but I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t seen it all yet! 😅 from what I have seen though it’s incredible. I think my favourite so far is Sexy MF, the faces he makes, the charisma and his sense of humour just makes it so enjoyable This one she’s heard before, it’s one we both enjoy. She has no choice though in what she hears when she gets in the car 😂 And damn that was funky! I can’t help but feel sadness though when I see a performance from ‘13-‘16. Just reminds me what a shame it is that he left us so early, that level of energy and pure talent right up to the end. He could have had so many more years of fun and creativity 😔
  10. Very true, they could have done that but maybe they just felt that editing or censoring his work would be worse than not releasing it at all, maybe out of respect? Who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️ And I definitely don’t find it horrible or offensive, I believe it’s all ‘tongue in cheek’ as they say, and as you said ‘82 was a very different time/world. I even played it for my partner earlier and when it got to that part she had a massive smile on her face and just said “wow, no way” 😂 A bit of shock lyrically but she really enjoyed it ha! As for the HnR version it definitely has his more mature sound but having listened to it just now yeah you’re so right, that guitar on the original is just incredible. Original wins!
  11. I doubt that. If he felt sad over some idiots comments about him, he would only have to look at his bank account and then that feeling would quickly subside I’m sure
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