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  1. Sure, opinions are like assholes, as they say. I'm sure you know that Jungle, Ozzy and even Royal Blood sounds outdated in many peoples opinions. But it's all subjective. I don't think there is such a thing as objectively outdated music. Sounds don't get old. There's just different kinds of trends. For example the synth pop music of the eighties were the epitome of outdated music for a long time, but right now those eighties synth sounds are very popular in alternative circles and you hear those influences even in mainstream music. Industrial sounding music could easily make a comeba
  2. Well everything you said here is kinda my point. Even if we consider Tame Impala rock music, it's still not 100% mainstream. There are no mainstream rock hits today. If GNR is going to release a new album it's gonna sound outdated no matter what, because rock music is outdated. So does it even matter if it's outdated in an industrial way or in a grunge way or in a classic rock way. As long as it's rock music, it's outdated. Don't know if you've heard the leaked songs. Atlas Shrugged, Perhaps, Hard School etc... It's not exactly industrial music. It's sounds a lot like the rest of Chinese
  3. When rock was something completely different? What do you mean? How exactly has rock music changed? There's been no evolution in rock music, because the whole rock genre has died out, at least when we're talking about mainstream music. When was the last time we had a mainstream rock hit? There are no rock hits, so copying what other rock bands do currently is not a way to make a hit song. Current rock bands don't make hit music. Of course bands like Tame Impala are pretty popular, but is that even rock music? The way I see it, rock music is old school music, no matter how it's p
  4. I've always liked Bumblefoot and wished that I would like his music more than I actually do. So I gave Sons of Apollo another chance, and I'm glad I did. Fall to Ascend is a pretty sick tune!
  5. Being realistic often comes off as sad. But honestly crying about Axl's voice day after day is a lot sadder in my opinion. 😄
  6. This wasn't too bad. That Live N Let Die performance wasn't great, but it's the kind of a song that's never absolutely terrible either. There's always those badass screams at least. SOYL is always good and this was no exception. It may not have been the best SOYL performance ever, but his voice was pretty good and he nailed the timing, so what more can you ask. I honestly thought that the BHL performace was one of their best performaces of that song ever. I have very little to complain about that performance That KOHD performace was pretty basic. No much to complain about it. No
  7. My top 5 artists: 1. Guns n' Roses 2. Nirvana 3. Grimes 4. The Strokes 5. The Beatles My top 50 songs of 2020 were: 1. Brianstorm - Arctic Monkeys 2. Chinese Democracy - Guns N' Roses 3. 4 AEM - Grimes 4. Double Talkin Jive - Guns N' Roses 5. The Headmaster Ritual - The Smiths 6. Sphynx - La Femme 7. Let It Happen - Tame Impala 8. Nightrain - Guns n' Roses 9. Band of Gypsies - Cypress Hill 10. Mon Amie La Rose - Francoise Hardy 11. This Is The New Shit - Marilyn Manson 12. Brother Love's Travelling
  8. I haven't given up on the band. If they come back and start touring after this corona break and there's still no new album anywhere in sight, then I'll give up on this band.
  9. Well I'm not going to any shows, before they release a new album, so in that sense I don't really care what they play, before they release a new album. If they play Hardschool, I'm happy. But if there's no new album in sight, then I won't be happy for long.
  10. One in a million chance of what? Did you even read what I said? I specifically said that they don't need a massive mainstream hit in order for the next GNR record to be considered one of the classic GNR albums by the future generations. There's a lot of area between a massive mainstream hit and being listened to only by people who would search for your music anyway. So why are you arguing about if GNR can make a massive mainstream hit? Who are you talking to? Let's not argue about totally different things here. Like I said, I'm not interested in having the EXACT same discussion ov
  11. I'm pretty sure, I had this conversation already with someone else. I have no interest in repeating everything that I already said. So all I'm gonna say is that there's a huge area between being a massive mainstream hit and being listened only by the people who would would search for your music anyway. It's not either this or that. You can have an album that grabs the attention of tons of casual people who would normally never even think about searching for new GNR music, without the album being a massive mainstream hit. You can believe what ever you want to believe. I don't really c
  12. What makes you think that Axl couldn't handle Reckless Life? It's a fast paced song that's mostly screaming, much like Shadow of Your Love and Nice Boys. Both of which fit Axl's current voice pretty well.
  13. The only moments, when his lower mid range might sound like helium is when he's singing mostly in upper mid range and when it goes shortly to lower voice and then back to upper mid range again. He can't switch to his chest voice in moments like that. But in songs like Rock the Rock, that are mostly in lower mid range, his voice should be pretty strong, cause he can use his chest voice constantly.
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