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  1. Not really. Almost every single rock band these days is doing old school sounding shit. We have an endless amount of Led Zeppelin wannabe bands. If GNR went back to basics, I don't think it would sound all that dated and I'm sure it would be great, but it sure as hell wouldn't be anything unique or different. In fact an industrial record would be much more unique right now, when almost every rock band is trying to sound old school. What ever approach they'll take I'm probably gonna enjoy it so I'm fine with anything. Just saying that an old school approach isn't anything different right n
  2. Love me some Bully Maquire
  3. Yes, that's why I asked what's the point, cause I don't get it.
  4. Well it didn't sound like the studio version and if you indeed have two intact ears, you know that. I'm not saying that it didn't sound good. I was just saying that he was really pushing his vocal capabilities to it's limits back then. So much that he couldn't even sing some of the songs when he was at his peak the way they were written. So if these songs were pushing his limits back then, it shouldn't be surprising that he has trouble with them now that he's soon 60-years old. Well what can you do? The reality is that this forum's not gonna be anything but bitching and whining if ever
  5. He couldn't! And by properly I mean like the studio version. The studio version goes: "Yooooouuuuuuuuuooouuuuu coooooould bee mine" The live version has always been: "You cooould be mine". Axl's said it himself. He wrote YCBM without even thinking how he can pull it off live. I mean the live version is fine, but singing the song the way it's on the album is pretty much impossible. I wouldn't say that Axl's current voice has nothing to do with his classic voice. Usually when casual fans describe Axl's voice they just say that it's high pitched. They don't talk about rasp. But sure,
  6. It's not only my reality. It's kinda the reality that we all live in. It's no secret that Axl's written songs that he's not even capable of singing himself properly. He's admitted it himself! He couldn't sing songs like Coma and You Could Be Mine properly even in his peak, because he made those songs impossible to sing. He never even tried singing Don't Damn Me live, cause it can't be done properly. It's a fact that GNR songs in general have a lot more melodic variation compared to AC/DC songs. AC/DC songs have a lot more short bursts of screaming which fit Axl's voice perfectly. When Axl wrot
  7. Dude, Axl struggled with the ending of Coma even in his peak. A tiny bit of realism wouldn't hurt. Comparing AC/DC songs which are like tailormade for Axl's voice to one of the most difficult songs on the GNR setlist is kinda pointless.
  8. Wow, that was one beautiful Coma! I wish they had picked Better from Houston cause that was really the best version of Better from NITL tour.
  9. When it comes to intros, I really love the beginning of You Could Be Mine. Couldn't be any more badass.
  10. We never referred to these leaked songs as The General, Blood In The Water or Down By The Ocean. Like others have said The General didn't leak. It's not Atlas Shrugged. Blood In The Water isn't a working title either. It's a remix of Prostitute. It was supposed to be on the remix album. If you want to hear Blood In The Water, just search for it cause it has leaked too. Pretty much the whole remix album leaked at one point. And Down By Ocean hasn't leaked either. It's not a working title to any of these leaked songs.
  11. But when you look at facts, people listen to Queen more than they listen to GNR. Queen is currently the 40. most listened to artist in the world according to Spotify. GNR is the 160. most listened. November Rain is easily the most viewed GNR song on youtube. Nobody can predict the future, but I just don't see any evidence that would support the idea that danceable music would endure better than "deep" music. There's many reason why rock music "died", so I'm not gonna go into all that. When you're trying to write a hit song, there's no doubt that writing something catchy and danceable is t
  12. Not sure what your point here is. November Rain and Queens music has stood the test of time just like the music of Appetite has. J. S. Bach's or Beethovens music isn't exactly danceable, but people still love it after all these years. That shit has proven to last forever. I agree that AFD is the most danceable GNR album and it's because of Izzy, but I don't think that danceable music endures any better than "deep" music does.
  13. Much prefer Kurt Cobains voice. That being said, I might actually listen to Post Malone, if he did this type of music.
  14. Gotta love Susan, even if this isn't exactly news. We've known that they're working on music. It's just a question of when it'll be released.
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