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  1. I mean come on - this guy isn't going to win anything other than some dementia meds.
  2. Bernie's a giant disappointment and his recent actions have been...sad I'm more concerned that Biden's about to get trounced
  3. Just do one final show in Los Angeles with everyone who's been involved over the years, pay them well for the night, and end GNR on a high note. If Axl and Slash want to keep playing together and do their own version of the Page/Plant tours, then whatever - but let the fucking band die with some dignity. Next year Axl will be the same age Robert Plant was for the Zeppelin reunion gig in 2007. Let that sink in.
  4. They should just let Eagle Rock handle whatever they're planning on doing They're good with taking old footage and editing it/mastering it and then putting it out on DVD/Blu Ray/digital Like if Fernando found that 1991 show that was shot on film, they'd be able to properly scan it and clean it up Look up Queen's Hungarian Rhapsody - it's one of Queen's last shows and it was shot on film, so Eagle Rock put it out in HD
  5. Proshot things I would give a shit about from that era -The late-2001 Vegas shows -There Was a Time from Hammerstein -Sailing from London -Entire Rose Bar show That's about it
  6. The date on this one is suspect - you can make out "2002" at the end, but remember that Roy Thomas Baker was fired in February of that year. Zutaut was fired in November 2001, so he wouldn't have had access to any discs from 2002. So this wouldn't have come from Zutaut. If the date was from January or February 2002...I'd say maybe it's legit?
  7. Democracy works by bribing Elizabeth Warren with $14 million so she doesn't drop out before Super Tuesday
  8. This is the man the DNC kneecapped Bernie for:
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