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  1. Being 11 at the time I was beside myself. I was happy when "old" Stone returned to destroy WCWECW and distraught when he betrayed WWF at Invasion. Simpler times.
  2. Watched Wrestling With Wregret's review of the final Nitro last night.
  3. Parallez Universe by Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  4. Five at the back was dreadful and Hendrick has been a terrible signing so far but neither of the Longstaff's are much better and Shelvey doesn't look interested. Yes, no and yes.
  5. Perhaps. We were terrible last night. Can't see where our next win could come from. Having said that Rafa went ten games without a win and turned it around. I'd like to think Bruce has until the end of the month to sort this out but who knows. Arsenal on Monday.
  6. Newcastle losing against Sheffield United tonight gave me Derby County flashbacks.
  7. Ain't Life Grand is one of the best albums Slash has ever made.
  8. Axl looked genuinely taken aback before Patience. Glad to finally see the footage before it was taken down again.
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