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  1. Afraid To Shoot Strangers by Iron Maiden.
  2. Some albums take me a few listens to enjoy but not this one. One of my albums of the year. Adrenalize by Def Leppard.
  3. We're The Bastards by Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons.
  4. Desert Song by Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons.
  5. Kick You When You're Down by AC/DC.
  6. Standout track for me after my first listen.
  7. Blood Sugar Sex Magik by Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  8. Mellowship Slinky in B Major by Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  9. A few of my friends will be happy this morning.
  10. I hope they don't but if they did I wouldn't be surprised if they played Ain't Talkin' Bout Love. Maybe an instrumental version like Wish You Were Here. If I could choose I'd pick Little Dreamer. I like to think Axl would sound good on that one.
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