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  1. Falling Off The Edge Of The World by Black Sabbath.
  2. I took too long with this. I tried to create a good ebb and flow with my picks and to give Axl's voice a break at times. / = alternates Jungle, Easy, Brownstone, Live & Let Die, Double Talkin' Jive, Civil War, You Could Be Mine, You Ain't The First (acoustic), You're Crazy (acoustic), Dead Horse (acoustic), Bad Obsession (acoustic), Rocket Queen, / Coma, / Locomotive, / Estranged, Duff section New Rose, Attitude, Raw Power (Axl returns for backing vocals), So Fine, Chinese, Better, November Rain, Knockin',
  3. All the time but it can get lonely.
  4. The Roof Is Leaking by Phil Collins.
  5. Rock N' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution by AC/DC.
  6. I'll give this more thought another time but off the top of my head; Shorten the set, lower the cost of tickets, move to smaller venues with better acoustics and have the Appetite five play a four song encore.
  7. Sail Away Sweet Sister (To the Sister I Never Had) by Queen.
  8. What Shall We Do Now? by Pink Floyd.
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