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  1. Saw this yesterday and it got me all excited in a heartbeat. This band in peak form has such a profound effect on me. Great stuff.
  2. That is a very fair assessment. Axl is most certainly part of the problem but I think TB are keeping a lot of things from him, shielding him like was a spoiled little kid. My guess would be it makes them feel important and on top of things. They're "in control" so to speak. The whole "our band" shtick and "you have to go through Beta to get to Axl". I think they're drunk with it. The fact that they keep information from Axl was confirmed by Marc Canter. As I have stated before, I think they enjoy the quasi celebrity status in the GN'R fanbase and they'll do everything they can
  3. I've just listened to this interview in full for the first time. And it's one of the coolest interviews Axl's done. It's really the Axl we all love. I'm not expecting him to be the same person in 2020 than he was in 1987 but that drive and passion that he had are missing so much in his endeavors post 2010. It's amazing he was so eloquent at 25 with well-thought-out ideas on who he is and what he wants to achieve whereas in his fifties he's waving his arms around endlessly, seemingly lost in what message he's trying to convey. Just look at his Globo interview or the promo that he did with
  4. Dying indeed. And it used to be the lack of studio or any kind of output that was the main issue but when you couple that with the waning performance and absolutely cringeworthy vocals by one of the greatest singers of all time the apologists don't really have a leg to stand on. But if it still floats their boat, more power to them.
  5. Not really. I wasn't even all that excited when the reunion happened. It's no longer a band and it hasn't been for a long time. I hope they do well, I don't wish them anything but success but they've been a huge disappointment for me in so many ways. I know James Hetfield was refering to new Guns when he said "I don't know if there's much Guns or Roses in any of that" but I think it applies here was well. And there really isn't. Just corporate greed.
  6. Haven't watched a GN'R video from start to finish in forever. But I had Welcome To The Videos on VHS back in the day and I watched that tape non stop. The first show I had on VHS was Paris 1992, I watched that concert a 1000 times. Same with Tokyo 1992 and Ritz 1988.
  7. I like the song but I think it's one of the weakest on Chinese along with Scraped and If The World. The problem with Riad is that it's just a mishmash of so many layers that the quality of the song gets lost in all the indistinguishable sounds.
  8. I get your point of view but the thing that bothers me is that Slash, Duff and Steven are denied the original Guns status. I mean it's not such a big deal. But considering the contribution of Tracii, Ole and Rob I just don't think they're deserving of being called "original" members of a band of this magnitude. Because in the grand scheme of things they're insignificant. Ole was there for a couple of weeks. The members were shuffling so much you could barely distinguish what is Rose, Hollywood Rose, LA Guns... It was one big mingle, for lack of a better word. So those five guys called the
  9. Well that makes Mick Avory and Dick Taylor original Rolling Stones. That's just ridiculous. A totally insignificant technicality. But whatever floats your boat.
  10. A double album (Chinese / new songs hybrid) would be a redemption of sorts. That would be really cool. The small catalogue really bums me out with GN'R. Although we do tend to forget that both UYI are extremely long. If you were to split those two records and make each of them as long as some of the legendary albums by Queen, Black Sabbath, The Rolling Stones, The Doors (it wasn't uncommon for bands to release albums that were 32-36 minute long), UYI 1&2 could be regarded as four separate records. The length is probably due to the start of the CD era when bands were excited to pu
  11. Pretty decent. Perhaps still too much Mickey at certain parts but overall these type or performances would be acceptable.
  12. Excuse me for being financially illiterate but what does this mean in layman's terms? I don't understand how can you keep getting more and more money mortgaging the same real estate. Do those number add up or did he pay some of the loans back and then remortgaged the house time and time again? How does this work?
  13. I'm more annoyed by TB and Fernando's behaviour than their managerial skills. Mostly the way they handle themselves. It's so obvious they enjoy this quasi celebrity status they have among GN'R fanbase. Despite being universally disliked they enjoy nothing more than soaking up the attention of hardcore fans who are intrigued solely because these people have such close connection to Axl Rose. I also find their MO towards fans disrespectful and annoying. I also can't stand when they use the term "we" in connection with Guns N' Roses or refer to it as "our band". Not because I'm jealous,
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