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  1. Absolutely it's a personal preference. This is a Guns forum after all. I just never warmed up to Tool. I own Lateralus but I just can't find it enjoyable. I'll definitely give it another go. I can't for the life of me understand their album sales. They seem massively inflated. Pretentious does not equal quality. Putting Guns in "one good album" category is a dick move by a salty dude.
  2. Hardly. But I wouldn't be surprised if they blamed it on the pandemic. Axl even managed to blame the most prolific guitar player ever for the inability of GN'R to move forward. So anything is possible. The lack of creativity, loss of artistic and personal integrity, delusion, massive drop in overall live performance (vocals) and inability to put out music is what killed GN'R.
  3. This narrative that GN'R have "one good album" is so worn out. GN'R Lies alone blows anything Tool has ever done out of the water. And it's not even in GN'R's top three. Enough said.
  4. I'm here because I love the music and the band, I'm still interested in all the tidbits regardless if they're new or old. Generally speaking I've "let go" some time ago. I don't care if they never do anything again but at the same time I'll be thrilled if they actually manage to do anything of interest.
  5. I don't think anyone's really asking or demanding anything at this point. People are just sick of it. The discontent among the hard-core fanbase is just a reflection of the worst possible attitude this band has had for years now. And even prior to the reunion. From 2011 this has been nothing but a money machine. That's the way I see it. It's not a band. I personally don't care that much anymore. I don't buy the stupid merchandise, I don't go to multiple shows, I don't dwell on it. I'm just sad they've proven to be such a disappointment on so many levels.
  6. Every time I see this thread I have a fit "well if Susan says it that changes everything" Whatever.
  7. Three times: Milano 2006, Zagreb 2010, Vienna 2017. I had many more chances to go see them but I decided not to. Zagreb 2010 was the best.
  8. A lot has been said about why Metallica went on first. The fact is still that Guns N' Roses were bigger. They were the biggest. And they weren't going to open in any scenario. Guns had a broader appeal. Metallica knew that. They may have been co-headlining but it was Metallica who joined Guns N' Roses, not the other way around. Unfortunately GN'R didn't retain that superiority. Today Metallica is regarded as bigger and more successful but back then Guns were on top of the world. Never been a big fan of Metallica myself. Just don't see the what the big fuss is. Some decent songs though.
  9. He's so uncomfortable. He doesn't know if he should tell the truth or not. Then he deduces that if he said that they had got together it would be a blatant lie so he decided to be honest. Good for him. There's nothing going on. As expected. That's why I find it irritating in a way when fans who got into this band much later than some of us did constanty put forward wishful theories how everytime there's a break the band must be "recording". During every break speculation arises "oh, they must be in the studio" and then nothing. Ever. After every leg since the start of the NITL there
  10. I have no info regarding the money but I've always felt the whole "we lost money" was a bit exaggerated. A bit of a revisionism on their part. They certainly didn't make as much as they could but when you're the biggest band in the world playing stadiums and huge crowds how can you blow all that money on a few theme parties, legal fines and a sizable entourage. And also wouldn't there be at least some info regarding the total gross avaliable before taking all the fines and other expenses into account? Not In This Lifetime is at $584,200,000 but it's not like they pocketed 600 million, the
  11. On topic, I believe Axl likes Christina Aguilera too. Her vocals at least.
  12. Now I feel foolish. I had no idea, never heard of that bit. It's a good joke, I like it. I just jumped at the opportunity to talk about The Beatles.
  13. Didn't really know that, I just bought it quite recently, more as a completist type of thing. I thought of it as some sort of GH package because it does contain a lot of hits.
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