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  1. Pretty decent. Perhaps still too much Mickey at certain parts but overall these type or performances would be acceptable.
  2. Excuse me for being financially illiterate but what does this mean in layman's terms? I don't understand how can you keep getting more and more money mortgaging the same real estate. Do those number add up or did he pay some of the loans back and then remortgaged the house time and time again? How does this work?
  3. I'm more annoyed by TB and Fernando's behaviour than their managerial skills. Mostly the way they handle themselves. It's so obvious they enjoy this quasi celebrity status they have among GN'R fanbase. Despite being universally disliked they enjoy nothing more than soaking up the attention of hardcore fans who are intrigued solely because these people have such close connection to Axl Rose. I also find their MO towards fans disrespectful and annoying. I also can't stand when they use the term "we" in connection with Guns N' Roses or refer to it as "our band". Not because I'm jealous,
  4. Gillan is the best fit for Deep Purple but you gotta love Burn, Might Just Take Your Life, You You Keep On Moving and stuff like that. Coverdale was pretty good imo. I agree about Sabbath although I own Heaven & Hell too. Agree about David Byron too.
  5. Zeppelin truly are a remarkable band. I'm a huge fan of Physical Graffiti though. The sheer abundance of material. There's someting about double albums for me. The Wall (Floyd), The Fragile (NIN), Grafitti (Zep), White Album (Beatles) UYI 1&2 (not technically a double album but still). The album sales of Led Zeppelin in USA are just out of this world. I don't think there's another band with such consistently high sales. Not even The Beatles can compete. As far as Queen goes I'd have a hard time choosing between Queen and Led Zeppelin. I'd rank both bands very near the top. It's
  6. I'm fine with that. But I actually do believe there'll be an album out somewhere along the line. I just don't spend my time thinking about it.
  7. My thoughts exactly. I was notoriously obsessed with Guns N' Roses. I was the "Guns N' Roses guy" to everyone that knew me. Even before YouTube, Wikipedia, all the official biographies and all the interviews with the insiders like managers, etc. I was a walking GN'R encyclopedia. I fucking loved this band. The only thing that remains is my love for their music. I've lost so much respect it makes me sad. And I just dont give a fuck anymore. I don't expect anything. I don't demand anything.
  8. I don't see it that way. They were a young and hungry band. I honestly don't think the number of releases had much to do with him. If anything he's been taking credit for the events he had no pivotal role in. The disintegration was due to money (too much of it), ego and lack of direction. I don't think Niven or anyone else could have prevented that. That's just my feeling. He's resentful and bitter ever since he was booted. He can't let go off the fact Axl didn't want to work with him anymore so he's just badmouthing him any chance he gets while glorifying Izzy to death for obvious reason
  9. Bob Dylan released seven albums since Chinese. Alan Parsons released a shelved album from the Alan Parsons Project and another solo album. The Who put an album out too. Nazareth three, four if you include the one in 2008. Elton John two. Leonard Cohen four. Smashing Pumpkins four. It really goes on and on. Fuck you OP for reminding me how utterly ridiculous Guns N' Roses are.
  10. Seven albums and Noel also released a bunch of EP's. Nine Inch Nails released four studio albums and four EP's (two of them with entirely new material). Not the mention what else Trent Reznor has done. Ozzy Osbourne had the biggest gap between records in his 50+ year career and still managed to release two since Chinese. David Bowie died five years ago but still managed to release two albums since Guns' last. Alice Cooper put out three records and I'm not even counting the one he released in 2008. Marilyn Manson managed to put out five records in various configurations of the band. Not only di
  11. Niven comes off as such a gigantic prick to me. Good riddance.
  12. Pretty much what I'm trying to say. There's two sides to the story. A man should never beat up a woman. Agreed. But that doesn't really stop a woman from punching you in the face. Is it ok to retaliate? That's up for debate I guess. According to various sources both Axl's supposed "victims" were known to be a little cuckoo.
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