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  1. Are you on some kind of payroll? I'm joking of course. But you absolutely should be.
  2. It's happening in Slovenia too. We're not running out of beds but there's an abnormal number of children in the hospitals. Not due to covid-19. And that's just the beginning. Isolation has devastating effects on the immune system. If we take into consideration the limited access to health services, late diagnosis, people delaying the check-ups and so on, the toll will surpass covid-19 by a long shot. Was it worth it? Hah. I'd rather not even think about it. Please explain to your children how you took a stance for the "new normality" and gave up your civil rights so that they can live with a QR code in their pocket and mandatory booster shots while breathing into a moist mask. For your benefit. For your safety.
  3. I don't endorse this video. I don't have any affiliation with it. I can hardly believe what I'm seeing so I'm posting it here. A question to our Australian friends: is this footage the actual representation of what is going in Australia or is it exaggerated and manipulated?
  4. Agreed. I wouldn't mind another verse though. It's a bit repetitive towards the end but still great. I listen to it multiple times a day. I think that the bridge in Absurd is weak too.
  5. Love the song obviously. So great to see them release anything at this point. It's probably been discussed already but I it took a few listens to realize the song samples Eye On You during the bridge.
  6. Your pretence bores me. Leaving Norway aside for a second, if you support and endorse the global response to this epidemic than we are just completely different people with a very different outlook as to what is morally acceptable. The difference is though that you can't even entertain the idea not everything is as hunky dory when it comes to restrictions and vaccines. As for the media and the extreme measurements I've listed, look what happenend in Spain, Italy, Belgium... with all due respect, Norway is not the end-all of this pandemic.
  7. The captivity that can be forced upon you by the powers that be whenever they decide to. Maybe in time, when the 5th and the 6th and the 7th and the Nth jab rolls around some of you will start to realize you were on the wrong side of history. Do you need additional subtitles? Were you invited to get that 3rd jab already? Well prepare for the 4th. And the 5th. You get the picture. Actually, you don't. Some level? Sure. Lockdowns, curfews, social distancing, isolation, fear, paranoia, intimidation, death stigma, blatant violations of laws and conventions, discrimination, censorship, repression... no thank you. Extreme lockdowns kill. The countires with the most extreme lockdowns have had the largest death spike in 2020. That is a fact. And yet the noose keeps on tightening. The effects of lockdowns and repression on the immune system - the most important thing for successfully battling covid-19 - have been nothing short of catastrophic. Psychological well-being is proven to boost our immune system. And yet, here we are. Bombarded with apocalyptic media sewage 24/7. What's the mortality for covid-19 again? For a reasonably healthy human being? Who cares, right? Let's rather expose and highlight every possible individual case to create the illusion that four year olds are practically dropping dead in the street. If only people were as conscious to other extreme medical anomalities that potentially plague all age groups. Doesn't make it a norm, does it? Not so easy to do. We're been trying to get premature elections for a while now but with no success. And also, I understand you're not all that familiar with my country but you don't have to patronize me with "I assume you live in a democracy, too". Our countries are part of the same national organizations.
  8. This thread is so depressing. And covid has little to do with it. Regardless of vaccines and preventive measures you're still being kept in a perpetual state of captivity. The captivity that can be forced upon you by the powers that be whenever they decide to. Maybe in time, when the 5th and the 6th and the 7th and the nth jab rolls around some of you will start to realize you were on the wrong side of history. It's unfortuante so many are in favour of this "new normality" and are willing to go out of thier way to "prove" to people that this is all for our benefit. And I'm not talking about Bill Gates, G5, flat earth or foreing substances in the vaccines. No. I'm talking about the sheer implications of what you endorse as an appropriate handling of the health crisis. That will be the real tragedy here. The unvaccinated are a very convenient scapegoat. For now. Let's see what happens when the Israel scenario starts to spread. Let's see how long you can play the wise monkeys then. Less fear, more joy. Be happy. Don't let them take away your ability to think. I wish you all well!
  9. I don't understand why people even give this guy a time of day? It would be a really powerful statement if the entire GN'R community just ignored the fuck out of him. I know it will never happen but it'd be cool. As you were.
  10. Just watched Nightrain from this show. Really cool. Axl was really into it.
  11. In an interview Axl did with Kurt Loder in 1991 he says that side one of UYI 1 was intended to be more in the vein of Appetite and side two more experimental. And also that side one of UYI 2 has southern feel to it. Which it does. Use Your Illusions are such great records. UYI 2 was the first GN'R album I owned. It still brings up the strongest memories for me because for a while it was the only Guns record I owned.
  12. I've been watcing more clips lately than the last few years but I'm not really impressed. I'm not trying to slag them off but Axl's singing is just not up to par and probably never will be again. Frank is awful, I just don't understand how he has managed to keep his position for 15 years. As far as Slash goes, I like him a lot, I think he's really eye-catching but I must admit I don't know what some people are raving about. Too much noodling for my taste. He may have been stoned out of his mind during their heyday but his playing back then was, in my opinion, far superior. That being said, I still enjoy some of the videos and I wish the tour continues to go well.
  13. Awesome collage of various footage and interviews. This band was so fucking great. It gives me chills.
  14. Three. Milano 2006 Zagreb 2010 Vienna 2017 I have made a conscious decision not to see them plenty of times when they were in close proximity due to Axl's declining performance. Zagreb was my favourite. Axl was in sublime form.
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