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  1. In a nutshell I think Frank is Axl's boy. I think that his position is ensured by his loyalty to Axl and not his abilities. I feel Axl also wanted to keep Frank as a nod to the previous line-up thus trying to assure that the whole "new GN'R" era wouldn't be completely lost or forgotten. Axl is extremely loyal to people who are loyal to him so as long as Frank doesn't do anything to piss him off he's guaranteed to remain in his position. Even at the expense of quality. Axl has reasons to keep Frank but they don't necessary have anything to do with his drumming ability. That's the way I see
  2. Why I think Slash and Duff put up with him or why I don't think much of Frank?
  3. In my opinion Duff and Slash put up with Frank for the sake of the band. Or whatever this entity is supposed to be.
  4. Of course they didn't. When was the last time Axl wrote a song? An actual song? Granted, we don't know for sure but considering his output...
  5. Music taste is subjective so don't take my comment too seriously but I think there might be something wrong with you.
  6. Never seen this before. Is This It is a good record.
  7. I remember reading about it the day after. Watching the pictures of this "new" Axl. I don't remember when the audio became avaliable but I remember listening to the new songs for the first time, Axl talking about Kundun, presenting the band. I was so excited. I believed they were going to take the world by storm. It was an interesting time to be a hardcore Guns N' Roses fan. There was so much to look forward to.
  8. Not only did Ozzy release a record he released a killer record in my book. Maybe his best since Ozzmosis. Same goes for Marilyn Manson. I wouldn't want to rate Manson's We Are Chaos because I love all of his work but I definitely think it's great. I haven't listened to AC/DC new record but the reviews are pretty good. These bands with 10+ or 15+ albums in their discography have had their fair share of difficulties lately and yet they still produce great music in this turbulent and uncertain times. Because they're musicians. Despite his health problems Ozzy's been extremely active in the studio
  9. The level of their incompetence truly is staggering. From the quality of Axl's performance to their ridiculous social media interaction, lack of new music, disrespect to the hardcore fanbase and total secrecy. It's just a big Nevertheless they remain one of the most popular bands in the world, selling out huge venues and making a ton of dough. Just goes to show how amazing this band used to be and the impact it had. The nostalgia is so strong that they can go through the motions for the rest of their careers.
  10. Just songs. Completed songs. Preferably on CD because I'm a collector. I'd be interested in any GN'R related content but no footage whether it's from the Appetite/Illusion tour or even The Perfect Crime documentary would surpass what made me fell in love with this band in the first place - THE MUSIC. Everything else comes second.
  11. Well sort of. Some time ago. I'm still here because I'm still interested but I have zero expectations. I'm disappointed, disillusioned and generally sad when I think of the abomination my favourite band has become. I don't plan on attending shows and I don't buy the merchandise.
  12. Same here. I like a few songs but after three of four in a row it all sounds the same. Repetitive, boring, whiny and annoying. I like what Myles did on the first Slash record, I also liked parts of Apocalyptic Love. Didn't care much about World On Fire and I haven't even given Living A Dream a proper spin but I feel like I'm not missing out on anything. Slash desperatey needs new writers for his solo project. The Myles thing has been done to death.
  13. Axl botched his face for no reason. Maybe he had diffculty accepting that he's aging. Maybe he felt he has to come back looking as young as possible. Unfortunately it turned out pretty bad.
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