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  1. They finally did this right! Also like the performance a lot! Fuck yeah motherfuckers!!
  2. Probably the NITL tour made them really populair in UK again
  3. The rise and fall of the Blackberry, the invention of IPhone, hybrid and Electric cars, Spotify came into existence which is the easiest way to release singles or albums, Slash married Perla a 2nd time and divorced. And got a new girlfriend before the divorce. Fukushima nucleair disaster, the entire worlds freedom and loads of human rights taken away due to covid. Kiss farewell tour, Motley Crue farewell tour and release of the Dirt as a movie.
  4. Ron was my favorite lead player from the CD era, the man could play!! And he's a warm person
  5. One in a Million is a good pick, I love the vocals there! I go with You're Crazy (lies) tho as it is so smoooth singing, have to go with KOHD actually, his voice is so pure and clear in it, I love it! And of course TWAT no need to tell anyone why! What I also like is the contrast between high and deep low vocals in Shackler's
  6. I sense that there will be a lot of dark stuff with Guns I also expect bluesy jams and all but I have the feeling that for Guns there is some dark heavy shit saved, as for smkc I expect more general riffs with a lighter happier character That new Better intro they made also sounded very dark I think we are looking at that kind of feel in the music hé keeps for Guns
  7. Don't expect a spontanious christmas release either... Would be nice if they'd go Eminem and drop it like he did with Kamikaza to end 2020 with a gift for fans... But lets not fool ourselves
  8. Axl would make a fun teacher, a good one too
  9. None of the above, Axl needs to re learn his songs in a tat different aproach, work with a vocal coach like with acca dacca and idk keep a healthy schedule
  10. I always get into an excited power rage jumping mood from Coma and Out Ta Get me they pump me up, as for emotional as in tears Estranged always used to do that and sometimes still does.
  11. Slash is always in his own world when performing he's so focused on his playing, I never see him interact too much during a show, also not with the crowd he's just doing his thing
  12. Well they do have all the time in the world now to focus on writing and recording, no excuses left for why it couldn't be done.
  13. Today would be nice, if they do 2017 I hope they put up Nijmegen I was there and it was actually a good show! The songs with Angus would be cool
  14. Axl vocals are always a thing I get that, but I wanna ask you guys, from all the bands that are 30+ years old where the vocals in songs do not require only low register or like middle range which frontman actually still nails it live? Who sings on a constant great level? Yeah there's Bruce Dickinson and Steven Tyler Who still deliver but really If you can name 5 please tell me.
  15. This one I like, nice that it's longer! Also a nice variaty in song choices and way better video edit for what I have seen so far. gotta check it out in full when I get home
  16. I think saddism plays a part here. He/they know we want something so much, we fans are like crawling through a desert looking for water when it comes to anything released by them. And he gave us like one drop to make sure we keep crawling, while sitting on the watersupply laughing in our faces. He likes to see us crawling desperatly.
  17. I think his job is actually boring. No challenge, no creative proces, no adventure, no to do list, and almost no vote.
  18. It's funny how Axl had a negative parting and holds a bad relationship with pretty much every former manager, while they all made GN'R more productive! And then we have this lazy ass joke and Axl loved them. I think it says a lot about how Axl wanted it to be managed for all those years. If TB was representing guns in the 90's Spaghetti incident and Tokyo 92 would'nt excist for sure.
  19. Thats right! Heard it years ago, can't believe I forgot about it. thanks for memtioning it! Idk would be cool tho
  20. I would actually be interested in demo's from The Garden, some Alice Cooper takes would be cool, or 2 version, One with only Axl vocals and one with only Alice Cooper vocals.
  21. I actually love DDTJ, it's always one of my favorites from NITL glad they showed it
  22. Conclusion about the editing, Axl is the most insecure one in the band?? Fuckin hashtag#daretoask
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