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  1. Sounded good! Sorry was excellent, ending a bit messy but otherwise very good. Rest of set also very good.
  2. RSD UK has a different list to the USA one I think, although it doesn't look particularly exciting either. The stand outs are a few of the jazz records which look decent (RSD always seem to do jazz well), the Ghosts of Mars soundtrack which has Bucket on it, and maybe that's it. I might be tempted for a few more nearer the time, but first impressions are a step down from last year. Also what annoys me for some reason is the UK release pdf doesn't confirm the release type (exclusive, limited, early etc) or quantity like the USA one does.
  3. Amazing. You could charge an entry fee!
  4. Did they only pro-record 3 songs? Or record the whole thing but only release 3?
  5. I think GnR are the better band, Metallica the better business. Queen, Pink Floyd, ACDC and Led Zep are examples of stunningly good bands, excellent branding and marketing, great songs, fabulous live shows, and well run businesses with good re-release plans etc. Metallica I think are a more average band but tick most of the other boxes. Guns are, or probably more accurately, were an incredible band (not so much now) with a great live show, but the marketing and business side of things, at least from the perspective of a proper fan, is very poor.
  6. Just ordered: In Absentia by Porcupine Tree They've just got a fresh batch of stock in at the official store after being out of stock for a while, 180g pressing.
  7. What do you reckon to the Paul Rodgers album?
  8. I just can't get on with Metallica. I "like" them and own most of their stuff (I prefer Load / Reload etc to the more thrashy my stuff), but I can't get through a song without imaging Lars Ulrich pulling stupid facial expressions.
  9. Live Era, Freddie Tribute Concert and Wayne's World is what made it for Queen. Plus the songs themselves, which are timeless. The biopic sugar-coated the appreciation more recently for sure, but i think the same result would have happened if that movie didn't exist. They've been incredibly popular for years.
  10. I love Physical Graffiti (In The Light used to be my alarm clock - it's very bizarre waking to that tranquil intro!) I just think as an overall album there were a few more "okay" tracks whereas on the earlier albums every song was a total knock out. However I may reassess my original comment and say Zep 1 to Physical Graffiti. Queens versatility is amazing. I respect both Queen for having the balls and ability to change things and ACDC fir having the balls (less so the ability) to change nothing despite having such a long career and expansive discography. Both are tough. But Queen mixed i
  11. Steve Morse era is great too. Purpendicular is an excellent album.
  12. Yeah. I know everyone's opinion is different but in my view Zep from Zep 1 through to Houses of the Holy were untouchable - they had the songs, the technical / musical ability and the stage presence.
  13. Queen greatest hits 1 and 2 are absolutely fantastic albums though. Probably the best best ofs I can think of. Not a dud song in sight. And as a stadium band they were fantastic.
  14. Tina Turner? I know she did some rock songs, but really? And Sabbath, Deep Purple, Motorhead and Van Halen all got kicked out in round 1! I know these things are bollocks for shits and giggles, but come on!?!
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