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  1. Should be on Amazon soon I guess. It's Transmission Records (PT's own label I think) that is reissuing them, and Burning Shed store (which I really like) selling them.
  2. Too young. And a beast of a drummer.
  3. Added to my Porcupine Tree collection this week: - 2021 reissue of The Incident - 2021 reissue of Fear of a Blank Planet - Lightbulb Sun - On the Sunday of Life I'm a huge fan of Gavin Harrison so prefer the later stuff but love anything Steven Wilson. On the reissues I had been tempted to fork out for some of the earlier editions but settled for these new 2021 versions which I'm sure will be fine.
  4. This wont be groundbreaking but it will be very good, which is good enough for me. Rnfnr please. Ronseal.
  5. Love that album, and Pride and Glory. Wish Zakk had done more stuff along that style. "Cock rock Pearl Jam" was how we referred to Book of Shadows at university as my mates thought the vocals sounded a little like Eddie. The UK store had some black splatter versions left... so also ordered one. Used to have it on CD back in the day so this helps brings me back to my youth!
  6. My local store did not have any Mr Big - they didnt know what had happened to it but had not been informed it had been pulled (although had been advised of other delays). Must be in high demand though - my store is down south and they were taking calls from people as far north as Glasgow looking for it. All the big sites have pulled their listings so clearly there was an issue with it. I know the Matt Bellamy one was also held up in customs. One of the other titles I was after, Charlie Parker, was also delayed. And a couple of the other jazz releases I was after were also nowhere to be se
  7. Ah... hadn't heard Mr Big was delayed. Will head in anyway and let you know.
  8. Anyone doing RSD tomorrow? I have my eye on a few of the jazz releases, and Mr Big.
  9. Yeah probably not their best song, but it rocks, it's 100% on-brand, and any new music by Maiden is good enough for me.
  10. What a sorry and depressing state of affairs all round. Was there ever another band with such a vast chasm between potential and reality?
  11. ToonGuns


    I know a guy who was a massive David Bowie fan, he blagged his way into the press conference for Live Aid in the style of Hugh Grant in Notting Hill and got to sit in the same room as Bowie and Geldof.
  12. Ok so I've got one of these stylus brushes: https://www.spincare.co.uk/products/professional-carbon-fibre-stylus-cleaning-brush-for-turntables-record-players I gave the stylus a clean today and I "think" that's fixed it. Gonna check out a few more vinyls tomorrow. I'm not sure I can hear anything bad now but I keep second guessing myself as I'm now almost looking for stuff. I did notice a distinct buzzing today though, but that's possibly my cheapy speakers and their proximity to the player. I can see how audiophiles start... the eternal chase for perfection, jeez. Cheers for th
  13. Cheers Russ. I've had this particular player with an inbuilt stylus (Rega Carbon) since November. I'm working from home and play all the time, so maybe 2-3hrs per day on average factoring in zoom meetings etc when it is switched off. So I guess 300-400 hrs in total approx.
  14. Need some help and as this is the only vinyl forum I'm on I'm coming here for help... over the past day or so I've noticed a drop off in audio quality from my vinyl. Slight, but noticeable. At first I wasnt sure if it was just my ears, but I've now convinced myself something is going on and I can't unhear it. The best way I can describe it is the sound is very slightly distorted, with the cymbals in particularly noticeably swooshier than normal, almost like inner ring distortion but all of the time. Any clue what it could be? Nothing in my set up has changed, and I've tested a few vinyls and g
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