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  1. Just executed another I see on the news. Talk about consistency- the actual killer who pulled the trigger got life, whereas this bloke got a death sentence.
  2. Just an update on this. After 5 weeks and 3 emails... the Pikes customer service eventually replied and have said they'll send a new copy free of charge. So I'm well chuffed. Thanks guys.
  3. I've got a few vinyls on my hit list from gigs I was at: Slash + Myles Kennedy live (the relatively new LTD one from 2019) and Flying Colors - Third Stage Live. For some reason I feel obliged to buy if I was there!
  4. Just as an update on this, I cleaned Poseiden a few times and although not perfect it is just about acceptable. Sparks in the Dark was still appalling after cleaning so after sending 3 emails to the Pikes email address (even offering to cover the postage myself) finally, after 5 weeks, I got a response this week and they are sending me a replacement free of charge. So they may be (very!) slow, but they came good in the end. I'm really chuffed.
  5. Politicians need to be held accountable for what they say. Wherever they say it. If I lie in a court of law, I commit an offense and can be held accountable. If politicians lie, they should be equally be held accountable. The problem here is that the things that people in power (be it politicians or otherwise) say and do have more influence than "normal" people, yet some of those people think they can say or do whatever they like, however untrue, without consequences. This is the root cause issue here. These people can perpetuate half truths, lies, with no evidence, and get peo
  6. Agree with 100% of this, except I suppose the issue with capital punishment is it is terminal, literally. If you subsequent find you made a mistake you can't do anything about it, whereas you can always release and rehabilitate an erroneously imprisoned prisoner.
  7. Agree. And this is cheaper. And this avoids killing innocent people.
  8. I know admittedly little about US politics but you'd think judgement should be on a simple guilty v innocent. Whatever party you are a member of should not mean a vote in a particular direction.
  9. The difference for me is I can't ever remember Rafa making terrible tactical decisions. His team just played poorly / wasnt good enough. Bruce has spent millions, and continues to make poor decisions. Last might we played 5 at the back plus 2 defensive midfielders against the worst team in the history of the Premier league. We should have gone for it. And drop Hendrick.
  10. Ouch... “Bad news. Left extremists have captured and archived over 70TB of data from Parler servers. This includes posts, personal information, locations, videos, images etc. The intent is a mass dox and a list to hold patriots ‘accountable’. It is too late to scrub your data, and its already archived. There is nothing you can do to prevent what’s already happened. All you can do is prepare for the fallout” https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/parler-capitol-hill-personal-data-b1785343.html Whatever your political views, this will rumble on for a long time m
  11. Apparently Discovery has been renewed for at least 2 more seasons, with Michael Burnham now as captain.
  12. I think 1 person had a stroke, 1 had a heart attack, and 1 was crushed. Plus the woman that was shot, and then the cop. Every single one of them such an avoidable loss.
  13. Cruz seems like a dangerous idiot. This is my first post in this thread. I'm from the UK so am not directly involved in US politics, I'm just an outside observer, but it always amazes me how people that dangerous (and that unqualified - Trump being a prime example) can get that far in politics. This could equally apply to UK politicians, or any other nation. There needs to be more checks and balances.
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