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  1. Bruce has to be getting sacked in the morning. Cant see him taking charge of another Toon game.
  2. I LOVE Brian Eno. Burning Shed is a good website for his stuff (and other bands).
  3. Music for Falling, a new soundtrack album by Viggo Mortensen and Buckethead was delivered today. You can pick it up on the Perceval Press website. It's ambient piano and guitar tunes. Very chill out and great to work to.
  4. 100%. I had exactly the same thought and it took me out the movie for a few minutes. Only 4 years between them.
  5. I spotted that. Tried to google it but couldn't find anything.
  6. Finally got around to ordering a vinyl cleaning system: https://www.spincare.co.uk/products/spincare-vinyl-record-lp-cleaning-machine-system-accessories-inc-drying-rack Will give it a go at the weekend. Also ordered a few more Herbie Hancock vinyls from his funk jazz era: Herbie Hancock - Manchild Herbie Hancock - Flood Herbie Hancock - Crossings Bring it on!!!
  7. I told my mates to listen to it. One of then said it reminded him of "Towers of London". That's one for the UK folks. Fucking Donny Tourettes... possibly my favourite ever episode of Buzzcocks.
  8. I don't see the rematch happening. What's the point? AJ knows he'll lose. Now... Usyk v Fury, there's a fight.
  9. I'll give you a compliment- you're resilient. The price is expensive, delivery schedule farcical, but I'm chuffed!!!!
  10. No chance a decision can go his way surely.
  11. Not available yet on UK store. The vinyl is ludicrously over priced. AAA Blue Note Tone Poet full album 12" jazz rereleases on 200g pressed by Kevin Gray are around the same price.
  12. It's definitely Frank. You can tell as the sound is gated and triggered to fuck (like the live sound) and it's nothing more than bog standard average.
  13. At least this British Politics thread is about as aligned as British Politics is in real life. It wouldn't be realistic if we all got along...!
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