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  1. Buckethead, I respectfully ask that you slow down releasing stuff. I can't keep up.
  2. Fortus playing "strings " and backwards guitar. To be honest it could be anyone, there isn't any standout styles at all other than one or two of the vocalists. Even Fortus' solo is fairly non-descript.
  3. Not sure I agree with this. Fans of bands / artists like ACDC, David Bowie, Steven Wilson, Alice Cooper, Rolling Stones... (I could go on) are just as interested despite the regular releases. If anything more releases (and varying versions - trawling the archives for rarities, alternative mixes, live releases etc) drives interest.
  4. Chris Cornell's version of Patience has been announced as a LE release for the November Black Friday RSD drop.
  5. Record Store Day just announced that Patience will be included in their November Black Friday drop... 7" limited edition opaque white vinyl.
  6. When you think about it Guns' discography is literally c. 25% covers... the Aerosmith etc stuff on Lies, Live and Let Die, Knocking on Heaven's Door, Whole Lotta Rosie b-side, Jumping Jack Flash, the entire Spaghetti Incident, Sympathy for the Devil... and now Wichita and Black Hole Sun in the set. Farcical really. If they released another UYI-esque double album of original material they could literally halve their covers %.
  7. HTGTH used to be my go to forum but I eventually ran out of patience with the blinkered optimism. Fair play to the bloke, each to their own. Cup half full and all that.
  8. They were live sessions at the Rosebar Bar. That's not the correct use of (sic)... when it comes to Ashba (sick) is more appropriate.
  9. Me too. I'm not a guitarist so I don't understand why it has changed, but that 90's sound was always unmistakably Slash... just perfect, and it's missing now. Is it kit (amps, pedals etc), or his fingers / playing?
  10. Yes. But they can do both. Release historic stuff from any era while continuing in whatever format they want. And I know I'm in the minority compared to the general public, but I'd throw more money at 2002 / 2006 stuff than I would the current mishmash line up (yes Slash is back but Axl is in worse form, Fortus poses his way around gigs, and Frank is bland).
  11. They would make more money though?! It just needs intelligent management and marketing.
  12. Agree with this. I do want to see Bucket, Robin, Brain and Bumble though.
  13. Why? Kiss released Kisstory covering all eras, Blacj Sabbath released a few live albums, Deep Purple have endless live stuff from all eras (good or bad)... why ignore something that happened. This is what I don't understand with Guns. You can't hide history. I'd love a 2002 and 2006 Live Era. Fabulous line ups, and in form Axl.
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