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  1. Can you see any other prem club employing Bruce? Equally can you see any other prem manager joining NUFC in the current set up? We have the worst manager (statistically) and the worst owner. No other reputable manager will want the job after the way Rafa was handled, so no point removing Bruce without new owners. That's the main issue. Without new owners I don't see any solution other than Bruce continuing another year and probably another 15th-17th position finish next year / mediocre season. The only exception/ unknown is fans returning, as I think St James Park could get host
  2. Toon will finish 17th. Literally the minimum possible effort to stay up, again. I remember when I was at Uni 37% was the pass mark for year 1 and you didn't get extra credit for high marks as your overall results reset in year 2 (year 2 onwards actually counted towards the degree, year 1 didn't) so me and my mates used to joke that we should aim to get 37-40% and no more, as that was a pass. Anything higher was still a "pass" but you didnt get any extra credit for high scores so it was a waste of good drinking time over-revising. Of course we were joking, but that's literally the NUFC / Sports
  3. This is not a new article but I don't recall it being discussed before (apologies if it has). I was reading a National Geographic article on Arethra Franklin boasting about her incredible vocal range so did a bit of digging and stumbled on this list and was amazed to see Axl at number one. This site have measured the vocal range of various vocal artists by comparing the lowest and highest notes of their studio recordings (don't think live has been included which obviously could change things) and Axl tops the list, above even Mariah Carey etc which I must say I was surprised about even th
  4. I think it was a COVID socially distanced show, so was always going to have a small crowd (in total numbers) and a dispersed crowd (spread apart from one another). I wouldn't read too much into the crowd itself this time.
  5. Isn't it just algorithm shenanigans? Give it time mate, the videos are great so you will get traction.
  6. Probably not. But I can't see Fulham getting 9 points either.
  7. I hope not! Can't see it happening though to be honest. Surely a stretch too far.
  8. I chased Ion Records via email again - no reply, I raised a dispute via Bandcamp, Bandcamp emailed Ion Records copying me in - no reply, Bandcamp emailed again this time threatening to auto deduct the funds from Ion Records account to pay me, finally Ion reply saying "oops, not sure how we missed this order" and sending me the tracking code having just dispatched it this week. Estimated delivery in June. For an item ordered in January. Doh! At least we got there in the end.
  9. I see Zakk Wylde has just released a mega entire back catalogue boxset of coloured vinyls. Sooo tempted. I wish these artists would stop releasing shit!
  10. I predict I wont be going. Unless there is new music.
  11. I mentioned on the vinyl thread, but I just bought Atomic Mind by Nick Johnston (another instrumental guitar dude I like), limited edition double 180g coloured vinyl, signed, with download, high-grade matt packaging... really nice package. $35 plus $20 shipping to UK. That's the way to do it and maintain repeat purchases.
  12. Caved again and ordered two more vinyls, both from Sheet Happens: - Nick Johnston - Atomic Mind. Limited signed vinyl (limited to 300), first pressing. $35 - bargain. - Fear and Fate by Archival. New band featuring Nick Johnston. Limited vinyl first pressing. I'm so frustrated that I missed out on the vinyl release of Remarkably Human, it's my favourite album of his, features Gavin Harrison on drums whom I love... but it had sold out before i knew it was even for sale. And limited to 300 again so resale market likely extortionate. Will try to find it on Discogs but none currentl
  13. It costs $10 for the packaging, plus $28.50 for postage to the UK. Think I'll skip it for the moment - no way am I paying $28.50 to have the sleeve of a vinyl posted to me, without the vinyl, which I will then need to pay an additional $28.50 to get posted when that's released. This is just another example of where Bucket lets himself down - doesn't think of the fans or the consequences of his "marketing", just seems a money spinner. I've religiously bought everything he's ever done (including the new Viggo album) but I am slowly running out of patience unfortunately.
  14. So all we can buy at the moment is the "sleeve" but not the actual vinyl... is that right?
  15. Have expanded my collection this week: - The new Tomahawk album (which is fantastic) - Beat by King Crimson - Standing on the Verge of Getting it On by Funkadelic Also been listening to Porcupine Tree's Octane Twisted live album that I pre-ordered a few months back - it is fantastic, Gavin Harrison is a monster. Only downer is the packaging - the "box" (lid and base type) is maybe 1cm too big for the vinyls so they jiggle around a lot inside which isn't great.
  16. I remember buying that back in the day on double cassette from HMV (or possibly Virgin Megastore) on Newcastle high street. Think I got a voucher from my Grandma for my birthday or something like that.
  17. Very cool video Russ, and I see the subscriber count is slowly creeping up almost at 500. I guess these things take time? Some great choices - was that an EU pressing of CD? And is he named after Zakk Wylde?!
  18. Well. That didnt last long. Worst idea ever.
  19. Great title. He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!
  20. Is there any reliable source for the Mourinho Super League rift rumours?
  21. Worst. Idea. Ever. What's wrong with the status quo?!
  22. That link implies there could be a Chisora v Parker 2. Or do they always do it that way?
  23. Sounded good! Sorry was excellent, ending a bit messy but otherwise very good. Rest of set also very good.
  24. RSD UK has a different list to the USA one I think, although it doesn't look particularly exciting either. The stand outs are a few of the jazz records which look decent (RSD always seem to do jazz well), the Ghosts of Mars soundtrack which has Bucket on it, and maybe that's it. I might be tempted for a few more nearer the time, but first impressions are a step down from last year. Also what annoys me for some reason is the UK release pdf doesn't confirm the release type (exclusive, limited, early etc) or quantity like the USA one does.
  25. Amazing. You could charge an entry fee!
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