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  1. Great emotion! Well done. Excellent vocal power at the outro of the verse.
  2. As much as I absolutely LOVE Bucket, and I genuinely do - I pretty much own everything he's ever done - I hate to say it but I think he needs a new creative outlet. The Pikes are starting to sound very stale. Mix it up a bit. I'd love him to play with real musicians again - a la Praxis or equivalent.
  3. He should properly release that solo album he did that was fully recorded then shelved.
  4. Absolutely views should not be ignored. My key point is that holding a referendum at the moment, on this particular subject, would be incredibly dangerous for multiple reasons (those I mentioned above - in particular the damage to politics and constitutional precedent it sets, and the likely highly dangerous knock-on consequences it would create for Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK), the world needs to take a breath and assess the overall situation, and there's other ways of doing things. There's always a bigger picture, and the problem is in these situations this often gets lost.
  5. What's best to check out next, after Maggot Brain?
  6. Don't disagree at all with the logic. But it sets an appallingly dangerous precedent. There is a fundamental difference between an election, which intentionally happen regularly and take place between political parties and cover topics that can be corrected at future elections if needed to keep the ebb and flow correct (e.g. Donald Trump), and a referendum which is a one-off fundamental long term decision and a cross-party issue. Manifesto pledges are very frequently not met. Just because the flavour of the month happens to disagree with the result of the last referendum shouldn't me
  7. Just spent a small fortune: Pre-ordered the boxset of Porcupine Tree - Octane Twisted which is being released on vinyl for the first time in April. Also ordered both the 1969-72 and 1972-74 King Crimson boxsets. So in total that's around 14 vinyls coming my way soon 🙂
  8. The main issue with a second referendum is the precedent and constitutional issues it creates. Why should one referendum get a second chance at things asking the same question simply because, a few years later, possibly people have changed their minds, but another referendum is fixed for life? That's the issue, regardless of your political views. The whole situation is fucked due to brexit - you can't allow Scotland to have a second referendum on independence while not allowing the UK a second referendum on Brexit. Once the "once in a generation" referendum argument is gone if there was
  9. It seems to me to be just as much based on paranoia as it is protecting an empire. Paranoia of losing control. Which is inevitable for all empires.
  10. Any King Crimson fans on here? Thinking of getting some of their releases but unsure if the recent 40th anniversary Steven Wilson remixes are worth it £20-£25 each) or if I should just go with the cheaper normal mix releases (£17-£18). I'm tempted for the remixes.
  11. My mum was clearing out her attic so she's donated a load of old vinyls to me. No lost masterpieces or first editions worth thousands unfortunately, but not a bad haul. The highlights are: - Best of the Mamas and Papas - Rolled Gold - the best of the Rolling Stones - Beach Boys - Good Vibrations - Paul Simon - Graceland - Arlo Guthrie - Running Down The Road - The Who - Sell Out - The Moody Blues - In Search of the Lost Chord - Wings - At The Speed of Sound - Wings - Venus and Mars Plus some classical stuff, Nat King Cole, Diana Ross, and that
  12. A big fan of Myles since I first heard the first Alter Bridge album. Amazing vocal range.
  13. ACDC have spent 30 years releasing "on brand" material constantly, and touring new albums. The expectations are "more of the same" and they are frequently met / exceeded. The ACDC brand compass never veers away from dead straight. Guns have spent 30 years touring the same old stuff. They've run out of road and dug a hole for themselves. "More of the same" is getting boring, "another Appetite" is likely impossible, reinventing the brand into something else won't work now (potentially this was possible 2000-2004 but they fucked it up), and a knock-off third rate Appetite copycat album will
  14. Just been reading BBC news this morning. Am I right that Mitch McConnel delayed the trial until after Trump's presidency had ended, then voted not to impeach because the presidency had ended, then said he thinks he's guilty? What the hell is going on?!?!
  15. This post reminded me of when I was at uni - we all went into a biker bar, queued up Aqua's "Barbie Girl" about 10 times on the jukebox, sipped our beers quickly then left.
  16. Toon sitting right on target, 17th position. Fanfuckingtastic.
  17. I admittedly know little to nothing about US politics, but looking from the outside in, the impeachment process seems to be the equivalent of criminal court trial where 50% of the jurors are family of the accused and 50% of the jurors are family of the victim, with a 75% majority needed either way. I can't see the point. The system surely must allow for impartial "juror" decisions based on the evidence presented, not for decisions to be made based on the potential consequences of those decisions and / or impartial views regardless of whatever evidence is presented.
  18. It was flights where I got shafted for tickets. But I do have tickets for later in 2021 - to see Studio Ghibli classical orchestra from Japan in August, and Steven Wilson in September. Reckon both of them are touch and go as well. I didn't bother rebooking Guns tickets and got a refund from their 2020 London gig. Lost interest. Only reason I got them in the first place was in the hope of new music, and to see Spurs new stadium.
  19. Spot on. Everyone is just ducking liability at the moment. Even the government situation (which you're right to flag) doesn't always rule the roost - I had some flights booked for 2020, government extended the travel ban beyond the date of the flights so the flights could not legally happen, so I requested a refund, but now the airline is saying I cancelled (as opposed to them cancelling) as I requested a refund prior to the airline cancelling the flight, even though the airline would definitely have had to cancel the flight due to the government travel ban (and in fact sunsequently did so onl
  20. If Bucket is a b-grade musician can someone please recommend to me some a-grade guitarists, as they must be incredible. How many pages of nonsense do we think this thread will hit before new music is actually released?! 😂
  21. I think it depends on contractual situations. I don't think they are deliberately letting people know late. There's a whole chain of contracts in place in these situations (Guns book venue, venue books contractors, contractors sub-contract... and so on) and people are just avoiding liability. If Guns preemtively cancel, before their supplier cancels, Guns could be in breach of contract and be liable, so they need to wait until the chain falls into place.
  22. The expense continues. Just picked up the below: - Steven Wilson - The Future Bites - got the limited edition independent record shop white vinyl version, and the shop I use chucked in some limited edition postcards and a signed 12" poster free of charge! - Steven Wilson - 12 Things I Forgot 12" single. - Flying Colors - Third Stage Live in London - 3 disc orange vinyl boxset. Was at this gig so been meaning to get this for a while. - Nick Johnston - Wide Eyes In The Dark limited red swirl vinyl.
  23. It was the drummers missus. He later said "being in Poison helped me forget I was a musician". 😂 It was not a good fit (although I actually don't mind the one album he did with them).
  24. That would've been cool. But I can't help but put him in the Bucket and Bumble camp - far too prolific, skilled, and classy to put up with Guns. He would have been bored out his mind. Just look at what he said about Poison.
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