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  1. Ahhh, man. As a fan of Sixx: A.M., and James Michael as a vocalist and a fan of the Papa Roach albums he produced, it pains me to these guys do this kind of music and to see them do it terribly. I don't have any issues with rock musicians do EDM-style music. Some can probably do it well like this song that Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda did with some EDM musicians.
  2. Well, Myles drove all the way from Spokane, WA to Orlando, FL to record his next solo album with Elvis. Everyone else in AB resides in the Orlando area. I'm sure they were all thinking on what the heck they are going to do for 2020 since they can't tour and thought listening to their soundboards to compile a live EP and record a new song while Myles is in Orlando is a good approach.
  3. Ehhh, not much of an official update, here's what Myles said about what's going from his end in an interview with Ultimate-Guitar. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/interviews/myles_kennedy_looks_back_on_fans_bashing_him_for_singing_gnr_songs_with_slash_shares_opinion_on_post_malone_singing_nirvana.html
  4. I mean we know how these guys work. There's always going to be another album down the road, especially when COVID halts the touring industry. No point keeping it a secret now that a new album can be currently in the works. Doesn't have to be released now, but it's nice to keep people in the loop on what to expect.
  5. As long as they keep Crunchwrap supremes and stop jacking the price for it and keep it under $4, I'll entertain the idea of going to Taco Bell.
  6. Are you referring to CMFT Must Be Stopped? Yeah......, this one honestly blows (and probably dated from the Nu-Metal days of Drowning Pool and the likes) and I like the stuff he does with Stone Sour. Ironically, if this is the stuff he's going to be releasing solo, CMFT may need to be stopped......
  7. I've been to 25+ shows, last year, all but one of them was by myself. I honestly don't mind it. If worst comes to worst, while waiting to get inside, I try to do what I can to talk to the people around me about stuff if nothing comes out of it, then it's whatever.
  8. As a guy that loves Sixx: A.M. and really loved their last album Prayers for the Blessed, I thought this version was all right, but even with all these well known singers and Slash in the fold, this seems like a case of too many cooks in the kitchen kind of deal so the emotional effects feels a little less here. Maybe a duet with someone like only Corey Taylor or Tommy Vext would have had a better result.
  9. It's interesting to see how it will affect certain big musicians that are also Twitch streamers and whether or not their stream content will get caught by DMCA (even if it is their own music being played). Matt Heafy of Trivium, Herman Li of Dragonforce, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, etc.
  10. Looks like to me, they opened up for Maiden on the Seventh Tour of the Seventh Tour in Canada and the NorthWest parts of the states. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seventh_Tour_of_a_Seventh_Tour
  11. I'll see if when I make my requests and believe it is true, but yep. Starting on May 1st and you got 30 days to make the request. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ticketmaster-to-offer-refunds-for-concerts-postponed-due-to-pandemic/
  12. I believe that was indeed the case. The old terms of service stated that TM will offer refunds if events were cancelled or rescheduled. However, Ticketmaster changed it in light of the pandemic to state only "cancelled." I actually did contact Ticketmaster support a few weeks back to see if I can get a refund for a rescheduled show and they informed me that only shows that are cancelled get the refund. I mean, come on, do this company think that any of the shows that has been rescheduled to later this year will actually happen this year? I get saving their hides and their finances so tha
  13. Gosh, here's my list so far. Prior to like mid-January, I only got tickets to five of these shows (Alter Bridge and Shinedown). All of a sudden, I see Groupon deals for good nosebleed seat tickets on the cheap for like under $40.00 for five of these shows (especially the ones in September) and it padded my list nicely. Alter Bridge with Clint Lowery and Deepfall opening - The Regency Ballroom - San Francisco, CA. February 23rd, 2020. Alter Bridge with Clint Lowery and Deepfall opening - The Wiltern Theater - Los Angeles, CA. February 24th, 2020. Alter Bridge with Clint Lowery and De
  14. Went to Ticketmaster on my lunch break at around noon to check for tickets for their shows at the Forum today. One show didn't have them available and another only had seats in the back of the stage (that was for $100+ without fees factoring in). Don't think I can get a a decent view in the 200 sections of The Forum for like under $65.00 (fees included).
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