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  1. It's not only with Axl, Slash and Fortus had issues there too.
  2. Axl is really a step above the rest of this leg tonight.
  3. Well, the rough starts are getting rougher and rougher, aren't they? And everything being fine is a little less awesome with each year. You are right though, I really thought he was done for good this time and it seems I overreacted. Still, those first few shows sucked on a whole new level.
  4. Lol at Axl actually sounding good right at the time to home. Probably will come back sounding terrible in a few months again.
  5. Kiss is actually lip syncing these days. I'm fine with Axl doing what he is doing, it is serviceable and he is doing his best. The thing that bothers me is why release stuff made by a late 30's Axl for a late 30's Axl? Hard skool is a bitch to sing. Hell, I can see Axl in 92, 93 having some issues with it on bad vocal days. New material is really an opportunity for Axl to come up with music that play into his strenghts (and he still can perform quite well when he sticks to those). Instead he releases a screamfest from 99.
  6. Which makes it even more bizarre that they didn't play it.
  7. It has nothing to do with vocals I think. Axl is having a really good night vocally, he could pull it off. It's just typical GNR disfunctional behaviour.
  8. For what we have come to expect post 2016 Axl is fuckin on tonight. All around decent with some beastly moments.
  9. This time he is really going out of the way to avoid the rasp and as you put, embracing the clean voice. Even the screams are clean. As awesome as it is, the rasp does wreck his voice and using it as much as he did in 2016 did him in. Is not as big a step down as the one between 2010 and 2011. I thought he sounded quite passable on the past 2 or 3 shows. Not great but a lot of 59 year old dudes doing worse these days. His performances are also really intense and there are a lot hints of classic axl in the way he's been movimg and running around on stage. Not much more you can ask from the guy at this point. Except for more new music, of course.
  10. Of course there are reasonable concerns over the vaccines. In fact, there are reasonable concerns over the use of advil or paracetamol. There are reasonable concerns over the comsumption of alcohol. The main thing here is that the benefits at this point when it comes to covid vaccines outweight the potential risks by so much that there shouldn't be a debate. In Brazil for instance, around 97% of deaths right now are in unvaccinated people. This seems to be a trend in most places where vaccination is underway. Covid is not mild respiratory disease. The death rate of 1% thrown around here is a rough estimate. Covid has death rates that vary from less than 1% to upwards of 8% depending on the dominant variant, population age, each countries response to it and, wait for it... availability of vaccines. The disease is evolving and adapting to us, becoming more transmissible yet, apparently, more dangerous, with higher viral loads. At this point it could conceivably evolve into deadlier and deadlier strains, rendering current treatments and vaccines useless - there are some scientists in England that actually predict this is happening. Even if the death toll remains at 1%, the impact of the ongoing pandemic is catastrophic, it's weight on health systems and economic consequences becoming a burden for generations. As I said before, I don't think anybody here wants to go out of their way to attack and insult other members. At the same time it is really hard to supress how I feel on this matter. There isn't a single rational argument that justifies refusing vaccines at this point. Sweden gets thrown around. It's a failure, a deathzone when compared to it's neighbours and a country that has disgraceful numbers for it's hdi and social and economic standing. Vaccines are proven to immensely help in death prevention ate every single country they have been deployed so far. I understand that nobody should be objectively forced to inject a substance in their bodies against the will, but restrictions are the way forward. I hate to say this but I hope they get severe to the point where the only place antivaxxers can linger are antivaxxers homes. Wanting to remain unvaccinated and go to events like huge rock concerts is absolutely selfish and insane.
  11. Axl's voice coming back a bit. Nightrain is noticeably better than the old one lol. I mean the previous renditions in this leg.
  12. Every single argument against vaccines in this thread is based on lies and misinformation or wrongful manipulation of data presented in a dishonest or superficial manner. Comparing pre-vaccine infection rates with current infection rates is ludicrous. We ended last year on severe lockdowns. Of all people, those at a GNR forum should recognize that the US and the world opened up. We are discussing packed concerts in stadiums, after all. Still, if one is to compare infection rates, it is dishonest or stupid to do so without also comparing death rates. While vaccines are partially effective in preventing infection, their main goal is to prevent serious ilness and death. The fact that deaths are not rising at the same rate that cases corroborate the hundreds of studies available and fully published that already showed that most of our current vaccines are effective against serious ilness and deaths, even with the delta variant. Absolutely nothing is being hidden from anybody. Everything is out in the open. Vaccines were very effective at preventing infection, but covid mutated, there are new variants, delta and possibily lambda. It's widely accepted and admitted by the scientific community and governements that this effectiveness is severely reduced against new variants. Still, studies and analysis of countries where vaccination is advanced show that, thankfully, effectiveness against serious disease and death are holding up. SO FAR. I say "so far" because unlike what most people seem to think, vaccines are not an individual line of defense, they are a collective line of defense. A large % of vaccinated people makes it really hard for the virus to evolve and mutate. Unvaccinated people, on the other hand, are a fucking playground for mutation. The more of you antivaxxers are out there, the greater that chance of covid evolving into a variant that indeed renders current vaccines and treatments useless. Scientists have been warning us about it. It will happen. By refusing the vaccine and advocating against it you are helping the virus fight humanity. You are jeopardizing our fight as a species against a virus that is adapting and has killed millions of people. Not thousands, or hundreds of thousands, but millions. The new strains are more agressive and more dangerous. Humanity has no other answer, as of now, except the vaccines. They are our best shot. So in my book, and I'm sure that a lot of others here agree but are to polite too say it, this makes you - any person who refuses the vaccine or has taken upon themselves to fight the vaccines - a fucking idiot. Your ignorance kills people. Please, try to inform yourself about what's is truly at stake here. If you refuse to do so and insist on replying to well informed posts with multiple scientific sources with lies and memes, than suit yourself, but don't complain afterwards about the kind of replies you will get. Most of us non-idiots can't do anything to hold you accountable for your irresponsible, death causing behaviour - yet, at least. But we reserve the right to treat fucking idiots for what they are.
  13. Science might be able to beat covid, but the real fight is the one against ignorance, stupidity and disinformation.
  14. Still, what is exactly the point? Playing russian roulette with a six shooter is also not deadly. Only one in six will end up shooting themselves, and not all of them will die, some of them will be saved with medical care. So it will only sometimes, for some people, be deadly. Still, if millions of people decide to play russian roulette daily, the death toll and serious physical injury toll will be catastrophic.
  15. Americans have been so fortunate to have two of the most effective vaccines massively deployed very fast, and yet sheer idiocy is jeopardizing the country's (and, to an extent, humanity's) only known response to the pandemic. It is hard to watch. A private event requesting proof of vaccination being treated as some sort of massive personal violation, people taling about presenting fake proof of vaccination, torturing numbers to deny the correlation between vaccines and a drastic reduction in the death/cases ratio. Just good, old fashioned, pure idiocy, paid for in deaths, by the thousands, every day.
  16. But the rough is getting rougher, and the fine is getting less fine each year. Today's fine was 2016's rough.
  17. It's true that you don't notice quite as much in person, I was skeptical in the past but I've been there. Still, it doesn't make it a good performance by any means. The show and a few beers are still a fantastic way to spend an evening, but I still wish Axl would have a bit more in the tank.
  18. Good that everybody had a blast. Axl does look to be in great shape and very excited do perform. Sadly, from what I heard, he is still struggling a lot with his voice. Better than Hershey, but still pretty attrocious.
  19. Yeah, I actually agree with you on a lot this. I'm firmly against the notion that Axl is lazy or not passionate about his performance. The nature of what Axl does is not something you get out of bed and do, regardless of talent. I'm absolutely, 150% sure that he has put astonishing amounts of work on building, developing and maintaning his voice, and his performances are quite intense still, he puts a lot into it. The shows are very fun. Still, Axl has been having severe vocal issues for a while. I encourage you to go and listen to the last few renditions of Nightrain. There are severe issues everywhere, it doesn't sound good, and that's the case for a lot of the classic songs. Sure, they are great when youy are having a beer, at the venue, seeing them live, but you will never be able to play a live version of a GNR song from a post 2016 show at a friends gathering or a barbecue. People will force you to change the track, unless they are true fans, familiar with Axl's struggles in the past few years and willing to put up. I used to shit on Axl a lot, but I don't do it anymore, having a bit more knowledge due to personal experience what goes into developing and maintaining one's voice. Not going to turn this into another voice discussion (I admit I'm a bit too interested on the subject). I hope that Absurd kicks off the release of more material, and material that fits old Axl's voice better. Hope that people who attend whoes have a blast too.
  20. I think their performance is fine, even Axl's, in terms of how much work goes into it, the intensity etc. There are two issues with the band, imo. First is obviously the lack of material, which hopefully will change from now on, and hopefully with material of a less absurd variety. Second is the state of Axl's voice. His voice no longer suits a very big part of the loved GNR material. I'm all for fans going to the shows and having a great time, I'm sure that attending a GNR show is still a lot fun, but anyone who listens to yesterdays performances and thinks they sound great has a hearing problem. Axl is desperately struggling out there vocally.
  21. So I have those friends who are GNR fans. Not to the extent we are, but fans nonetheless, people that listen to GNR whenever we get together for a beer, went to the 2016 reunion shows with etc. They are familiar with Chinese Democracy and all of them are into deep cuts from AFD and UYI. Proper fans. Anyway, I showed them "Absurd" yesterday, and it's not that they hated it, they simply couldn't react to it. They just looked confused, then played it again a couple of times. Just this weird, confused, WTF is this reaction. As much as I don't like the song, a part of time actually thinks it's kind of cool that GNR can provoke a reaction such as this. Sure, GNR could release a bunch of canned rockers, throw in a ballad or two, do what AC/DC has been doing, but stuff like this will, at the very least, get people to talk about. I don't think that's intentional, but who knows. I listened to yesterday's show and Nightrain shows clearly that Axl's voice is completely gone at this point. It's an unprecedented amount of struggle in every part of the song. "Absurd" fits rightly into his strong zone, which makes it a perfect song to go for if his voice does not return. He actually sounds quite powerful at those "absurd!" screams
  22. Axl is done vocally, to be honest. I was listening to some renditions of better from 2018 yesterday and things are so much worse now than they were back then (and consider they weren't great by any means). As I've been saying, Axl's voice is damaged, the best way to find some enjoyment in GNR is to make peace with the fact that there won't be another vocal ressurgence for Axl. Hopefully he finds a way to use his regular voice more in songs.
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