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  1. Not for like two years. I never really knew how to play anyways. I just dicked around a little. I wouldn't be able to teach anyone anything. I could read music when I was like 10 but I don't remember any more. I fuck around on keys a little.

    What about history? You just tell them to read the textbooks, right? I mean isn't that basically it? Throw a documentary on every now and then. That's basically all I recall about history.

    Where do I sign up? Is college necessary? Will they check? If I can just get an interview I could convince them to hire me. Do I stand a chance?

    Edit: Fuck this.

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  2. Lol I just watched the video. Bahahaha.

    It seems like this guy is mainly suffering from guilt about having an orgasm. Probably raised super religious or something.

    Dude just fucking relax man. He's like those annoying loud guys in porn. Calm the fuck down. I hope he was just playing it up for the camera. Getting on the ground like that...lol fucking chill.

  3. I've kind of been considering doing stuff I never saw myself doing lately like parenting and teaching kids.

    I think it could be cool. I would get a nice speaker system set up in my room and hook up Spotify/import my library.

    I dropped out in the 11th grade. How do you get a job as a teacher? I'll just teach art. That's not hard right? You just show up with some clay or something?

    I can't deal with gross little kids. Though highschoolers seem intimidating. Middle school seems like the best option.

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  4. The biggest tragedy in rock music is Randy Rhoads's death. Dude was a genius.

    Beyond that I wouldn't say anything else was a tragedy. I mean there were personal tragedy's but as far as the genre goes, no not really.

    Perhaps the biggest tragedy is that people still think their favorite 70s/80s band is relevant and that that type of music will once again take over the world. It won't. It just fucking won't. I'm sorry. Bands try to sound like "classic rock" and it always comes off as terribly cheesy and dated. It's dead and it isn't coming back. Ever.

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  5. As someone who listens to music ranging from the 40s till present day, I honestly think that there is a greater output of good music now then ever. It's just not on the charts. But it's easily accessible.

    You can just fucking do anything these days and put it up on Soundcloud. It doesn't have to make any sense. It doesn't have to make money. You can just sign to an indie label or no label at all and do whatever the fuck you want. And that opens doors for real musicians who are passionate about what they do that were never available to them in previous decades.

    This is a great era for musicians. When you push big labels aside so many opportunities open up.

  6. Last I checked Trent and Atticus have won Golden Globes, Academy Awards and received critical acclaim for their soundtrack work, but I guess since some attention whore on the internet (who can't even figure out this isn't rock music) thinks otherwise it must be so.

    Take your dumb "hipster" and "haircut rock" comments elsewhere. This thread is for people interested in real music. You've got two active Motley Crue threads to be a jerkoff in.

  7. screen-shot-2014-09-22-at-1-43-19-pm.png

    The album will be released digitally on September 30th with an LP release at a later date.

    Preview: http://www.nin.com/


    1. What Have We Done To Each Other?

    2. Sugar Storm

    3. Empty Places

    4. With Suspicion

    5. Just Like You

    6. Appearances

    7. Clue One

    8. Clue Two

    9. Background Noise

    10. Procedural

    11. Something Disposable

    12. Like Home

    13. Empty Places (Reprise)

    14. The Way He Looks At Me

    15. Technically, Missing

    16. Secrets

    17. Perpetual

    18. Strange Activities

    19. Still Gone

    20. A Reflection

    21. Consummation

    22. Sugar Storm (Reprise)

    23. What Will We Do?

    24. At Risk

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  8. The only time I ever felt guilty about music I listened to was playing Live Era in a car ride with my family recently after not listening to GNR for a while.

    I didn't remember the lyrics being so misogynistic, racist and trashy. I cringed so many times. Axl screaming "LITTLE BITCH!" during My Michelle comes to mind.

  9. This multicam edit of the debut performance of All the Love in the World from last year is amazing. Robin is awesome on backing vocals here but really the whole band was on fire. Ilan is just killing it on the drums and Lisa and Sharlotte's vocals are awesome.

    3:28 onwards is just pure bliss. This was the greatest lineup NIN ever had and my personal favorite lineup of any band.

    Never really been a fan of NIN, liked some songs but in general naah. But I watched a live show of theirs on TV the other night and it was really really good! Good energy, great band, songs I never heard before but liked a lot of them right away... And as for Robin, he was superb! Superb playing, fits NIN perfectly and great backin vocals as well. Good stuff, gotta catch em live.

    Cool man, I'm guessing you saw the Austin City Limits special right?

    They just wrapped up this latest cycle of touring last month and Reznor was making tons of comments about it being the last time they toured for a while. At one of the shows I attended he even suggested they may not be coming back. But he's made comments like this before. I mean they even had a farewell tour in 2009 but that obviously didn't last. So I'm sure he'll be back at some point.

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