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  1. Just rehearsals, Slash confirmed that in his guitar.com interview.
  2. I'm not even surprised, GNR's capacity of managing a social network died in 2014. Any fanpage can do it 10 times better.
  3. For a 19 year old kid back in the moment, my trip to Las Vegas 2016 was/is the highlight of my life. I'm not event sure how much I spend that time but I regret nothing!
  4. This is what a normal band would do, but GN'R is managed by an ex-maid and his son. God is so weird to write that
  5. Man they had Duff McKagan. The guy created the most awesome bass line in the top 1 debut album in history. That should be enough and I'm not even talking about the other 4...
  6. You're part of the band's management and you're literally pushing away a fan that gives you a shitload of money by travelling around the globe just to see her favorite band. My god...
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