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  1. We asked for new songs and setlist rotation and they delivered, plain and simple. Cheers to the band for that!
  2. Absurd def caught us all by surprise, HS was everybody's first choice as an eventual first single
  3. They literally went through social media and forums to read comments about Village Sessions, figured out that Hardschool had a really good feedback and decided to go into the studio. 2021 folks, every thing can happen from now on.
  4. They have to speed up the tempo a little bit in some songs like Jungle for the Southamerican Tour, we like to pogo on that song!
  5. https://www.facebook.com/paul.kunkel.566/videos/1198859827248400/
  6. Yesterday, Slash posted a photo of his guitars where we can see the actual tracklist of SMKC 4 (even written in the top of the page). "You're a Lie" is there so we can start thinking they're rehearsing a setlist?
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