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  1. His AC/DC stint was IMO the best he’s ever sounded at points.
  2. a few posts late but a verbal contract is still a contract!!! legalese comes later.
  3. I would suck off a crack toking hobo for 2017 Ottawa (got to see em on my birthday) and you dont even KNOW what i would do to even greasier people for Toronto or Houston 2016. No offense to those who went but why salt lake city w limited angles and a fairly dead crowd as the first clip!? The subsequent donnington clips put those to shame so hard despite Axls weaker vox
  4. For a band ‘brave’ enough to put that COVID shirt up for sale, Del James just posted that he stands in solidarity with his bros construction co. That defended a Gucci store against looters. Does anybody give an actual fuck about how much $$ Gucci is losing? Its pennies. They sell 5 dollars of fabric for thousands.
  5. i think its an addicts brain/ADHD kinda thing lmao his nickname even comes from it, I think he is a natural born improviser and plays everything to sound good to his ears and keep himself interested in his own playing rather than play anything note for note (Axl seems to be the note for note consistency kinda guy nowadays which sucks cause his voice has changed) .
  6. nightrain was written in a few minutes. november rain took years. im a nightrain kinda guy.
  7. Lmao so just say a member of the general public looks up a GnR video and hears Axl butchering songs and decide to comment that it sounds bad, that makes them a troll? Like i have never listened to puddle of mudd but i commented that their Nirvana cover was a disgrace. Am i a troll for giving my opinion?
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