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  1. AC/DC is NOT easy to sing, especially the BiB standard tuning stuff for a bass like Axl. He gave 110% and it's why his voice cracks nowadays.
  2. Ive been workin on the 90s/UYI style vocals and would love to collab on a gnr cover w somebody here!
  3. I'm just going off modern release schedules for big rock albums. single, another single shortly after, then a single to accompany an album. Guns has basically been following the Album/tour cycle that Slash does, but without the Album! the release of these singles is very very structured to the release of an album nowadays. just wishful critical thinking
  4. Watched some clips and am bummed they couldnt come to Toronto this go around. Hopefully next time! (Or ill go see them in occupied europe)
  5. He’s straining/yelling through his throat to achieve that rasp, songs like its so easy/absurd however, he’s projecting from his diaphragm and not distorting his voice with his throat.
  6. That technique he uses at that part is what ruins vocal cords.
  7. That doesn’t sound like wanna be your dog to me!! Also, richard, jesus wore sandals and look what happened to him
  8. The mix sounds awesome, CD meets the hard hitting nature of new Slash stuff! Song grew on me since I heard the 2001 version and the demo!! Even if you don’t like it, They’re back making shit in the studio, lets hope they follow this up with something else ASAP!!!
  9. This has gotta be the best SCOM proshot ive heard by modern axl and fuck its awful 😂
  10. I showed that Yesterdays video to my non gnr fan musician group chat and the responses were that Axl sounds awful and Slash sounds sloppy
  11. His AC/DC stint was IMO the best he’s ever sounded at points.
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