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  1. I recall a youtube video that isolated it. I am sure it is long gone these days.
  2. Does anyone have a list of all of the GNR or Axl related TV performances? I know of VMA Jungle, , Live and Let Die, November Rain, Nu GNR Medley Your Crazy / Used to Love Her MTV New Years YCBM and Don’t Cry Patience Farm Aid Down on the Farm / Civil War Miami Sweet Child Axl with Tom Petty Axl with Springsteen Any others I am missing? Hall of Fame
  3. Apparently you haven’t heard of “Rock the Rock” 😉
  4. I think the moments he is using his rasp show he will sound awesome on studio recordings.
  5. I just don’t understand why Axl would have them use a relatively bad performance when they could have picked many other songs that sounded better vocally. And if a song will be used on a tv telecast, bring it that performance. I believe he could bring it at anytime but not for 3 hours straight at shows. As far as those of you that say he should retire, you should retire as a fan of the band. I am enjoying every minute.
  6. I would guess that “The General” will make the cut. Curious if they went back and checked out their abandoned sessions from the mid 90s.
  7. 1. Deadhorse 2. Garden of Eden 3. Shadow of Your Love 4. Zodiac 5. Shotgun Blues 6. Atlas Shrugged 7. Don’t Cry (Alt Lyrics) 8. Rock the Rock 9. Coma 10. Oklahoma 11. Yesterdays 12. Hard School 13. Locomotive 14. Estranged 15. Anastasia (Axl and Myles together, Axl has some different lyrics) 16. Shakler’s Revenge 17. Madagascar 18. Monkey Business (w/ Baz) 19. Right Next Door To Hell 20. Appetite Medley then all of Paradise City
  8. I love their content. My main issue is the negativity lately and talking about this forum in a smartass tone. It starts to feel like Sid now hates GNR but keeps making vids anyway,
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