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  1. Sweet Child O' Myeeeyiiillles oohhh yeah But yeah it's not to bad. Need a few more spins...
  2. I watched that performance from the MTV rewards on repeat lol
  3. I don't think this necessarily means we aren't getting a full album soon. You never know with these guys. Just happy we have a couple "new" songs to listen to. We have to give the band credit, they are actually officially releasing songs, the band kicking ass live, I am enjoying every moment. Picked up the cd single but the tape and vinyl are tempting as well.
  4. I think they redid Better I haven't heard anyone talking about the reworked version they play live
  5. Those designs are atrocious. The hat and mug are ok haha
  6. I was an 11 year old kid when the Illusions were released and I had heard KOHD from Ritz on MTV along with it from the Days of Thunder soundtrack and we had Civil War from the benefit tape. I heard Bad Apples on the radio leaked months before the records came out. I was so hyped for both albums as I had been a fan since Appetite. I remember my brother went with a friend and got UYI II the first night it was released on tape and he let me listen to it. I loved it. I remember loving YCBM from Terminator 2 and it was the jam that summer on the radio. I finally got UYI I for my birthday a few days later and thought it was fantastic. I still give the edge to UYI Ii as it has my favorite all time song Estranged. I think the Illusions represent my favorite thing about Guns. Their ability to adapt and play many different songs and styles. While I of course really like Appetite, these are the masterpieces of the GNR catalog for me. Such epic albums. Really something special. Awesome to celebrate their anniversary but how has it been 30 years?!
  7. They start playing PC and Axl says fuck this shit and they bust out Perfect Crime and Axl sings it like Indiana 91 lol
  8. He has done that for like 30 years. lol He can flip his hat if he wants.
  9. I would like a mix. Proper versions of State, Perhaps, Atlas, General, Hard Skool, and I really need to hear the vocals for Zodiac. That song is a banger. Perfect scenario for me is a double disc. One the tunes from the Chinese Sessions finished, and an album of new compositions since Slash n Duff rejoined. Hey, one can dream…right? lol
  10. Really impressed with Mammoth. Wish I was there tonight!
  11. And of course you have a right to that opinion but art is completely subjective. If this is all that gets released then Absurd was a bad choice but maybe I am nuts, I feel like this is just the beginning.
  12. What if Axl is just happy he finally has Slash and Duff back and finally thinks these songs sound like what he envisioned in his head? I feel like that is a real possibility.
  13. I do not understand the mentality of thinking what was leaked on the Village Sessions is all there is just because YOU heard it. It doesn't mean he hasn't been working on material since. Also people seem to always forget how long gnr classics like November Rain, YCBM, Don't Cry, Back off Bitch, etc sat around before getting released. And yeah there is no pleasing you all. They finally release music and this place is toxic as ever. lol I honestly don't think Axl gives a fuck if you like Absurd or not he and GNR are gonna release what they want to. You are not in control so sit back and enjoy the ride. Enjoy the fact that our favorite band is putting out music again and is still actively touring.
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