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  1. 59 minutes ago, Evan442 said:

    I like GnR’s music a lot more than a Crue (although they don’t really have that much material) but I think Motley’s story is way more interesting than Guns.   ALOT more interesting

    Axl finished in a coma for valium overdose

    Slash died in an elevator

    Duff hve his pancreas exploded

    Steven was a real mess and you can see it know

    I think they have an interesting story to tell.. but for me it never gonna happen.. too many points of view

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  2. i think that if it ends with the breakup of the band someone will be hurted.. everyone blamed Axl.. do u think Axl will allow that? or the story of the contract for the name of the band and not playing unless they sign it.. i don't think we will ever have this movie unless it has nothing to do with the band.. like an unnofficial movie

    Truth is the truth hurts don't you agree?

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  3. 8 hours ago, nycgunner said:

    Only two shows? Surely must be more, no?  I haven’t seen anything but one would think he’d announce all the shows at once. 

    Maybe he wants to test how it goes... if it goes well he add more shows.. idk :shrugs:

  4. 7 minutes ago, DieselDaisy said:

    New album equates a proper new album, i.e., not shite covers albums and fake live albums. Then, under those circumstances, I accept the bet and look forward to receiving my GN'R cheese.

    A "fake" re-recorded live album would be better than a "real" live album..Axl's voice would be better in a studio (confrmed with "Rock The Rock")..we don't want Rocket Queen or you Could Be Mine with the NITL voice..

  5. About releasing something new, they don’t owe us anything, treated with some respect and etc..

    I think that we're the problem..

    I believe that we as fans have the power to change things.. if they continue doing the same setlist for years and years, and we we complain but still continue making sold out shows/filling stadiums they'll probably continue doing the same indefinitely..easy money.. But..if they have problems filling stadiums and start loosing our support they probably change their strategy and do something about it..or they disappear..

    It's my thought..maybe i'm wrong

  6. 9 minutes ago, Gnrcane said:

    The key word he used to keep the excitement down is "hopefully."  I fully believe that the instrumentalists have recorded stuff and that they will record more stuff after Slash's tour.  That part of his answer was pretty specific.  However, using the word "hopefully" when talking about releasing an album and touring it means that it comes down to what it always does.  Will Axl record vocals and not spend 57 years tweaking the recordings?  Basically, Fortus is doing the same thing we are.  Hoping that Axl will do vocals and actually release something so that Fortus can have gigs to perform since it also seems from other member's comments that any future touring is likely tied to a new album and that they aren't going to do another NITL under a different name.


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