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  1. we all know what to expect from gnr. it will never change.. take it or leave it
  2. fuck the haters if you dont like it just don't listen to it and don't throw shit to whatever the band do.. old vocals, bad mix, ya yaya should be louder, guitar no soul, duff vocal should be up, demo was better, etc etc ... why don't you just fuck off man.. we shouldn't have heard the leaks in first place. If they realease something new with vocals we've never heared before but were recorded in 2000 you wouldnt be crying
  3. Also send it to a musican friend whoi has a Rolling Stones Cover band ( link to band video) and he absolutely loved the track.. he said "this is what gnr sounds like"
  4. i send it to a casual GNR listener and he loved it.. bass, riff, axls's voice.. he still thinks that is all new.. if i've never listened to the leak i would be exactly as happy as he is.
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