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  1. In the last shows gnr had various artist, who created the "artworck" for the shows picking things from each city or country for the desing. i know has been artworck in the past time so who is your favorite one?
  2. omg people so much hate, i see the videos with some good weed and enjoy it a lot!! and i see them like 5 times live, yeah of course the guys are old, so what? they r pretty awesome!! big fan, big tired of the eternal touring, but also they r my favorite band ever, and i know i get so extricted some time becouse i see their videos so many times that i become bitchy, so i let myself relax smoke one and enjoy the fucking show and if i want a good old rasp just see the saskatom concert or rio 91 btw i have problem to find locomotive, where is it?
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