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  1. they could release a video like the Del tw one, with the oficial song like the wttj video
  2. they could play the song and release the video lke the its so easy, would be a legendary move and a smart onw since the vocal range of axl can do justice to this one
  3. that was made up i mean why axl would be caught by the paparazis like that, and then they ask him about reunion? instead of dating lana? and the he said "not in this lifetime" and that was the reunion tour name, i mean lana del rey by his side to make more publicity, very good btw
  4. i always wonder if the band would still going after the 93 skin n bones tour, what song they would played from spaghetti ain t fun would have legendary
  5. i was listening to this song and there is a official video btw i think is a very unique cover, axl use a voice so punk and clean he could use this song nowdays for his actual voice, would fit like a glove the video was made it from the director of the "perfect crime" documentary pretty sick footage
  6. eye on yo is suck an epic one i really don t get why people are not impresed about that song
  7. yes don t get me wrong, in terms of music i think the attention goes elsewere like streaming, youtube, songs in movies, just watch the trailer for the new batman one, "something in the way" goes viral those days and happend to be a deep cut nirvana song, a rock club is not a indicator of "mainstream" could be a thing for the rock clubs from you town and maybe idk in... TOLEDO they play locomotive twice a day who knows
  8. nobody give a shit about those rock club´s either
  9. i don t really think he can do that now, he seems really struggling
  10. but GOT is a bigger band right know, they don t even touring this year and have taht lvl of publicity, i really hope they release a new album
  11. you r right! is a fanmade tho, take it from readit
  12. "Hey, take that! Take that! Now, get that guy and take that! I’ll take it Goddamn it!”

  13. this is faaaaar better than the lottery one
  14. i really thing axl should take a break to train his voice after he lose credibility
  15. not dude, you r dreaming! just look the OTGM or TWAT from the selects, wttj from 2016 was badass shadow too, COMA was raspy as hell and the range and estructure of his voice was stronger.
  16. i was watching some AXL/DC videos and what the fuck dude, was some kind of 92 axl there full range and rasp, i really can t understand why in guns he doesnt sing like that, i mean 2016 standard was good but that was EPIC i mean was axl from the 90s kinda deal look from 2:41 adn 3:11 is the 90s axl right there after the 2013 or 2014 who would say that was even posssible in terms of his voice?? i cant really undestand what is going on
  17. thats the worts band t-shirt in the history of band t-shirts...maybe ever
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