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  1. Yes you may be right. It makes sense with ACDC they had the album ready to go by 2019 and then pandemic hit and ruined their original release plans and tour. When you have a full album ready the ISRC codes are in correlation, as they are probably registered at the same time. With GNR Abusrd and Hard Skool were probably not registered digitally the same day thats why there is a gap, thats what I was trying to explain, in any case I hope the album comes out sooner rather than later!
  2. 1. Im referring to my own experience doing this uploads and to the ISRC codes, and yes they are assigned to a digital track each time you send one to distribution. You can tell your distributor you want the track to be released in two weeks or 4 months, its up to the artist to decide (or label). 2. I mean that if artist X release a single called "absurd" lets say october it will get its ISRC code, and if the same artist then sends to distribution a full album that has 10 tracks and 1 of them is "absurd" the other 9 tracks will recieve fresh new ISRC codes and the single "absurd" will use the same ISRC code it got when it was release first as a single that way the track can keep its streams and stats. 3. I cant explain them for sure, I suppose other artists send their digital releases in between yours and get assigned other numbers maybe? Hope this helps, im rooting for a new album BTW!
  3. I work with bands and I upload their tracks to the digital platforms. The reason the ISRC number from Absurd to Hard Skool has a gap is because they where uploaded at diferent dates to the digital distributor. From experiencia when I uploaded a complete album all the tracks correlate one after the other, if for example that album had a single that was uploaded months prior it will use that original ISRC. Im hopefull a new album will come out next year but this ISRC conspiracy is BS, sorry
  4. Axl on fire on PC! This puts to rest theories about his voice. Bring a new album motherfuckers!
  5. I like Hard Skool, im happy it has been oficially released. Listening to Slash in a new GNR tune is awesome! I have no beef with Axl releasing the best songs from the CD era with Slash and Duff as they bring the GNR sound I love. I would like to forget the 2001-2014 period really, it mostly sucked! I hope they release CD tracks live with Slash and Duff (Sorry, Madagascar, TWAT, CD, Better). After this a proper new record would be awesome but im not sure it will happen. Oh and Absurd is ok, I was baffled as to why they released it first but whatever. Keep the tracks coming with 99 Axl vocals or not!
  6. Yup perfect for a friday announcement for the studio release!
  7. We have two fridays to go for HS to be released (either this one or next week!) before the tour ends.
  8. If the fan backstage and tik tok videos and stories on IG are part of a "buzz" then it makes sense for them to release the single at the end of the tour and promotite afterwards. We have 6 shows to go, lets wait and see!
  9. Combining them to 1 album doesnt work, im fine with both of them. I love almost 95% of it anyway. Only reason I would accept a single album would be if the rest of the tracks got release 3 or 4 years later with a bunch of new shit too!
  10. Well she did meet Axl, there are photos. Hopefully "soon" is the word.
  11. Anyone thinks they will shake the setlist a bit on the back to back shows this weekend on Atlantic City?? Atleast different encores in each show?
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