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  1. yup thats why bands release new music from a business stand point it makes sense, most of them play 2 o 3 songs max in their setlist, its still greatest hits + 3 new songs and all the marketing that the new album brings.
  2. Releasing a new album gives the band a breathe of fresh air by a marketing stand point too. Casuals get excited with a band they like (even if its 2 o 3 hits) when they see they are trending. The band charts, the band releases singles and new videos, the band does press, they re brand the tour with catchy new names and new tech or whatever. Even social media and spotifys algorithm get excited and recommend the band more, etc. Its important to release new shit even if your a mammoth millionaire band, dont matter if they play 2 new songs on the tour, its still new. (Yes im aware GNR probably won
  3. I agree the setlists are good and they play basically everything they need to play. However I think they should rotate more songs and especially change the order... change the opening song from time to time... move up and down different songs in the setlist, etc it would be more exciting i think and look less robotic.
  4. Perfect Crime Documentary boxset with additional discs of full shows like Inglewood 4 hour show from 1991 and one rare skin n bones tour from 1993 maybe milton keynes which had Izzy and Ronnie Wood! a 4rth discs could be extras like making fn videos and maybe some tracks from the UYI south american tour in 1992 which was wild and insane!
  5. March 2015 and Slash was in Lima, Peru
  6. If you guys dig a mix of 70s and 90s rock n roll you might give this band a try! Combi+Nation album (2008) Absenta album (2012) Musica de Emergencia (2020) spanish lyrics but great music
  7. Hahaha yes, i actually work in the music business i manage a couple of bands so I understand the musician lingo so to speak. Cheers!
  8. Yup you are correct, getting all the demos ready for entering studio to record. Setting all the tempos, changes, etc for each song.
  9. why the fuck is fortus volume so loud?? his tone sucks!
  10. The reunion was certainly a thing in july 2015, I was told this by someone who works for Live Nation in mid 2015, I didnt believe it to be true and thought some promoter was blowing smoke. DJ Ashba knew Slash was coming back for sure.
  11. they dont have to drop a full album this year with a good single and video im happy plus a NITL blu ray. They can wait for the full album next year if they so want to tour it.
  12. Maybe he wanted to get Matt off his back, both Duff and Slash knew dealing with Sorum was gonna be a pain in the ass regarding his none inclusion on it as we can tell by reading the book.
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