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  1. You can really tell Axl was in peak vocal conditioning for AC DC and once Brian rejoined he really let his vocal shape go the difference from 2016 to 2018 is very obvious
  2. That Coma was awesome for current Axl not gonna lie. I wish they fucking mixed it better tho. Shit Mix.
  3. I wonder if we will ever get a Slash / Duff version of CD. It would be cool if Izzy came back to write even if he didn't tour. This should be the time with COVID for them to be in the studio.
  4. I re read that sentence with crazy and drugs. . What I should have said was Brians mental health was declining and his use of drugs was increasing. Hey I'm pretty new to the world of Brian Wilson so I'm sorry If I'm off... I think there are some parallels though.
  5. So I've always been into Guns but until Recently I haven't much gotten into the Beach Boys beyond the hits. Their first few hits the Beach Boys took Chuck Berry riffs and layered Freshman style vocal harmonies over them for some quick straight forward rock and roll. But soon Brian Wilson... the main song writer quit touring so he could work with session musicians to expand their sound. He hired the best session musicians and spent all day in the studio recording and re recording what would become Pet Sounds. When the band came back from tour they, mainly Mike Love, told Brian that it wasn
  6. I'd rather hear nothing from Axl than to have him make some cringeworthy video like madonna did.
  7. Is this worth it? I'd be interested on the guitar renditions. they do of chinese democracy.
  8. I'm good with alternate leaks plus or minus a couple dbs. LOL. I could imagine a phone call asking Axl to go to the studio so they could mix and him saying, nah, could you just bring me versions of a million different mixes so I can listen to them at home? But there are still some unreleased tracks with vox out there.
  9. STILL better than Myles Kennedy Or Bridgeschool Axl Do you have a link to what Evader did on youtube for the general?
  10. Izzy's Writing and Rhythm, Slash's Lead, Adler's unique Drumming, Duff's Bassline's, Axl's Voice and being so Hungry they had no choice but to put their all into making the best fucking music they could. The way Izzy and Slash complemented Each other on Rhythm was also very special. The best Track on UYI is the one Adler played on... Civil War. Once they got money it alll started to fall apart slowly. The music they wrote for UYI while writing for Appetite was the best. They lost the pieces one by one. When Izzy was no longer there to write, there was nowhere to go, except the Chinese
  11. WTTJ. I was about 6 years old and was watching that movie where Morgan Freeman was a principal that came out in 1989. Lean on Me. It was where they showed how run down the ghetto high school was. I couldn't believe the sounds my ears were hearing and thought, oh my god this is so bad ass! It was orgasmic. I was really into Elvis, the Righteous Brothers and Jerry Lee Lewis before that, as well as the Grease Soundtrack. I watched the credits to see who the band was which sang about a jungle... and sure enough it was Guns N' Roses! The next day I begged my dad to take me to the mall which h
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