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  1. The only project regarding GNR that I'm interested in. Who the fuck cares about new music from three 50+ year old burn-out's who clearly don't care about their early years magic, yet somehow refuse to move forward like some headless chicken. Ultimately who cares, we've all grown up and the material to experience the magic of AFD5 is still out there. Never enough, I know, but at least there is something. But when you have someone like Marc who is genuinely working his ass off to exhume this 30+ y.o. footage and archive, a TREASURE TROVE of that magic, the old burn-out dudes don't wa
  2. UYI boxset, with all the backstage stuff that Robert John mentioned. Uncensored.
  3. Cool, thanks. Watched it the first time as it came out and could never find it again... some good stuff. Man, I just pray and hope Marc gets to release some of the Golden Vault stuff...
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