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  1. UYI boxset, with all the backstage stuff that Robert John mentioned. Uncensored.
  2. Cool, thanks. Watched it the first time as it came out and could never find it again... some good stuff. Man, I just pray and hope Marc gets to release some of the Golden Vault stuff...
  3. I think you meant to say "nothing will top the '87-88 performances.
  4. Seriously? Fuck this band right now. And what's Axl's beef with Trump anyway? If anything, the dude is definitely more active against pedophiles than any of his predecessors... thought Axl would care a bit about that? I'm not a US citizen, I couldn't care less about US politics/politicians... they're all pieces of shit at the end of the day. But man, seeing this kind of cheap political antics forced on the glorious musical past of a band like GNR sure is pissing me off.
  5. All those mentioned above are obvious picks. I'm surprised no one mentioned the solo in Don't Cry: fits the song like a fucking glove. Just perfect.
  6. Exactly, how can Slash say "I'll never forget that week building up to it" then forget 1 show? Was it because the first one was allegedly a shit show?
  7. Wait, why they (including Slash) keep saying 2 shows? I always thought it was 3 gigs at the Marquee? If a video really exists, with them before soundcheck and all, it will probably never be published cuz deemed too politically incorrect or some BS like that... I mean, just look how they erased One in a Million off the AFD anniversary, as if it never happened.
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