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  1. Cool, thanks. Watched it the first time as it came out and could never find it again... some good stuff. Man, I just pray and hope Marc gets to release some of the Golden Vault stuff...
  2. I think you meant to say "nothing will top the '87-88 performances.
  3. Seriously? Fuck this band right now. And what's Axl's beef with Trump anyway? If anything, the dude is definitely more active against pedophiles than any of his predecessors... thought Axl would care a bit about that? I'm not a US citizen, I couldn't care less about US politics/politicians... they're all pieces of shit at the end of the day. But man, seeing this kind of cheap political antics forced on the glorious musical past of a band like GNR sure is pissing me off.
  4. All those mentioned above are obvious picks. I'm surprised no one mentioned the solo in Don't Cry: fits the song like a fucking glove. Just perfect.
  5. Exactly, how can Slash say "I'll never forget that week building up to it" then forget 1 show? Was it because the first one was allegedly a shit show?
  6. Wait, why they (including Slash) keep saying 2 shows? I always thought it was 3 gigs at the Marquee? If a video really exists, with them before soundcheck and all, it will probably never be published cuz deemed too politically incorrect or some BS like that... I mean, just look how they erased One in a Million off the AFD anniversary, as if it never happened.
  7. Ideal? AFD5, no extended solos, no covers and please, play in clubs only.
  8. Civil War has the best drums (in terms of GNR sound) of the whole UYI double LP.... IMHO Steven's arrangement always felt "baby-like", it added that cartoonish vibe to the whole formula - typical of young musicians. Sorum's drumming sounds like a boring old man in comparison. Take Don't Cry for example... it's too mature on the record. A big part of that magic naïveté of the song is completely altered and lost. One of the factors that in my opinion also consumed GNR was the growing old... too fast. Too seriously. Something that's never really mentioned, but it's true.
  9. Personal opinion: that would suck. It would have to include commentary or some kind of personalised story, which makes no sense as it would have to be fiction. You gonna include the coke sniffing, alcohol-puke floor licking and groupies etc? No? Then what's the point - it's sandbagged fiction. If you do, then it's likely gonna alter the way this band is perceived for 95% of the world and make the GNR staff (musicians et al) relive the worst moments of that madness. Just give us the gigs.
  10. Tragic, yes. UYI is truly great too (minus a few tracks, which taken singularly are actually still decent). The problem was a dull drummer who had NOTHING to do with the original formula. Killed and ruined the swing in so many wonderful tunes. And yes, over-production at times likely due to Axl's state of mind back then. As for the Stones... well, different band, different music, different attitude. Even in their prime (GNR), the comparison never even made any sense at all. 1987-GNR just utterly destroys anything the Stones ever did, IMHO.
  11. Sheesh, they're really trying to cash in as if it's the end of the world soon eh?
  12. Think there may have been a few of these kind of threads before.... 🤔 but here goes me. I remember seeing/hearing PC and SCOM on tv/radio in 1989 or so, but I was too hooked on Dire Straits and Queen back then (I was 9 yo) to really appreciate what was going on (although shirts and all sorts of gadgets were already circulating in Italy as well, I always thought what a strange name for a band 😂)... until I saw YCBM with Arnold. Immediate new heroes. 🥳
  13. Even though it is a "double" EP, I always somewhat considered it as an album too. Why? Because it was really done well, with an interesting cover/booklet and had enough content coming from the same period of the band (first year and half) to satisfy me after Appetite. Also, it went a little deeper in the concept of Side A (Guns) with LLAS and Side B (Roses), as was cleverly put in AFD. So I loved it since day one. OIAM is one of my top 5, the arrangements there are simply outstanding, borderline genius. I love the quality of LLAS, I think it was done extremely well, and naturally captures
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