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  1. They did not soundcheck it there. (But, what do i know?)
  2. Im nobody. I play no insider card at all. Also i was not only talking about pitman, but you all know a hell of alot more than me! Anywho, continue on!
  3. The only thing i can tell you is just because someone signed a contract, it doesnt mean there gonna pay. (Also theres still people waiting to get paid from chinese democracy) but these arent my stories to tell.
  4. When you hire camera crews..etc. You gotta pay them. (& no, IOU's on paper bags dont work for most) hopefully one day the company will be paid, so the fans can see it!!
  5. I stand by my feelings/thoughts on reaction videos. Id love to hear someones opinion on why they matter to them. Happy Kwanzaa to you also. Until I receive that chill status I guess I'll just continue punching kittens and puppies!!
  6. Im not grumpy at all. I actually found it funny. Dont take things so serious. Also my spanish isnt that good, therefore when i post on Spanish threads i do the same thing she did, i just throw darts at random spanish words & post away!!! Finally i asked santa claus if i could be just as chill as janrichmond, so fingers crossed it happens!!
  7. What in the fuck are you saying?? Putting your kids on the internet opens the flood gates for pedos that will think shes "delicious"!
  8. I dont understand react videos. why does anybody gives a fuck what some random person thinks of a song/band/video. I dont get it, if i like something i dont give a damn what other people think of it. Just a bunch of mindless sheep. Sorry for the rant, i have to get back to practicing my floss dance!!
  9. Me being unkind?!? You need to get some thicker skin if you think that. Also what mental health issues does he have? Regardless of what you may think, the fact of the matter is nobodys life is perfect. For example if someone is letting their life get in the way of their job, they get disciplined, and then fired. In the case of the band, are the fan base suppose to ignore that he doesnt sound good & is out of breath...etc...etc? Hes lucky hes his own boss in that aspect. As far as his hair, weight...etc, goes, i personally could care less. But what alot of the fan base takes
  10. What mental health issues does he have dr. Drew?? once again, I dont understand post like this! Is it to make yourself feel good?? Just seems.....well lame.
  11. Pinball machines dont get reduced in price. Thats not the way it works in the pinball community. I know this may be hard to understand, but this game was not made for fans, it was made for pinball collectors. It also wasnt made by gnr, but by jersey jack pinball. They just got the gnr license for the game. As annoyed as i get with the band, The pricing has nothing to do with them, nor the fan base. And by the way like I said earlier the collector's edition sold out in less than an hour.
  12. Pinball collectors are Like classic car collectors. Also they dont really care about the theme of the machine, but the collectability of it. When they buy these machines they they play them for about a half a year and then trade them or sell them off for another machine. As you can tell by the prices also pinball machines are aimed for a certain type of people. And by the way the collector's edition is sold out on this machine.
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