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  1. Nice Yesterdays. Hope they decide to do this more often.
  2. Great for you! I would love to do it the other way around. Move up north in the summer when it gets too hot here Sadly, no family with property there to inherit, so I'll have to get my own. I must admit I was getting a bit scared when I read: Can't wait to... But glad you don't wish your mother any harm
  3. Groningen? I didn't even know that was a concert venue. I wonder if @username has anything to do with that.
  4. Moderna and Astra Zeneca are consistently delivering far less than they agreed on (often not even half of what was promised). It seems like dirty games are being played, but I don't really know what to believe. Seems like UK and US are blocking the export of vaccines that are produced in their countries while lots are being manufactured here in Europe and shipped abroad. EU was talking about blocking export of namely Astra Zeneca until they deliver the promised vaccines in the EU. Astra Zeneca's CEO was saying they have production troubles, but they seem to be delivering fine in the UK. A
  5. Maybe this is a good excuse to shelve that book for good, Matt. I'm sure your daughter will be grateful
  6. Just a remark: In the early 90s there was a 60s revival. We were teenagers listening to our parents' music: Stones, Doors, Beatles, Kinks, Jimi Hendrix and so many more. Around that same time you had an ABBA revival with bands covering them. So I think saying 'music was better in the past' isn't a new thing. Even when so many artists were releasing so many albums that stood the test of time, at that same time, people were saying: 'They don't make music like that anymore'. BUT! every time my daughter listens to her music, I can't help but say: do you think anyone will still be listening to
  7. I would really like to hear @SoulMonster's input about this. Or anyone else's who can shed some light on this. Here in Belgium they say that there are less blood clots in non-vaccinated people than in the Astra Zeneca vaccinated population. Of course people will still be getting blood clots and die, regardless of the vaccine. Like our minister said: If someone drinks a glass of water and dies the day after, will we blame the water? That seems so logical, so why stop the vaccination if vaccinated people get less blood clots than the overall population? It makes me wonder if we're not being
  8. If I recall correctly, GNR always said it was an old recording and nothing was re-recorded. So that would be Steven. But Steven said it wasn't him. Hence the doubts.
  9. I wonder if we'll get it in 2022 already, only one year late, like AFD. (And please update your sig!)
  10. No, rock4eva was from Australia.
  11. I only met her online, but I've never met anyone as courageous as her. Even though life was particularly harsh on her, she never lost her sense of humor and there was never any bitterness. I'm sure she was an inspiration to many she met, both irl and online. She spoke highly of you, @ZoSoRose, you were a dear friend to her. I hope she's at peace now.
  12. Yeah, after all these years we still have no clue what the point was of all that. I wonder if we'll ever know. I still remember being scolded for calling that a disgrace on the Nightrain Forum, where it was called brilliant (or genius, can't remember) marketing by someone.
  13. What a bunch of whiny bitches. Stay out of the birthday thread if you have nothing else to add but the usual whining for the umpteenth time. This is a fan forum so call me mad for being a fan and expecting people to be a bit less negative than elsewhere on the internet. Sad that people who choose to see the glass half full or just are grateful for what the band and Axl have given us can't even get one thread without the usual bitching.
  14. Happy birthday, Axl! Have a great day!
  15. You don't have to imagine how effective they are. You can simply google it. As for the people who aren't blindly following experts and in favour of critical thinking: I've been taking medication for most of my life and had all the vaccines they suggest. Do I know what's in my meds or vaccines? Really? Of course not. I'm not a doctor. So I count on others to tell me what's best for me and my health. If I go to the doctor when I'm sick and he prescribes meds, am I a dumbass for following his treatment 'blindly'? Should I be more critical? What good would that be if I don't have the expertis
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