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  1. Oh really? I still hate it. As I'm mostly at home or out in the open air, luckily I don't have to wear it much, but I still have trouble breathing in it. Plus it's hot. I suppose that won't be a problem this time of year in Norway.
  2. Sorry, I wasn't talking about UK. This is what's happening in Belgium right now. And we're supposed to have a relatively high number of ICU beds. A covid patient requires double the number of nurses/doctors, apparently. In hospitals here the surgery wards are closed down and all non urgent surgery has been postponed. One hospital even refused patients from last weekend until today. Hospitals have had to transfer patients to other hospitals and there are talks of sending patients over to Germany or Holland. Something else: In today's paper I read that they're developing a device you h
  3. I've never known hospitals overcrowded, surgery wards closing down to free up staff and beds, and schools having to shut down simply because too many teachers are sick though. Death numbers aren't the only thing that counts.
  4. My biology teacher in high school was called Van Beethoven and claimed she was related to him. But I don't think we really claim him. I doubt many people even know he had roots in Mechelen.
  5. That's odd. The article says: But the actual post says: Did Todd change his post? Spoken too soon?
  6. I don't like books that've been read and fingered by dozens of other people. Yuck. So I stopped going to the library. For lack of space, I'm mostly buying e-books nowadays, though I do love a real book. But Kindle is so much more practical. And I like to support the arts. So I buy music and I buy books.
  7. Oh really? I must have missed that. Jesus, that job with Stephanie really paid off very well for her She doesn't have any nice words for her, but she took two men close to Seymour when she left it seems.
  8. I so agree with this. Why can't we just say it as it is? Some are white, some are black, some are gay, some are trans, some are straight. Who cares? We're all just people. Get over yourselves. Just accept everyone as they are and don't discriminate, but please. For me everyone is equal, but clearly not the same. A sort of ironic consequence of not being allowed to state reality, specifically concerning race/origin is that now people would like to prove corona hit immigrant communities harder than average. Only it's not allowed to have statistics about that, so it can never be proved. This
  9. Okay, whatever Not sure why talking to me would get your posts deleted? What kind of insinuation is that? But yeah, we don't seem to agree. You think it plausible that 'I fucking wanted this guy' meant that she was just attracted to him and 'I could have some fun with him' meant nothing sexual at all, while I do not. So no point discussing this any further.
  10. Oh please. Disclaimer: I'm not giving any opinion about what happened with her and Axl. But it's obvious why she went with him.
  11. Funny. Seems you used to have one yourself, but the picture expired or whatever they do when you see sth like zq7k.jpg:
  12. And this is why Dutch tourists are so popular abroad
  13. Yes, Erin posted a pic of Slash and Meegan and insinuated they got back together, right before him and Perla filed for a divorce. Did some digging and a poster asked Erin about it at the time, if Slash and Meegan were back together. She replied: What does it look like?
  14. Axl carries on because many thousands of fans all over the world have enjoyed the shows immensely 🙄 Thank god the internet doesn't decide on who can do a show. There would be no one left! He's not 27 and he's not Steven Tyler. If people can't accept that, it's their own problem, it's not Axl's and it's not the fans who still enjoy shows.
  15. Yeah, we've more young people infected here now too. Those are the ones going to bars and restaurants more than older people.
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