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  1. We have an 80% vaccination here in Flanders. We must be one of the top regions in the world regarding vaccination. Numbers are on the rise again though, and we're apparently in the 4th wave now. I don't really care if someone has the symptoms of a cold. What I want to know is which people end up in hospital and which vaccine they got. That seems like important information we're not getting at the moment.
  2. Yes, feels a bit odd to have all three not working. Thank god for the forum! Where would I vent or get my news if not for mygnrforum ❤️
  3. I think the poster is refering to first time they did Shadow, which was out of rhythm. As for Hard Skool: glad they finally played it and I think it was good enough for a first time. As others said: he's likely to get better, so I'm happy with this. Just a pity this leg is almost over and it will be a while before we see them again. This made me look forward more to Europe next year. I wonder if they'll add more dates. I still haven't decided on a show, as none are close to me and I have to look at what travel works best for me.
  4. Ha, sorry. I thought it was the Myles song on that Slash album with all the different singers. But I was wrong then.
  5. GNR, without a doubt. I have seen and enjoyed SMKC a few times, but I'm going there only for Slash. I like SMKC's music, but I would only go to multiple concerts for Anastasia (which isn't even SMKC, I think?) I'm going to GNR for Axl, Slash, Duff and the many, many songs I love.
  6. Same. Pity they never seem to think of us poor working folk.
  7. I think the last few designs have been great. Not a fan of the sports themes, so these designs work a lot better for me.
  8. I'm loving it. Really, really happy to get one of the songs I loved most from the leaks. Now it's just Perhaps, State of Grace and some new songs we haven't heard yet Now give us that album! Bit sad to realize we probably won't get the macdaddy, as I agree, the hey hey's sound definitely like Eye On You.
  9. @RussTCB Where's that cartoon with exactly that? Wasn't that yours?
  10. Ordered the shirt. As a diehard Snoopy/Peanuts fan, I needed it. The litho will be impossible to get my hands on, probably, but I'm very grateful now to be able to order the event shirt.
  11. I don't believe she made it up and I don't believe Axl or TB didn't realize chances were it would get out. They know how things work. Even if she hadn't posted about it openly, she might have told a friend, and then another and then someone would like to feel important and tell the story. That's just how the internet works, and the GNR fan world. Maybe they hoped to debut it in Chicago and the little buzz it created on various news outlets around the world last week was always a good thing. But then Axl got sick and the moment passed again. I think it's a missed opportunity. GNR rarely is in the news here, but last week you had the HS thing together with the UYI anniversary which got quite a bit of attention, but it's a new week now, and the rest of the world is onto sth else by now. Pity. After Absurd I was awaiting an imminent release of HS and even the new album But now I'm not expecting HS in these last shows anymore. Hopefully Europe next summer.
  12. Flannels seem to be back in style here though. Just when Axl stopped wearing them, they've become a thing again. Axl Rose, fashion icon.
  13. She replied on Instagram to a guy complaining about Absurd and said it was 'on the cd'.
  14. Usually no fan of the skulls, but I really love this one looking like a wine label.
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