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  1. This situation has never before occurred. It was decided with the government as an exception. It's not a normal law in Belgium.
  2. Werchter has just announced that ticketholders of all of this summer's festivals (Rock Werchter, TW Classic and Werchter Boutique) will be getting a voucher to be used at any of the festivals in 2021 or 2022. They will also get access to a special presale. But no refunds. I realize festivals are different than stand alone shows, but still... Just goes to show that not everyone just offers refunds like that. It's not quite that simple. And Werchter has been a huge festival for many decades, so I'm sure they've earned many millions too, and they usually are (close to) selling out as well, as the
  3. Finally we got a graph with the mortality numbers and the average (and expected) mortality per day. The yellow line is all deaths reported, the green one the covid related (green dotted line is confirmed covid deaths). It's interesting to see, because the numbers of all countries are so all over the place, and very difficult to compare. In the end, the only way to really assess the impact of this virus and to compare measures taken seems to me to compare excess mortality. So the record is around 650 deaths a day, while the previous record (around 450) dates from 2018, when the flu hit par
  4. We eat horse meat in Belgium too. And I agree, it's a bit hypocrite to say: Oh, I can have cow or pig, but you can't eat dog, because I love dogs. Like Luke said as well, in many parts of the world people don't have the choice. In Africa many people live off bush meat too, as they can't afford anything else.
  5. Lots of people involved in touring aren't millionnaires though. Everyone except the big three and TB, I'd assume. It's a disaster for all the average workers in the entertainment business.
  6. I would assume there won't be any mass events like those before there's either herd immunity or a vaccine that is available to most people. I wonder if that will even be the case for the 2021 festival season.
  7. I don't think his voters care too much about making sense.
  8. Was that why Fernando threw a hissy fit when that Angie (forgot the last name) got an award for being GNR NITL tour manager?
  9. I don't believe that for a second. There might be a few doing that and they could be dealt with swiftly by the mods. If Axl would ever come on here again, most people will be respectful and fanboying/girling. Whenever Axl does something cool, the forum reacts positive to it. I don't you if you've noticed, but Axl doesn't do an AMA anywhere. Not on HTGTH, not on Nightrain. Nowhere. It has nothing to do with people here being mean. That's ridiculous. Axl doesn't even do interviews, except once in a blue moon on some obscure medium he chose for God knows what reason. Fernando only shows
  10. My guess: Fernando doesn't know when it will be released or when it will be completely ready for Axl. If there was a set date, he'd tease us with: If only you knew what I knew. Or: 2021 is going to be unbelievable. My guess would be there was a date set, because he said last September or whenever, within 6 months, so roughly with the start of the tour in Mexico/SA. Then GNR/Axl happened again and it got postponed. And then corona happened, and that's a great excuse. Literally everything is uncertain now. As for the gap between fans and band, you're absolutely right. So many people have tr
  11. The purpose is to stay home and have as little direct interaction with other people as possible. How ridiculous it would be to drive to another store, having unnecessary contact with another bunch of people (staff and customers) because a girl can't be bothered to have a facemask and actually help a customer (it should be what they're there for), in the way Dazey suggested. Like EvanG said, it doesn't cost anything to be friendly and it would have a nicer outcome for everyone involved. Maybe the girl should get some tips on customer care. It will make her job a lot nicer too.
  12. She should've taken the applesauce and put it within reach of you if she didn't want you in. You're not supposed to spend more time than necessary in a store. What an attitude towards a client. Lol at people defending her.
  13. They're talking about that here too. I'm assuming as for most things we'll wait a bit till other countries imply it and then copy or use their system. I don't really get how that works though. If you've been at the same store at the same time as a later corona patient, will you be warned you might have been exposed at that store? And if so, what then? Will you be tested too?
  14. That's nice. Is he paying it out of his own pocket then? Seriously, anyone still supporting him, deserves him. Just too bad that those morons make sure all sane people with more than two braincells get to suffer him too.
  15. Saw this on facebook today. Seems accurate.
  16. I've been ordering lots, especially locally. Just supporting the economy. Small stores are happy with it, thanking customers with free delivery and extra chocolates and other freebies 😊 Largest I ordered was a lounge chair, like Alfie 😁 Everything was delivered by just one person though. I've seen one store not delivering large items. I only now realize that's probably because it has to be delivered by more than one person I would assume a 25 kilo item can be delivered by one person, no? Maybe on a trolley or sth?
  17. He must be the most despicable man on the planet. He's such a disgrace. Saying he saved thousands of lives? It's beyond belief. How can people still fall for that? Do they have the memory of a goldfish? Because to still support him you have to hear what he says, cheer him on and then immediately forget it, as a day later he'll say sth different and you'll have to cheer him on again, pretending he didn't say what he said yesterday.
  18. Yeah, I hope we can open schools in May as well. I feel like trying that out is the least risky as well, for the reason you named. If the numbers rise again, well, summer holiday is almost there anyway. It should be easier to close schools again than to have stores go open only to shut down again a few weeks later. But of course that's just a guess too. Politicians are looking at their team of experts (which consists of scientists, but also of economists and people from the business world), and then the French speaking part of us is influenced heavily by France. As Macron just extended the loc
  19. Yeah, and I think that will be even more difficult to take than just leaving it as is for a few weeks longer. Spain is of course stricter than our rules now. So I think they might be up to our level when they start lifting restrictions. People have been laxer last weekend with the going out stuff. We're encouraged to exercise outside, but not where there's many people. It's hard of course in the cities, where people have no outdoor space. And then there's still the age group 18-24, in which many think they're invulnerable and apparently they don't seem to care too much about all the rest
  20. Yeah. Apparently at least part of the reason is that we count in other ways than other countries. We also count unconfirmed, but suspected corona deaths. So many people dying in retirement homes (or at home) haven't been tested, but if they die after having shown covid like symptoms, they will be counted as a corona death. Another thing is that we're so small, we could be seen as an epicentre, much like Bergamo or New York, for instance. Or that's what I read anyway. Over 1100 (of the 3340 or so dead) were 85 or older, while 124 were under 65. (And 806 dead with age as yet unknown, n
  21. Also, according to Matt's book (which I was also too late to put on my Kindle ) he's not friends anymore with Slash and Duff. And to me it's been fairly obvious for a while that Slash and Duff weren't eager to have him in the reunion, as Arlett Vereecke, who was with GNR in the beginning and still was in contact with Slash, told in an interview after the reunion started how she thought it would be impossible to have Matt there, because he was a pain in VR. Being upset that he didn't get as much screen time in videos as Slash. It seems to me his ego is too big when he doesn't realize his place
  22. Hm, I never liked him in the first place. I don't know how far in you are, but is it mostly gnr? Or does it take long before he gets there? Not really interested in his life before GNR of after VR...
  23. Happens all the time. We just got confirmation a delivery of 3 million much needed FFP2 masks from China is useless. I just hope we all learn from this and don't outsource everything, so at a crucial stage when many lives are in danger, we don't have to depend upon crappy suppliers, but can make our own stuff.
  24. I know there's a problem of testing and I do realize a lot more people have been infected and suffer only mild symptoms. I try to compare number of tests per million inhabitants, but sadly, Chinese numbers aren't known I think at the moment, Belgium is about average in number of tests per million inhabitants. We're increasing the tests, but in my opinion that's going really slowly, so we're nowhere near having a good view of the actual number of infections. Also, we've recently found out that people are infectious before they develop symptoms. While a little over a month ago, we were sti
  25. The problem is China has 3300 dead on a total of 81000 confirmed cases. We have 2523 in a total of 24983 confirmed cases. I know the numbers aren't precise. But at the time when the virus hit Europe, everyone thought the fatality rate was a lot lower than it seems to be in most western countries. If China had a fatality rate of 10%, like Italy, Spain and Belgium do now, I believe not only governments, but especially citizens would have taken this a whole lot more serious than they did the first few weeks. If we had seen numbers like that from China, I doubt people would have called i
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