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  1. Yeah, in Italy no funerals anymore, so no one saying goodbye. Especially sad for the ones not being able to say goodbye. A woman died here and her next of kin can't go to the funeral, because they're quarantined. Funerals here have a maximum of 30 people, only family. No weddings or baptisms anymore. It's surreal.
  2. We're not allowed to go to doctors like that anymore, first telephone and if the doctor think it's necessary, you go buy or they send you to hospital. Most people just have to self isolate and wait.
  3. People only get diagnosed if they land in hospital. Not enough tests plus no cure anyway. If you've been inside for weeks, @action, where could you have gotten it? Anyway, hope you feel better soon!
  4. China is helping. They're sending loads of tests and badly needed facemasks to Europe, some donated by the owner of Alibaba. And yes, its economy went down by 20%, if I'm not mistaken. We are all in this together. No use finger pointing, and I for one don't think it's appropriate.
  5. Apparently they're very busy doing that too.
  6. Yeah, getting supplies for a few weeks doesn't equal getting toilet paper and pasta for two years.
  7. A professor in microbiology in Birmingham said the models the UK based their recommendations on appeared to be incorrect yesterday. Brace yourselves.
  8. Yeah. Stores are allowed here (for now) to stay open during the week. But today a lot of chains announced they would close anyway, and more and more small stores too. They will suffer a lot financially, no doubt. Let's just hope all of that helps with the flattening of the curve. And hopefully people will start listening and stay inside. Today was the first day of no school and lots of kids were playing in playgrounds. They've closed them all off too. Because you can go outside, but you're not supposed to gather at all. You're supposed to stay within your family. So you can go out for a walk,
  9. A lung specialist here warned that lots of young healthy people come in after having been sick for a week, then feel better, but get short of breath, go to hospital and appear to have severely damaged lungs. With no lung problems before 😨 Kind of hope we go in lockdown too. Not that it would change a lot for me personally. I just hope people will take it seriously. But I see even intelligent people here don't seem to get it, so I fear the worst.
  10. This was in my paper (De Standaard) today: It goes on saying that about half of the Chinese patients were young too.
  11. Here's for you none believers. I wonder if the one in a GNR shirt is a member on here.
  12. Can't, they're both in quarantine. Soulmonster in Norway, action at home.
  13. But you're only saying half of it. It's true that the younger people are the ones traveling more than pensioners, both for a skiing holiday or for work. And they're more active and meet more people. That's in all those articles as well. Young people can get seriously ill from the disease, but they have a much better chance of surviving. No one has ever said no young people could die from it. Same goes for the flu, even if this isn't a flu. Every year healthy young people die of the flu too. Doesn't change the fact that it's mostly older people that are at risk of dying. In the Nether
  14. If it's not safe, government should lock down bars, clubs, restaurants... Crowded spaces = high risk
  15. A thing to consider though: what if GNR had canceled? Would all these people have magically disappeared? Or would they have been there either way? I'm just thinking of an event that was canceled here earlier this week and was set to take place last night. The organizer was pretty pissed and said there would be 15000 people coming, and many of them from abroad. So he argued that those several thousands of people would be around anyway, since they flew here, and that they would still look for a place to party together. Since that was a few days ago, measures have gone up here considerably,
  16. Frankly I don't think this is the time to be smug. And yes, I will still listen to experts. I'm counting on them to help us in this crisis, not on someone panicking online. And yes, the weak and elderly are most at risk, younger people will mostly survive. It just sucks that they're taking up hospital beds, and that's what we have to avoid.
  17. It was a good show and everyone was positive. Until they realized only So Fine was added to the set. Then all hell broke loose as usual 😄 These show threads are usually as predictable as a gnr show.
  18. I know. There's been one going on in my street since noon. Assholes. I'm sure measures will become even stricter. Before long we won't be able to leave our homes anymore, just like in Spain and Italy. People are too dumb and selfish to listen to the rules.
  19. What an asshole. She and the tv station will both be filing a complaint against him. Not only social distancing is unknown to him, he also thinks harassing is fine.
  20. To be honest, a test won't help you, will it? There's no cure anyway. I hope you'll be better soon!
  21. If anything, I think Italy reacted too late. Patients are lying in tents now as there is no room in hospitals. But well, we'll see. All scientists here were unanymous, very strict measures were necessary to make sure our health system wouldn't collapse, to flatten the curve. The target here is to prevent a total lockdown like we see in Italy. I can't pretend to know anything about viruses, epidemics or our health system, so I'll just believe what scientists say. And because government listened to them, I'm happy.
  22. I wonder who has the crystal ball then, because scientists here say it's impossible to make accurate estimates because it's a new virus. Our scientists can only guess. But of course I hope all countries come out of this without too many disasters, no matter which measures they take, or not. I'll just stay at home a few weeks. Better safe than sorry.
  23. Not even a week ago Italy went into lockdown. Two weeks ago we would've said it was impossible. It spreads fast. And I find it really curious Mexico only has 12 cases but 4 have already healed. Incubation is a few days at least. It's just plain dumb, if not criminal, to have a festival in these times.
  24. Staying slightly on topic: Why???? I wish someone would ask these people why they need a 5 year supply of toiletpaper. I'm still at a loss.
  25. I saw you could earn a lot of money a few days ago if you would voluntarily be infected, for a study, somewhere in London.
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