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  1. 14 hours ago, Len Cnut said:

    Well they’re not, are they?  I mean thats why they’re called trans-women and not just plain women.  I don’t see why thats offensive, I mean surely if trans-people are to be accepted you first have to accept what they are, which is trans...as opposed to just some bird.  Its sort of like the way I’m not British in the way you are, its not an insult, just a statement of reality, how can you accept different states of individuality whilst at the same time effectively denying the specifics of said individuality?

    I so agree with this. Why can't we just say it as it is? Some are white, some are black, some are gay, some are trans, some are straight. Who cares? We're all just people. Get over yourselves. Just accept everyone as they are and don't discriminate, but please. For me everyone is equal, but clearly not the same.

    A sort of ironic consequence of not being allowed to state reality, specifically concerning race/origin is that now people would like to prove corona hit immigrant communities harder than average. Only it's not allowed to have statistics about that, so it can never be proved. This is the kind of perverse effect it has of trying to 'cover up' stuff in official statistics.

  2. 1 hour ago, Scream of the Butterfly said:

    That's the type of mindset that so often leads to date rape. It may or may not be that she had an initial plan to have sex with him that specific night. It isn't "obvious" and the mere fact that she was attracted to him or wanted him doesn't make it so.

    But I probably shoudn't be talking to you if I don't want to have my posts deleted.

    Okay, whatever :lol:

    Not sure why talking to me would get your posts deleted? What kind of insinuation is that? But yeah, we don't seem to agree. You think it plausible that 'I fucking wanted this guy' meant that she was just attracted to him and 'I could have some fun with him' meant nothing sexual at all, while I do not. So no point discussing this any further.

  3. 5 minutes ago, Scream of the Butterfly said:

    I don't think she said that she went there specifically to have sex with him. She was invited to an afterparty he was throwing in his suite. There were other people there at first but at some point when she got out of the bathroom the other people had left and it was just Axl. Then things got ugly.

    Oh please.


    I had no idea what the fuck she was talking about. All I knew was that he was beautiful. Google some pictures of him from the "Appetite for Destruction" era. I’m not lying.

    Once we got closer to the table he noticed me, too. He got to the point pretty quick. “Hey, you wanna party with me and Rikki?”

    “Sure, my girlfriend and I…”

    “Not your girlfriend. She’s not hot.”

    I was thinking, “Oh shit.” I didn’t feel great about abandoning my friend, but I fucking wanted this guy.

    “Go find another girl, we’ll take some other girl but not your girlfriend.”

    Fuck it. I said to Suzy, “I’m really sorry, Axl just wants me to go.” She was a pretty good sport about it, or maybe she knew she was about to dodge a bullet. When I got back to Axl, Rikki had found himself a nice looking model named Brooke, and we were good to go.

    Disclaimer: I'm not giving any opinion about what happened with her and Axl. But it's obvious why she went with him.

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  4. 15 minutes ago, YOUCOULDBEMINE. said:

    I have been a member of this forum for 13 years and not once have I seen someone's signature (that I can remember). Did I turn this off myself?

    Not that I want to see them because I always thought signatures make a forum look kinda messy, but I always wondered why I never see them on here.

    Funny. Seems you used to have one yourself, but the picture expired or whatever they do when you see sth like zq7k.jpg:


  5. 11 minutes ago, EvanG said:

    When I'm travelling alone I usually don't spend more than ten euros a day, unless I visit a museum. During a city trip I spend most of the time walking around and admiring the architecture and that doesn't cost much, plus I don't like to eat at a restaurant when I'm alone.

    And this is why Dutch tourists are so popular abroad :P

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  6. 52 minutes ago, DurhamGirl said:

    Just listened to above.  Please tell me this is a one off, if not then I just feel sad and frustrated.  Why does Axl carry on if he has lost it or maybe he just doesnt care.  Such a different attitude to the young Axl who, I am sure, would hate this voice.  Sad.

    Axl carries on because many thousands of fans all over the world have enjoyed the shows immensely 🙄 Thank god the internet doesn't decide on who can do a show. There would be no one left!

    He's not 27 and he's not Steven Tyler. If people can't accept that, it's their own problem, it's not Axl's and it's not the fans who still enjoy shows.

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  7. 48 minutes ago, Dazey said:

    Also it's not the old folk acting like a bunch of rabid animals in the newly re-opened bars.

    Yeah, we've more young people infected here now too. Those are the ones going to bars and restaurants more than older people.

  8. 1 hour ago, Swampfox said:

    You know what I really don't understand?  Why are people driving in their cars alone with a mask and rubber gloves?  I see a dozen or so people every day doing this.  Who are they protecting themselves from exactly?

    You're supposed to wash your hands right before putting the mask on, so it's not contaminated. So it was suggested to put it on at home right before you leave and keep it on until you get home, take it off and immediately wash your hands again. 

    So I think it's people following those guidelines.

  9. Hm, yeah, and it's already in the headlines here. Stupid pigs with their diseases.

    Well, I'm happy working from home for the past decade has turned me into a kind of recluse.

  10. 20 minutes ago, EricA said:




    ...seems a new trend this gender-twist-thingy, most of it is utterly gross, and again...WHY!?

    My 11 year old likes to play around with that too. I'm probably too old to see the fun in it.

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  11. It's surreal. Read that in the paper too.  After all that's happened in the past months, it doesn't even surprise me anymore. Trump will be a page in history that people will see and think: how the hell is that even possible?? 

    Saw a few supporters of his in Tulsa too. One woman thought she wouldn't get sick because she'd prayed a lot and a couple still thinks it's all a hoax. 

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  12. 43 minutes ago, EvanG said:

    The weather has been glorious here this past week. Temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees with plenty of sunshine, but also an occasional thunderstorm with heavy rain, which was needed after the drought from earlier this month. If it could stay like this for the next three months, summer would be fantastic. But I am sure that in two months from now we will be suffering through heatwave number two or three by then and wishing for summer to be over.

    Yeah, I think it will be 31 degrees next week. Too hot for sure. I could live with the weather from this week too. Minus the flooding that some places here had.

  13. 2 minutes ago, Towelie said:

    But he can't sing. People have just lowered their expectations so much that they'll accept any shit that's offered. If a random man got up singing karaoke like that in a pub, he would be booed and jeered and laughed at. People give him a pass because he's Axl Rose and he can hide behind the great musicianship of players like Slash, Buckethead, Bumblefoot et al. But lets be real here for a moment, Axl Rose sounds like dog shit. I wouldn't dare play this to any of my friends or family, would you? 

    All of my friends and family have been thinking Axl can't sing since 1987, so I guess that's a no :lol:

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  14. 33 minutes ago, DurhamGirl said:

    I read the comments first so did not know what to expect.  I enjoyed it and found Axl to be more animated then I expected, I have not been to a GnR concert yet, and after seeing this I would definately go.  I know it would not be the same as the early days but I think its all about expectations, it is 30 years since the beginning.  Thanks Fernando.

    Axl's still a great performer. Slash is amazing, Duff is really great. They put on a top show. Most people at the show are thrilled afterwards and the reviews are mostly positive. So the negative stuff you get here is not at all what you get at a show. People go to a show, are all excited about a great performance, only to read on here that it actually sucked.

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  15. 14 minutes ago, Len Cnut said:

    If people could home-school why the fuck were schools invented in the first place?  Not only that but, look, we got the internet now right, all the information at your fingertips.  Ever see a motherfucker with an internet education?  You know those guys, living in fuckin' bedsits, usually smoke a shitload of week, stopped going to school around aged 14, started thinking about the world at aged 25, got to googling, 10 years later they believe in every fuckin' goofy conspiracy theory and fuckin' Bilderberg, the jews are out to get us, crazy fuckin' bullshit.

    Education doesn't just fill you full of information, it gives you the tools to process information too, helps you fine tune your bullshit detector.  You hear a lot of anti-education shit doing the rounds these days but I find it all to be a bit much.  Education is INCREDIBLY important, you don't really understand how important until you spend your time around serious uneducated people, honestly, these people are robbed of a fuckin' life.  Its kinda like being born fully blind, no blind person can truly describe blindness to the non-blind, we just imagine its seeing black but black is a fuckin' colour, what they see is nothing, its difficult to concieve what that is when all you've known is the wonder of light and colours etc. 

    I mean imagine have zero fuckin' education right, like flat fuckin' zero, you live in some outback third world country.  Then one day you get a migrane.  A searing migrane.  One that feels like your heads gonna have cave in.  You have no reference point to what a migrane is, not even a rudimentary grasp of human biology or any kinda vague idea what could possibly be causing this shit.  Your natural response to it will not be a rational one, it might even drive you insane out of fear and have you crying and screaming to God and send you delirious.  Then the people in your village, who believe in demons and possessions maybe have you tied to a bed and have the shit beaten out of you, or perhaps call for an irresponsible script happy doctor from the nearest city that thinks you're having a psychotic episode so they dope you up indefinitely and leave you like a fuckin' pot plant.   I've seen it happen.  And this is one random fuckin' example out of millions and millions. 

    So yeah kids, value your fuckin' education and get as much of it as you can, particularly if its for free, its put a lot in your head that you take for granted.

    Thanks. I tried putting sth similar into words, but just thought: ah, fuck it. Thanks for explaining it in a much better way than I ever could :)

  16. 2 hours ago, Free Bird said:

    Three mistakes in 2 sentences. 

    He has no peacemaker implanted, it's a defibrillator which has already stopped working due to low batteries.

    He has to pay each of his two kids 39k per month until a certain age and 1.8% of his income until 2036. 

    Perla got a house and some cars. The way I understand it he doesn't have to pay her 100k per month since he payed her an equalization of 6.6 million dollar.


    I hope this myth of him being forced doing this reunion has an end now.

    Hm, but doesn't it say he agrees to pay her 100,000 a month until death or marriage on top of the equalization payment? 

    That's 178,000 a month in total. That's half his income.

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