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  1. Found out today that when my father passed away (last Sunday) he didn't suffer. It brings a certain amount of comfort knowing that fact. RIP

  2. On a scale of 1 to Paul Stanley, how gay is it if I throw my lovesick ass on the couch and watch romance films all day?

  3. Never thought I'd ever meet Axl.... he's even more wonderful in person

    1. Lio


      So, what did you say ? What did he say to you ? And who did you have to beg to ?

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  4. Which is cheesier? A4Demo trailer or Dizzy's invitation for new residency? Things that BLOW. MY. MIND.

  5. It's my birthday. Only another two to go before I start working backwards and knocking years off ;-)

  6. I had a blast at the Golden Gods.... Axl was awesome

    1. Lio


      Gia, glad you had a blast and thanks for the review. I would've posted it in the thread, but I can't find it anymore in that enormous shitpile :-( So: thanks!

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  7. Chilling in a Premier Inn. Everyone else gone for a long walk. Quiet bliss.

  8. Trying to holiday pack for 5 people. Bloody nightmare and the kids are so hyper I can't get sweet FA done. It's going to be a long night.

  9. Bought more GNR stuff from Amazon. I need to stop.

  10. Bought more GNR stuff from Amazon. I need to stop.

  11. Best MYGNR April Fool's day I have seen! Great job, guys!

  12. Just got a (well deserved) promotion! Shots all around lol

  13. Days are getting shorter, time soon for a wardrobe switch. Kind of dreading the coming winter which is just around the corner.

  14. So happy! Got the job, Wed is first day!

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