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  1. Skipped the posts past page 3 so sorry if this has been mentioned but regarding Slash’s “noodling” this version of Yesterday’s solo epitomises his new style: There’s about three times as many notes in there as to what he recorded. It’s his song to do with what he wants but it really detracts from the song in my opinion. For me, the reason is simple: the songs are played way too fast. He can’t sit back into the slower groove that is should be so he’s throwing in as many notes as possible to cover his lack of ability to change his solo to the new groove. Franks fault.
  2. This band is sloppy as fuck; they're all over the place with their timing. All the songs are played too fast, Slash's guitar tone sounds like shit these days (don't know how when he's using the same Jubilee's but there you go), DTJ drum intro is weird as fuck... but I thought Axl sounded alright in these three tracks.
  3. Well that’s a hell of a lot of trust to put into someone with regards to how your business is perceived. Maybe you’re right though, maybe they’ve got so much money they couldn’t give a shit how things look going forward.
  4. I don’t get the resentment towards Fernando or TB, yes they’re the bands management but this has come straight from the band, or more likely Axl. Even if Fernando did come out with The idea, which I doubt, do you really think he’d just push it out there without the green light from the big three directors of the company who employ him? This is 100% the band putting this out.
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