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  1. Well well.. what do you say now?
  2. But it is the next step forward
  3. As AFD mutated into UYI, the evolution was and still is Chinese Democracy wether you like it or not. Thats still the road ahead for now. Remember Chinese was supposed to be a double album. Well this is the continuation of that with the will of Axl doing it with Slash as it was intended in the first place. Now Slash is on the same page so that is the future
  4. Dk where to start. But it did not got left out for being ‘shitty’ as you said. It si more complex than that. Don’t enjoy it if you don’t feel the same value for it as others but the jokes on you man.
  5. I just visited the site finally like right now. Saw some random comments that were not appreciating it. Got anxious
  6. Omfg with you people. It’s hard rocker song, and they fucking killed it. Can you not appreciate the enormous value of playing what Axl intended. And that hasn’t changed ever. If they played this song it this is all on Axl final decision. and also the fact that makes you trip regarding the history of that song specifically for GNR as a whole. The wheels are in motion finally.
  7. Yo this has been the best GNR Selects so far. Appreciate it
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