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  1. Not that anyone reported. Only clue was it showing up as an option on the first set list.
  2. I just depressed myself. It just shows that if GNR did what other bands, ya know, just do, it would blow our minds beyond our wildest dream. 😂
  3. Yep. This is us basically waxing poetic about how, after 20+ years of insanity GNR can make it up to us inside a single day. Nahgunnahappen.
  4. So, essentially, from a business perspective a surprise album release is probably just as hypothetically likely as a Hard Skool single. The only thing that could “top” that would be a proper video for Hard Skool the same day as the album. Fuck, I need to stop. 😂
  5. If there is a desire to get the material out ahead of leaks of various kinds, 100% you’d want to go the surprise release route. You have to also see that *most* people who would purchase a physical GNR release in 2021 are going to do so regardless of whether they’ve already purchased it digitally at an earlier date. Not all. But most. That’s icing on the cake GNR & the label(s). In fact, doing a traditional slow rollout release would very likely be a huge misstep.
  6. If that somehow became a reality, and on the 30th anniversary of the last GNR album(s) of original material to feature Axl, Slash & Duff, the word "epic" would not suffice. I'd probably stare at my phone stunned for a good 60 seconds just looking at the tracklist before pressing play.
  7. Man all this hype for one “new” GNR song. 😂 I’ll be very happy with that…..but we (GNR fans) deserve an entire album on Friday. We really do.
  8. Can you imagine having paid full pit prices when the show was first announced? Oof. 😬 But yeah, go. That price is insane.
  9. Hey @Fernando shoot me a PM so a fella can get backstage. I couldn't find anything for GNR on listed on the Make A Wish Foundation's page for 35 year old rock rans.
  10. Is anyone in the Chicago area right now?!?!? Look up at the sky, east towards the lake NOW!! The clouds just spelled out "HSKL". I swear to God!! Look!!!!!!
  11. I'm quoted a couple years back when the latest Silkworms demo leaked, that if they nixed Pitman's minute long ambient intro and straight to rocking guitars, I think Slash could do something cool with Silkworms. So...Pitman can sleep with the fishes.
  12. Sorry dude, hang in there though. Still lots of time to get in.
  13. Hey-o!! Can't argue with that!! **Edited to add that I also plan on being exceptionally high in the pit during this show. I'm so glad I nabbed tickets. Gonna be wild.
  14. Tell ya what, if you get the spirit and decide to go, I'd do it sooner than later. Even now, I don't see 89 buck pit tickets at Wrigley Lasting, if they're still there. Make an impulse buy, and shoot me a PM when you're there.
  15. I feel like responding to you like Duke from Rocky IV in a hushed but deadly serious voice: “You know what you need to do…..Do it……….Do it……”
  16. Just when I think I’m out…..they puuullll me back in. See ya in the pit folks!
  17. Hype for Hard Skool is the highest it’s been leading up to Chicago. I guess if it’s gonna happen at all, this show is likely as ever for its debut. Weather’s looking beautiful too.
  18. “Hype” for GNR to do ::something:: in terms of a release is the highest I’ve felt it since Chinese Democracy was finally imminent, or certainly since the start of the NITL tour. I really, really hope there’s something to it.
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