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  1. I fully anticipate more "GNR" albums after Axl kicks it than he produced while living. Count on it.
  2. Hard School is the most "GNR" new GNR track they ever did....Fucking love it. Just a mean little song that grooves like a motherfucker.
  3. Fans in 1991 reminded that band released poorly marketed album in 1978. Does not go over.
  4. Man, things were so much more optimistic in 1995 on the new music front for GNR compared to May 2021. Which is just so wildly fucking sad.
  5. I think this is honestly the most reasonable outlook a GNR fan can have at this point, and agree completely. As in, if it happens, awesome. Will be a cool surprise whenever that announcement comes, if ever. If not, it is what it is. The 2016-17 hype has cooled way down, and on top of that is the undeniable way the pandemic has fucked up the music scene. So there's never going to be a scenario where it's commercially viable, no matter how great it is. Axl's gonna be 60 next year, and the others aren't far behind. It's literally something that would be a huge deal for GNR fans, and that's
  6. Just from memory, it was out there that Slash had been recording stuff at Axl's home-studio. Shortly after that Sue mentioned that they guys were in the process of "fastidiously" recording for the next record. I don't think she was making that up. Now again, none of this means an album is coming soon. Cuz, you know, Axl. But I guess it's better than them not having recorded anything to date.
  7. Is it really being contested whether Slash has recorded extensively for Guns? It's pretty well documented that he has, so far I've seen. The only question is what material it was. I think it's safe to bet that its Axl's stuff. And while that may not mean we're close to a release, at least it's an important item completed on the check list. That's as close to positive as I can get.
  8. I think all we have is speculation and connecting our own dots, however grim that may be. If I were to wager a guess Slash has simply recorded guitar parts for whatever Axl's working on, or has completed, like Hardschool or whatever else. It would be a complete rewiring to expect him to just bang out an album in 2 years (ample time for anyone else) from scratch, or even to do that with a handful vs what he wants. It's tracklist is likely already predetermined pretty much before Slash or Duff records one note, give or take a song or two, much like Chinese. Axl's probably revered as a genero
  9. Atlas, Perhaps & Hard School are all top tier rock songs. They don't reinvent the genre, but they don't need to. Any one of them would have elevated the 2008 album. If the spirit ever moves Axl to release music publicly again, I'd love to see Slash and Duff take HS for a spin.
  10. Any other band this means something new is imminent. For GNR it’s likely just a confirmation that, yes, they hate their fans.
  11. Anyone else getting the impression that they’ve hit some kind of serious internal drama in regard to the next album? Maybe they can’t agree on the sound/direction....Again? 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. It’s fucking terrific! Best GNR cover I’ve ever heard, honestly. RIP Chris
  13. Really, anything from the vault during the Chi Dem recordings.
  14. There was a time when news of Slash writing demos and recording guitar parts for Guns would have overloaded this place with traffic. Now, thanks to fuck-face Fernando paired with Axl's inability to be forward thinking and get shit done, it's met with a collective "Meh." from the fanbase. No one can be bothered to even pretend to give a fuck anymore, because we know it all means fuck all until they actually make it a reality. Well done GNR, you pack of fucking morons. No one cares. Someone leak The General and Zodiac so we can all move on with our damn lives and put this insufferabl
  15. Have you ever spent a wholly unnecessary amount of time watching different porn videos waiting for the perfect scene to dump your muck to, and then after the fact think “Shit, why the fuck did I do that?” Also, Guns N’ Roses are garbage and there will likely be no new album, ever.
  16. Agreed, those are literally the only two circumstances where I’d spend money to go see them again.
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