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  1. 2 hours ago, gavgnr said:

    Maybe Lupe can be the Cd2 equivalent of Dr Pepper. If the album’s released before then end of 2021, everyone in the US get a a free laundry wash 😂

    I like to think Lupe understood the urgency in my voice, and that we made a connection. And while part of me thought she may have said “Noweareclosed!!” I’m mostly sure she said “November it is!”. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, gavgnr said:

    Here’s one to twist your melons….maybe Slash is releasing his album in February cos GnR is releasing an album next month 😳

    *slowly puts down crack pipe*

    *picks up said crack pipe as camera pans*

    Is Slash’s album still slated for Feb??



  3. 40 minutes ago, gavgnr said:

    How many bands/artists release two songs and don’t follow that up with an album shortly thereafter? Genuine question 

    It would be aggressively strange, to be sure. It would also be aggressively GNR and, to be clear, that is not a compliment.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Voodoochild said:

    Well, to be fair, we do have two singles. I don't think the speculation here (which is fun, nobody is taking this seriously, I guess) is all that baseless. 

    I've been thinking the same. Kinda like throw away songs to ease things out somehow.

    I’m sure these two tracks will be on the album, and while “throw away” tracks probably isn’t how they look at them, they could be saving (forgive me) the “big guns” for the album release itself. 

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  5. If we’re looking for these numbers to confirm the album before it drops or is even announced, it’s just not reality. 

    All this means is that It appears the TREND is that album tracks get lumped close together, and that’s what we’re seeing wrapped around Hard Skool and Absurd. That’s a good thing. But like I said, nothing other than the album dropping is going to CONFIRM any of this. Now it’s just a matter of perspective.

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  6. 31 minutes ago, gavgnr said:

    So, ultimately, if this shit does actually mean anything the one thing we can be sure of is that it does NOT mean that a release is imminent.

    Now there’s a fucking surprise.


    But…this is GNR. Everything is done at the 11th hour. Look at 2008 with Chi Dem. Scraped wasn’t supposed to be on there and got swapped in last minute, which is why it has the last assigned number in that bunch. So, knowing the way this shit show operates, while I don’t know if “imminent” is a good word, I’d be surprised if this didn’t mean something’s been turned over. 

    Any way you slice it, nothings official until we’re all hitting play on track 1. I still say this is positive.

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  7. 34 minutes ago, Jw224 said:

    I agree with this, although it is admittedly frustrating that they do not bother to put the zero effort (for a band like them) it would take to market properly, ultimately I just want the music at this point though.

    Oh no doubt, it’s always cool to see something you especially dig get the recognition it deserves. I guess in my mind a new record with Axl, Slash & Duff is, in a weird way, even more of a miracle than Chinese Democracy’s eventual release was. Even more so than a reunion tour, which was at one point a long shot in its own right, if only because it requires them to be on the same page creatively to bring the two elements that made GNR special together, which is Slash’s guitar over Axl’s vocals. 

    So sure, you’ll have folks splitting hairs about what works vs what doesn’t on the album, people upset because Axl’s vocals are from whenever, blah blah blah. It’s still a fucking miracle of rock n roll. Let’s not lose sight of that. 

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  8. Just now, GNRfanMILO said:

    People will buy the shit of it only if the band and the label decide to do a proper marketing campaign. 

    There's a reason why Hard Skool hasn't even surpassed Absurd in views and is being already forgotten with a pathetic amount of 1.6M views, when bands like AC/DC or Iron Maiden are pulling off 5, 6, 7 or even 10 million views per single. And those bands have been around forever, they don't have the Axl+Slash sales boost.

    Perhaps. I’m not super concerned with that though. If they can’t be bothered, why should we lose sleep over marketing logistics. Honestly, I just want to hear an album. If they can accomplish that much, I can forgive any promotion apathy. 

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  9. 18 minutes ago, gavgnr said:

    Just my opinion, but I think releasing the album digitally just before the holidays this year would make perfect business sense. People will buy the shit out of the album and will be buying the physical copies too next year; which will likely drop around the same time as when the tour ramps back up. The band gets its ‘double dip’ and the fans get the music 

    Exactly. It’s the first album of “new” GNR music with Slash & Duff since the 1st Bush administration. People will buy the shit out of it digitally, and FANS will happily buy the physical release(s) as well whenever they materialize. 

    Only question now is “When?”.

  10. 18 minutes ago, gavgnr said:

    Best we can hope for is a digital release first and then physical copies to follow months later, as per the ‘EP’

    I think the digital release happens well before (likely multiple) physical releases prob way down the road later in 2022. 

    Looking at the Hard Skool single EP, releasing multiple formats with different exclusives puts the “why” behind shelling out more money for a physical CD or record, likely after purchasing the album digitally months before. I actually think it’s pretty cool. 

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  11. 28 minutes ago, Blackstar said:

    I looked for the 8 codes in the gap between 42892 (Chinese Democracy) and 42902 (I.R.S) and they were never assigned - they are blank. It seems that more spots in the range were reserved (maybe for different versions/mixes), but never used.

    Also regarding CD, I see that ISRC codes were assigned to different versions of the songs ("Version 2") in 2009. There are also assigned versions in 2008 that say "Do Not Use":

    https://isrcsearch.ifpi.org/#!/search?artistName=Guns N' Roses&recordingYear=2008&tab=advanced&showReleases&start=0&number=100

    Yup! Which is why I would caution everyone who sees 23 songs and thinks “Oh fuck yeah, double album!!!!” 

    It could be similar “do not use” or live versions of YCBM for a specific physical release. Just be happy this more than likely means ALBUM.

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  12. Ya know what? I’m damn happy. Poor Fernando has probably had to live in untold fear of over speaking for his uncle. I’m sure he would’ve loved to give us this news himself, if only so people would stop busting his balls so much. 

    What we have instead is empirical proof that a largescale GNR release is somehow imminent. The only way that I can foresee this being a bust is if it’s a “live” album that also includes Hard Skool & Absurd. They don’t hate us that much…do they? 😳

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