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  1. Once again, as silly as this may seem to some, this is solid evidence that a large scale release is coming. You literally can’t argue with what it looks like. If this were literally any other band, you could probably safely bet your life savings that this means an album is coming soon. But we’ve been burned so many times we just can’t take it at face value. 😂 Probably more like different versions with different extras.
  2. Some of us got together and hired a team of autistic savants to hack Universal’s database to see if an album was imminent. Their findings were impressive. This is what Fernando Lebeis has reduced the GNR fan base to.
  3. I think you’re smarter than that. I think you completely understand how this operation works here and now. You don’t like it. Everything in 10 years has been dog shit for you. That’s your right, no doubt about it. I just don’t understand what you get out of making different versions of the same gripe ad nauseam, with literally no caveats that you may enjoy anything GNR from now until you die. It’s a bummer and I just don’t get it.
  4. You are essentially like a dude who goes to a Chocolate Ice cream forum(s) to simply remind everyone how much you hate Chocolate Icecream. You are self-aware enough to see that, right? 😳
  5. Glancing at this, it seems they’re all part of the same consecutive batch, no? If that’s the case, then we’re like still onto something.
  6. I think this also means multiple versions with lotsa B-side or maybe more live stuff. Looking at what they did with Hard Skool, that seems to be an attractive option for them in terms of physical release(s) down the road.
  7. Honestly, if Fernando chimed in saying they plan to drop a full album in November, this would still be a better indicator of that being the case. 😏
  8. Exactly. Again, it’s the best piece of evidence we have that a larger release is slated. Leading up to Chi Dem 2008 a “surprise” album release was a desperate, pie in the sky, idea/hope fans would throw around when things seemed hopeless. Now, in 2021, in the digital age it’s pretty much a given that’s what will ultimately happen. That works in our favor with this finding exceptionally well. 👌🏻 Fuck I’m excited. Maybe this little secret is why Axl was so damn happy this past tour.
  9. Yeah, it ain’t nothing. 11 rather than, say, 73 numerical differences is a little coincidental. Someone call Scotland Yard!! 🕵️‍ (Also, I fucking called it that Absurd would probably be the 1st track.)
  10. It'll explode again in November when the album drops! Hey, I willed "Silkworms" with Slash into reality on this very forum 2 years ago, don't underestimate my POWERRRRR.
  11. Axl has just requested a photo of my dick on Instagram. I…can’t say no…right? 😳
  12. Obviously I would be thrilled to be wrong, I just don’t think I am. It’s at the point where the only thing that will prove an album is coming…is an album.
  13. If they can’t figure out how release an album after a crowd pleaser single like Hard Skool, it’s likely not even an option down the road, next year or whenever. This meant an actual album…or not. Looking to next year or some other tour leg is just wishful thinking and nothing more.
  14. Slash wasting zero time moving on to promote SMKC with a video & single seemingly imminent is telling. Looks like GNR are about to pack it in for a long winter. As thrilled as I was with Absurd & Hard Skool, a big part of that was me wrongly assuming they meant a full album was coming. Can’t pretend I’m not bummed that it’s now very likely not. 😕
  15. I hate that the best case scenario is a “surprise” album release. It would mean they have gone above and beyond to do something really fucking cool that would blow fans minds. That’s a dangerous fucking game when you’re talking about GNR. 😬
  16. What I *want* to happen next is a surprise digital album release. What will *probably* happen next is Halloween, Christmas & a SMKC album.
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