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  1. I hope it’s Frank. Guy’s earned his stripes and deserves to be featured prominently on a killer track.
  2. I think in our hearts we always knew Columbus was going to be *the* show. 🥸
  3. I bet they slow it down a bit with the next one, but no idea what song might drop.
  4. It's just a great Guns N' Roses song through and through. Couldn't ask for more, really!
  5. It just seems like you're hellbent on a narrative where the fans lose out literally no matter what. Just enjoy the song brother, life's too short.
  6. Without having any real idea, I'm going to say that it's Frank on this one.
  7. Congratulations, you are literally the only one who will let something this trivial ruin a badass song. Why is that a win for you? Just don't get it.
  8. My thoughts exactly. It's definitely a hurdle they needed to clear, and now anything goes, for better or worse. That the song absolutely rips is the icing on the cake for GNR fans.
  9. A fucking new GNR track with Axl, Slash & Duff....and it's fucking wicked......Watch the skies folks, this might be the end times afterall.
  10. It's meaty as fuck, and while I hear some parallels I think it's safe to say Hard Skool stands on it's own musically, which is no easy task. Good job boys.
  11. The demo’s intro seems like Finck just doing something jazzy, and they decided it was decent enough placeholder until they came up with something better.
  12. What if I spent the next hours vehemently trying to convince everyone that was an actual song?
  13. No idea, was just fucking around and lo and behold.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/c/gunsnroses/hardskool Ask and you shall receive I guess!
  15. I dunno. I feel like that link is the internet version of them placing HARD SKOOL on literally every setlist of this tour and *not* playing it. I guess it's cool to see, but wake me up when it means I can hear a freakin' song.
  16. Yeah from what you can tell from Slash's chords in the Chicago soundcheck during those first 20 or so seconds, it's definitely a power chord progression which is VERY different from the avant garde direction Finck took it back in the day.
  17. Guys, what is Axl trying to teach us in all of this?!?!?! Congrats folks, GNR internet insanity has finally peaked. 👌🏻
  18. Ya know what I think? I think Slash was probably way more involved in choosing ‘Absurd’ as the first new song than people think. Dude rocks the fuck out with Duff when they do it live. You can’t fake that level of energy. I doubt he knew that ‘Silkworms’ almost mythical status, for better or worse, but it’s a household word within the GNR fan community, hate it or dig it, that’s for damn sure. It was gonna be an uphill battle for them, but honestly, I’m not sure anyone involved really cares about that.
  19. The intro was played a bit more at the Wrigley Field sound check. Sounded meaty as fuck, almost YCBM level guitars. This team is retarded about how they unveil things, but man I’m still so excited to finally hear it in all its glory ASAP. 🤘🏻
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