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  1. I feel like responding to you like Duke from Rocky IV in a hushed but deadly serious voice: “You know what you need to do…..Do it……….Do it……”
  2. Just when I think I’m out…..they puuullll me back in. See ya in the pit folks!
  3. Hype for Hard Skool is the highest it’s been leading up to Chicago. I guess if it’s gonna happen at all, this show is likely as ever for its debut. Weather’s looking beautiful too.
  4. “Hype” for GNR to do ::something:: in terms of a release is the highest I’ve felt it since Chinese Democracy was finally imminent, or certainly since the start of the NITL tour. I really, really hope there’s something to it.
  5. I guess this is the 2021 version of Chinese Democracy allegedly showing up in Amazon’s search circa 2004. 😂
  6. Say what you want, it almost sells itself commercially. I also like that it ties back to the last original release with Slash & Duff. 🤔
  7. Would be one of the most wild things…maybe ever….if true.
  8. I hadn't heard that yet, but honestly, that would be fucking wild and mind blowing. I also think it's far too interesting an idea for them to ever actually attempt...And that's assuming we get an album...at all.
  9. Any other GNR sleuths consider that the album itself may be titled "Hard Skool"? In that case, I really hope they drop Hard Skool Thursday.
  10. After sleeping on it, I’m glad I opted to go. I have a feeling I’d always regret not seeing my favorite band at least one more time before the world ends.
  11. Thanks man. I’m stoked, this will be my first concert at Wrigley Field. Heard it’s way fun, taking a good buddy along too.
  12. Ok you smooth talking sons of bitches. Just pulled the trigger on 2 GA tickets.
  13. Also, I call dibs on the “Feeling utterly deflated after having her shrug emotionlessly after playing her Atlas Shrugged” chapter. It’s a pain I need to purge.
  14. I forgot, she also waited until midnight for Axl to come onstage at the House Of Blues for the UCAP tour in 2012. She gets a lifetime pass to talk shit.
  15. When I excitedly told her pit tickets had been discounted for Guns at Wrigley Field, her immediate response was "I mean...Doesn't that tell you something?" I opened and then quickly shut my mouth. I had nothin.
  16. This is a goooooood point. All of my favorite bands are all dinosaurs now. And the pandemic situation has exactly gotten better. Well, it did until it didn't. Who knows if this is their last big tour?
  17. Yeah, it'd be me and the wife if I did go. She was at one of the two 2016 shows I attended (Vegas) plus she was also there back in the day for the 2011 Chi Dem tour. She literally doesn't get why this is even something I'm considering spending our money on. That's not an exaggeration, she's legitimately stumped as to why I keep bringing this show up.
  18. I think that translates to a 3 out of a possible 4 star review. Which ain't bad!
  19. Let's hope Axl's getting the notorious '13 year itch' to release music.
  20. Good point. The odds certainly aren't in our favor, if that's what we're going by. Perhaps our only saving grace is the expert level trolling job Axl did by releasing Silkworms as the first single of original music with Slash since Jurassic Park was in theaters. It shows he's literally capable of anything. I'm still not sure if that's good or bad for us. Not wrong!
  21. Brothers and sisters, I come before you seeking guidance. I promised myself that, after seeing the NILT show twice already, and paying...a lot...for it in 2016, I would not attend another GNR show until an album was, at the very least, announced. They have obviously not announced a proper album yet, but with the release of the controversial "Absurd" single and with Hard Skool (heavily rumored to debut in Chicago) also very likely imminent, I'm at a bit of a crossroads. Pit tickets have been discounted to $89.50 for Wrigley Field. That's not terrible. What say you, should I stay or should I go?
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